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Jupiter Transit in Virgo for Each Ascendant

Jupiter is moving from the fire sign of leo into the earth sign of virgo on on August 11th 2016 to 11th September 2017.  Planet Jupiter moving in the sign of Virgo for one year and it will be retrograde in Feb 6th 2017 till June 9th 2017.  Jupiter only changes signs once a year, so when he does it signifies a significant shift for a year.  Leo is the sign where Jupiter feels strong because jupiter is friendly with planet Sun. Jupiter in Leo is about opening your heart connecting with your true self your self-expression.  Jupiter often points out to where there is spiritual growth.  This is a big astrological event in many ways.  Jupiter in Virgo is not bad in spite of in the sign enemy ( Mercury ) because its sign Sagittarius falls 4th from the Virgo sign it gives strong foundation to the long terms of goals of jupiter but with stress.

Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati):

Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) is known as the Teacher or Guru to the Gods. As the divine teacher, Jupiter is the significator for truth, spiritual wisdom, faith children, marriage, and higher knowledge. Jupiter is the husband in women birth chart as women need guidance and protection from her husband throughout her life. Jupiter is the benefic and expansive planet, that brings abundance, prosperity, growth and generosity to whatever house or planet it conjunct in the birth chart. Jupiter is the purpose and dharma and Jupiter inspires is what we think is right where want to go.

The Sign of Virgo:

Virgo sign being ruled by the mercury. The sign of Virgo shows practicality of life. Virgo is the sign of hard work, details, focusing in on the daily routines, health, disease, serving, and jobs. Virgo is all about organizing, making lists and doing the little things with details. Virgo is a sign of mutable earth sign which is a women holding a grain. So from August 11th 2016 to 11th September 2017 you have a great opportunity to put in your inspirations into practicality and working hard for it.

Now Jupiter moves from Leo to Virgo where the wisdom anchor into the practicality of life. The commitment of the Leo now needs to be anchored in the details of life.  Virgo is ruled by the Mercury, the sign of details, service and health. Literally, Virgo is the sign of work, sacrifice, and dealing with difficulty of life. The Satwic nature of Jupiter will comes in Tamasic sign of Virgo. Jupiter energy in Virgo can see what is the big picture, his philosophical belief, metaphysical beliefs, higher education, learning exposing to other cultures in the world and focusing on all about the details.

Jupiter Virgo is very different Jupiter Virgo is about discernment and substance. On mundane level we will see developments in the world over the next 12 months from August until September 2017 in the area of healthcare because Jupiter in Virgo emphasis on health.  We will also see more practices of holistic healing eg. homeopathic and energy work. There are many diseases caused by reflections from emotional mental and physical level. So working with disease and help from a holistic viewpoint is Jupiter in Virgo. Virgo has to do the physical body to taking care of physical body will be important.  Growing and evolving physical and emotionally will be important. Working with one's hands e. g. massage and  building business on these kind of practices is Jupiter in Virgo. .

Virgo is also connected with the sixth house of service so we could also see an increased focus on customer service. So there may be some expansion of information and wisdom into customer service practices and increasing the value in the area of customer service. Virgo is the sixth sign is all about those that care for and animals, loving and compassionate caring. Some may see more of a focus in expansion in these areas is far as services businesses legal developments. There will be some layoffs for some people therefore there will be some of you have changed jobs. So this will be a year of building in services area.

You need to focus on the details and how to be expansive come back down to daily activities and your daily focus is not going to be easy.  Jupiter will focusing on your long-distance travel, going for countries and engage with for other people that might actually interested in you. So focusing on these things and get started on when jupiter transit in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter is moving to sign Virgo you will be extremely presents in life and even practical with long-term goals. Where Jupiter moves in sector of life we feeling very optimistic for a whole year. Jupiter is all  what our goals are, abundance of everything and anything that we are looking for. So Jupiter transit in Virgo and how this energy feels in long-term goals and focusing in your life depending on your ascendant.

Jupiter Transits for Aries Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 6th house/sign, the Sixth house/sign represent daily routine, conflicts, enemy, court, hard work, health, disease, colleagues and employees. You need to pay more attention to your health, taking care to eating right kind of foods that are healing and beneficial to the body, as well establishing new exercise routines that bring you emotional stability and calmness. But don't do over as you may find yourself disappointed in the long run.  Keep your expectations simple and goals reachable. You make new friends through work and humanitarian projects. You need to work hard for your career and reputation. Give your time to serve people  as this is a wonderful time to serve others who are in need. Jupiter transiting through your sixth house so finding a better job is necessary for promotion. You already know how to do a better working environment. You know performing the duties and you are dutiful. You really don't feel good because this is really tough shift for you. Some of you areas of your life will be tough for the next year. Sixth house is of rulership over hiring people who provide services and this can be a time of increased health service. Real spiritual growth and development personally will be there for you. Developing of your skills and becoming more for what you do is good for you. This can managing your schedule and managing the day-to-day life. This will be challenging and wonderful time for you, if you know how to enjoy life in the midst of diversity.

Jupiter Transits for Taurus Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 5th house/sign, the Fifth house/sign represent children, creativity, speculation, romance, lovers, spiritual practice and studying scriptures. This is a year of creative expression, artistic ability increases of all kinds, whether it be through the creation of children, an artistic project or the start of a romance. You attract more people to you just virtue of confidence. It's  means, what you are expressing you attract more love in life. Your spiritual growth in trusting your own impulses, your own pleasure, and creativity is part of your spiritual growth feeling good about yourself is important for you. If you have children this can be a time of relations with them.  This a time for some of you becoming parent.  If any of you are in the teaching profession refining your skills and your work with children is enhanced.  In all to really builds on some natural creative forces and abilities that you can also expand under this influence this transit. Falling in love and being in romantic love or physical love all of that possible over the next 12 months. You will feel lucky and can win in speculation business, get happiness from children, children may get prize in school or college, You may start spiritual practice that brings you peace, joy and an inspiring sense of purpose in your life. Jupiter will boost your confidence for your creative self-expression and whatever you want to express.  This is a favorable time to teach your children, inspired fill out and ready to let go of those things that are not working out.

Jupiter Transits for Gemini Ascendant/ Moon:

Jupiter is moving 4th house/sign, the Fourth house/sign represent mother, inner peace, nurturing, caring, home comfort, security, assets and vehicles. Jupiter will be transiting your 4th house is more about inner peace and security  because the fourth house is all the aspects of the innermost parts of your life your home, personal life, your family and your innermost sense of self of you where nobody's looking and this is the areas where you be seeking to improve in your life. On the external level this may even be about purchasing real estate for some of you. It’s means there is a big improvement in all these things and there is lot of chances improvement in your home life. There is a possibility that you will move into a new and big home that brings you a wonderfully feeling of peace, security and new hope. You simply have the feeling goodness and you inspired to good for the family members. There may be  some kind of change in your living space will happened. You may renovate your house or buy a new big home. This may involve move for you and expansion in the home redecoration or adjustments in the home. This really supports you domestic life if any problems with family members this is a time where healing occur. You are feeling more generous to those in your family and where they are more want to help you. Generosity can be part of this transit as well as focus on the innermost foundational levels of your life and to the your soul. This is a good time to buy property like a new car, other fixed asset like gold, and jewellery etc.

Jupiter Transits for Cancer Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 3rd house/sign, the third house/sign represents courage, communication,  skill, siblings, neighbors and short distances travellings.  In your daily life your connection with your everyday world will seeking more conversations and discussions with others e.g. neighborhood. Your consciousness, old patterns, old attitudes and really run its course is operating more or less is unconscious level. There will be more possibility and opportunity for you taking classes or teaching classes. Some of you travel more here and there.  Your relationships with others like your relatives, siblings, cousins are generous towards you. Jupiter is seeking to dissolve limitation and fear what happens in your mind will starts looking at things that never really thought for start manifesting out there in the external world, so communications are going to be much better. You like to learn and improve in your skill, especially skills that involve communication, use of the hands such as writing and playing an instrument. You may find yourself taking classes that expand your consciousness and at the same time expand your social life,  go on many short journeys or begin a writing project. This is a time when you feel more courageous and adventurous and accomplish your goals with ease. Relationships with siblings and neighbors will  improve. This is a social time of making new friends and your ability to communicate is at its best now.

Jupiter Transits for Leo Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 2nd house/sign, the Second house/sign represent family, value system, close friends, wealth, good food, and face. This Jupiter energies transiting your second house is going to be give resources and the use your resources. It's time for making more money and more things of value materially, financially etc. Your value system undergoes revolution as you become more spiritual in which he value and working with your resources.  It include your psychology, talents and abilities over the next 13 months. You going to learn more about your possessions and your resources. You will feel self expansion of your personal value and working with in all of your resources.Your ability to bring in a larger income is favored. You will enjoy your life in eating and meeting with close friends. You may take pleasure from the simple things in life such as cooking, gardening and being around family. This is good time for investing in fixed assets that keep their value e.g. gold. Jupiter in 2nd house  will help you to understand your self-worth and value of money. This is a good time for start  a new business if you want. Second house represents how you use your skills and starting a living. This year Jupiter will expand into something really make you is something that's very comfortable for you. There could be changing the system as well. Focusing on the details waiting to every single day to create the business for the safety.

Jupiter Transits for Virgo Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 1st house/sign over the Ascendant or over the Moon. The Jupiter, gracing your mind with hope, optimism, wisdom, faith and inspiration. It is like Gaj Kesari Yoga. Your relationship with your mother going to improve. You will discover who you really are is an individual and to dissolve your shortcomings under this influence. You should get to know about  yourself. This is not a time to be overly focus on what other people want from you.  This is time where your sense of self is meant to see and you don't need too many limitations placed on you expectations of others. If you're a certain managing alliance this maybe deal because this really is a time of focusing and grow through you. Jupiter transiting through your first house cemented really with inner divinity very special for you. Jupiter in 1st house considered ward off thousands of ill effects of birth chart. A guide or teacher may come into your life that gives you a new sense of purpose and direction. You feel happy, cheerful and generous with everyone. Newopportunities come your way and you get importance and receive recognition. Jupiter moving to the first house is discover who you are and understand and what you are actually showing yourself out into the world. You are very much out into public and you are  attention as well. Every single day you are focusing on long-term goals and how you want to get out into to the public.

Jupiter Transits for Libra Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 12th house/sign from the Ascendant. Twelfth house/sign represent  isolation, meditation, retreat, ashram, dreams, escapism, imagination, and foreign land. This is a year of transformation and deep introspection. You may indulge yourself into Spiritual practices, mysticism and time spent away on retreats. Your dream offering you insight about your true nature. You may experience a great deal of luck and positive experiences while traveling in foreign countries and would benefit from participating in international charity work. Jupiter will bring plenty of opportunities to escape from routines work and help you find your peace of mind. This is a very beneficial transits in 12th houses. This is a brilliant time for research, working alone, studying about you are divinity, truth of your soul and about the understanding of the world around. We're all divine souls here on this earth and plays interesting games and evolving often through our own emotional relationships with others. There's a strong possibility of more awareness synchronicity of life about things just working out for you. You may find your dream life increases and you should to keep track your dreams for better understanding of your intuition power. So this is special transit for your deep in your spiritual understanding of dimensional truth of soul and your are divinity.

Jupiter Transits for Scorpio Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 11th house/sign, the  Eleventh house/sign represent opportunity, friends, social circle, elder sibling, income, hopes, goals and wishes.  This is a year of achieving your long term goals. Your social circle will expand, increase in cash flow, money flowing in from some side ventures. Your friends are highly supportive and will be a big help in your achievements. You will also experience benefits socially and through business partnerships and relationships with higher status people in general. It is a great time to network and expand your social circles and community. At its highest level this transit of Jupiter may lead you to give back through service with groups. This time your hopes, ideals, wishes for the future play important role in your life. Your friends are meant to be part of the system and where you are need more like minded people. People want to help and will point you in directions that are helpful for you. A real generous to the interplay between yourself and other human beings. A brilliant time for working with groups of people, teaching, training and motivational aspects. A very positive and the idealism is meant to grow and you want to improve the world around you to. Jupiter in Virgo is service oriented and wanting to be of service.  So you will be stepping out more into the world and engaging with others for the growth.

Jupiter Transits for Sagittarius Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 10th house/sign, the Tenth house/sign represent career, status, reputation, and achievements. Your attention will turn to your profession, career,  social status, reputation and public community. Your career will raise and Success and prosperity come through profession. It’s a good time in your career and you have good opportunity to are use your skills and talents in enhancing your career. You will be recognized and admired for your hard work. Jupiter will also bless your career and bring you luck with authority figures. It is a good time to strive for more and ask for a raise or promotion. Careers like bookkeeping or healthcare details of those jobs a are very important. Jupiter moving in 10th house definitely going to be focusing  careers in healthcare, office managing, and keeping records. You're going to move forward to make a name for yourself to be known in the world.  It's a time for you to explore your options and promotions for some of you. Jupiter transiting in 10th house can be an increase in foreign connections with others. Your knowledge and your wisdom in a very sincere service humble oriented way with others. People will start noticing and appreciate the work you do out there in the community. This time you going to be exploring something that more closely aligns with your ideals, goals related with work.  This will be a wonderful time for you to be seeing for more knowledge, validated and expanding your career .

Jupiter Transits for Capricorn Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 9th house/sign, the Ninth house/sign represent guru, wisdom, higher learning, long distance travelling and religion. This is a year of expansion through learning and traveling. You are learning a new purpose or philosophy that is giving you a new hope and enthusiasm about life. You may meet a significant teacher or guide. You are an inspiration to others and may find that you are in a teaching role to others as well. In any case education, travel and philosophy bring you great joy and expansion. In addition, this a good time for writing, advertising and promotion. You may travel for spiritual purposes or for promotion for your own business. You wanting to reach out for more of the understanding, connection, meaning of life, philosophy,  growth and spiritual understanding of the world. You might landing on the involved in human potential of consciousness-raising group. This can be a time for you to traveling for at least is going to a foreign country and in your sense in your worldview is time evolving a spiritual, understanding your higher consciousness and study of education. You may going on to a higher degree or advanced degree, PhD etc. Some of you are focusing on school, attending conferences where you are reading books, watching things that are mind expanding and helping you. This transit is nature consciousness growth adventurous time  for you.

Jupiter Transits for Aquarius Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 8th house/sign, the Eighth house/sign sudden up and down of life, inheritance, joint venture, healing, occult science, spiritualism and hidden things of life. Deep transformation and healing are themes this year. You may become interested in astrology,  psychology or metaphysics as tools for conquering fears and releasing the past. You may benefit from the money of other people e.g. gains from wills, inheritance and alimony. Use Jupiter's blessing to let go of insecurities, emotional problems and attachments with others. You experience a new sense of freedom from others. There is very is a developments in your life. People are much more willing to help you out through knowledge, resources and through finances. This can be a time to for loans and to request money from the bank.  This can be advantageous 12 month period to pool resources with another e.g. business partnerships. This could also be on the emotional level where your ability to engage and trust in see and's or is experiencing on the inner level. it could be about love real spiritual, regeneration and things show for you. You can anticipate to be open for more support from others and your budgets, loans,  financial investments increased and resources of organizations e.g. governmental structures and corporate structure will help you. A positive Jupiter transit for you.

Jupiter Transits for Pisces Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 7th house/sign, the Seventh sign represent partner, relationship, spouse, and business deals.  As Jupiter transits your 7th house, the area of relationships will flourish.  If you are not in a relationship, this could be the year that you get into a serious relationship or there is lot of chances you to get married. If you are in a relationship it is likely to improve. Partner will be supportive, loving and nurturing. You may meet a significant people who is supportive and helping in your business. You may find yourself being able to achieve your desires with ease, whether they be large or small. In addition, your social life is likely to expand. During this period  relationships with other people really show you aspects of yourself in the world around you.  This transit favors the formation and maintenance of all kinds partnerships including marriage, and business relationships. For lawyers and doctors Jupiter really bring forward good quality, balances and moral people into your life because you will and people will help you in various ways and you approach all relationships with the idea that you and the other person should both mutually benefit. This can be a good time for professional or for any kind of assistance that you may require. Lawyer, doctors, spiritual healer and coach counselor all of these people will be of great benefit to you over this next 12. This transit bringing more foreigners or even to expand people who are foreigners. So a very positive transit coming in for you with your relationships with and with others.

Once Jupiter moves into Virgo in August of 2016, Saturn and Jupiter will no longer receive the aspects of each other and the seriousness and delay of Saturn no longer affect on Jupiter. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Moon in Taurus June 2016

The New Moon in Taurus with Venus on june 4th, 2016. When the Sun and Moon come together in the sky it is known as New moon or Amavasya. The new moon will be new in sign of Taurus and it will be in the nakshatra of Rohini which literally means the ‘’red one’’ or the ‘’red cow’’ or ‘’the growing one’’.  This amavasya falls on saturday so this is known as Shani Amavasya and have its own significance in vedic astrology. Those people who worship shani devata, this new moon is very powerful and have capacity to ward off many problems of related with saturn.

The New Moon is like the point where the Sun (masculine) and (Moon) feminine come together and initiate a new cycle for the month.  A New Moon in Taurus so this is a time when we're going to be really feeling into that Taurus theme of connection, beauty, comfort, love and family and wanting to connect with what feels good to us and also assessing where we feel appreciated and respected and we want to go deeper into that. What we value and accumulated, so all these are theme of the month or the next 30 days. This New Moon happening in the nakshatra of rohini the star known for good value for the effort. Rohini Nakshatra allows for growth and creation on all levels, bestowing great creativity. The Moon is in Rohini is about contentment, peace and being happy.

This New Moon is closely involved with another planet the energy and has a major influence on the month energy.  Venus the one of the planet of relationship, pleasures, appearance and guidance are exactly conjunct the new moon. Venus rules the sign Taurus so this magnifies the qualities of Taurus the sensual materialistic side. There's another influence on the other side of the zodiac directly opposite the new moon is retrograde Saturn in Scorpio and retrograde Mars aspecting New Moon. Saturn is the planet of harsh realities, obligations, restrictions, and delays so it puts the aspects on Venus and all the New Moon. Therefore the energy of the month makes it worse. Saturn is the reality check planet so New moon will not pleasing as should be. The new moon aspected by retrograde Saturn and Mars create the energy of challenges. Indicating situations that can develop into some unpleasant situations easily and require dealing with discordant conflicting circumstances.  This new moon is taking part in a difficult planetary pattern suggesting that the next four weeks will be quite frustrating.

Mars is the planet of action and moving things forward there's still retrograde still moving backwards until June 30 so not the best month for doing something really important. Mars is where we break things in life and where we don't feel respected and appreciated. Mars aspects the Moon at the initiation of the cycle shows a good time for you to have the courage to break attachments and break connections that are not working out in your life. It's hard to do that for any kind of relationship with people but it's time to really examine the connections not working and you may the courage to do. So it's a great time for creativity and for bringing greater connection into your life and making sure that those connections are valuing and that your valuing others.  It is a good time to rethink the change the transform them or maybe even break them for better.

Saturn and Mars in Scorpio 2016 for each Ascendant

Atma Karaka in Astrology

Jaimini has become the second most widely used system of Vedic astrology in the world. Jaimini’s principles discussed in detail in the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Technique used in Jaimini astrology gives remarkable and specific predictions using distinctly different methods.

There are seven Jaimini karakas. They are judged in terms of the planetary degree placement, regardless of sign placement, from the planet in the highest degree to the lowest degree.

Atma Karaka ( the planet holds highest degree) is the indicator of self. Atmakaraka planet the Own self, considered the strongest planet of all seven graha, and significator of the Soul, Self, physical appearance and vitality. The Atmakaraka is the lord of bondage and liberation. He is the king of the birth chart its means every planet's works according to the atmakaraka planets.  Just like a king who have the authority for putting one in jail and freeing one from jail and free them from jail or pay them honour according to their good or bad deeds.  Similarly Atmakaraka is also a king of the individual and atmakaraka planets is have the main authority over happiness and sorrow for the individual depending on the condition of the atmakaraka planet. The sign and the house placement of atmakaraka in navamsa chart shows or  gives us a clue as to the desire of the person and the nature and  vital information about the nature of the atma (soul) of the person and and its spiritual development.  

Sun is the natural soul indicator for everyone but if sun have the highest degree in your chart its means Sun is atmakaraka in your birth chart. All the other rules applies as well.  Atma Karak planets give result according to the dignity, house placement and  conjunction of any other planet with atmakaraka planets. The life journey’s of the person can be easy or difficult it depends on the atma karaka planets.  

But the general meaning of atma karaka are like this:

1. SUN as the AK indicates that the native has to learn to overcome his ego and should become humble. The Sun is the natural king and the deep desire to rule will manifest as leadership in various things.

2. MOON as the AK indicates that the native should be very caring and compassionate. The Moon is the indicator of basic emotions so they should be taking care of other people's emotions.

3. MARS as the AK indicates that the native should refrain from all forms of violence and stick to the path of ahimsa. Mars is the strength and gives the desires to win battles and proves its strength.

4. MERCURY as AK indicates that the native should control his speech and be truthful at all times, communication should be pure, and Learning to face the truth.

5. JUPITER as AK indicates that the native should always respect the Guru, and care for the children, learning about spirituality, wisdom, stay hopeful in all situation and be generous with everyone.  

6. VENUS as AK indicates that the native must have a very clean character and refrain from illegitimate sex or lust, and accepting relationships the way they are.

7. SATURN as AK indicates that the native cannot give sorrow to others and will have to share the sorrow of many others, facing harsh truths, and loneliness of life.

8.Rahu and Ketu can not be atmakaraka but if they are sitting with atmakaraka planet then they have influenced on atmakaraka planets. Conjunction of these two nodes on atmakaraka planets can cause life to undergo many changes and up and down in life.

If a malefic planet is the atmakaraka, it indicates a high level of spiritual development with difficulty, whereas a benefic planet as the atmakaraka indicates easy way of spiritual development. Malefic atmakaraka  shows that the present incarnation is meant to suffer or redeem many of these accumulated sins. Such suffering is meant to cleanse the atma/soul and make it more spiritual. e.g. If atmakaraka rules 8th house it shows sins of past life need to cleanse.

Other condition of atmakaraka planets:

1. All retrograde planets indicate deep-rooted desires from a past incarnation and such desires are invariably tough to manifest in this lifetime as well. The retrograde planet has a lot strength/power to try again and again. Such strength to try again and again occurs because desire is strong and  the objective or goals of the person fails. Retrograde atmakaraka indicates a deep-rooted desire as being the cause of the birth and that the soul cannot rest in peace until the objective is achieved.

2. Combustion of AK gives spiritual insight because rays of the combust planets comes from the Sun and Sun  burnt up the impurity of the planet, but person does not feels so good in the process.

3. If the Atmakaraka is debilitated or conjoined with malefics then it gives miseries like bondage

4.  If it is exalted or conjoined with auspicious planets then it frees the individual even if he is bound by other planets. But also depending on the house rulership of the atmakaraka planet.