Thursday, October 1, 2015

1on1 with Yourself (How much are we aware?) & It is Free :-)

You will get to know about your personality and how you deal with different section of your life.

What drives you have(some people what to be successful, some have focus on home, some have focus in relationships)… and where we withdraw in life.

Following depends on the individual charts some may some may not have. 

What is the things that keeps you engaged in life(House in which we have conjunctions or more planets, it is good to know and consciously balance the opposite house and qualities.. e.g work house is opposite to home house) 

Some influences/craving/Internal desires in certain section of life( This helps us characterize certain action where we are so impulsive) 

Areas where we feel irritated/agitated(if there exist)(You can consciously decide to manage these areas) 

Areas where we overthink or are slow to react. (if there exist)( These areas we can consciously decide not to overthink and be quick) 

This will get you started.This is my way of practicing the law of attraction.

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