Monday, December 29, 2014

It is Hard to be Happy.. :-) So we choose to be UnHappy

being HAPPY is such a HARD WORK that we take a easy(lazy) route and be UNHAPPY :-)
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We expect other people to understand us: We spend many hours on something.. we understand it better... how can other person understand the thing in same way as we understand in less than 5 minutes of conversation.  I have seen it with myself that I spent hours on a topic and then expect the same level of understanding from a person for what I explained in less than 5 minutes. It took me a while to grasp it .. now I take it easy and let the other person ask me questions and explain in detail or is this conversation really important with that person if not then avoid the conversation.

Other people expect us to understand them: In a role reversal.. sometime people explain us something and they expect us to be smart :-) to understand it and agree with them. I always take a pause and start asking for details which other person may feel is unnecessary.. but we need to politely ask and not assuming that the other person is wrong. Assuming other person is wrong can really mess things up and make both unhappy. Sometime it is better to avoid these conversations.. if we can without any repercussions.

Communication/Explaining : Of all the things for any excuse we should to be able to explain things in a meaningful way.. if we cannot then we cannot get our point across and makes both of us unhappy .. why... because we feel that other person does not understand us and other person feels that we don't know what we are talking about.

Asking questions or Inquiring : I have see it many time that we ask a question in a way we assume the other person is wrong or they don't know much.  What we think is conveyed in the expression of how we ask the question. On the other hand inquiring has no negative feeling or expression.. when we inquire in place of questioning we  are giving the other person an opportunity to share details .. which helps us being a better listener and people like good listeners.

Working with People : We work with people.. when going is good all is well..but when things go south .. in place of sharing the outcome we immediately try to find fault which is in someways negative rather than accepting the situation and finding ways to get better. It takes a better person to do.

Lack of confidence and being taken advantage of ...  Sometime when we feel this way.. we cannot be happy as there is no self pride.

Buying an Expansive vehicle: I myself have been in a situation where I bought a expansive car. When I look back at it .. probably I didn't needed that big of car .. I could have done better with a smaller car. It cost me more and I had to make car payments for months longer than what I would have done for a smaller car. I had to make sure that I had money for car payment which was cutting into my other things. So a moment of happiness could cause us some unpleasant feelings in the long term. This is just my example.. we all indulge in for a moment of happiness with prolonged side effect of unhappiness. CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!!

Most of us want to be Rich and Pampered (Kings and Queens) ... If it takes millions to be happy and successful. Then let's figure out a way to make millions.. :-) and be happy.. it will need lot of hard work, sacrifice and long hours to be a millionaire unless we get lucky with a lottery or we figure out a quick way to get rich.

Law of attraction Says... if we give happiness we will get happiness .. if we are jealous, angry or unhappy about something .. we will get these feelings echoed back to us.

Universe is going at its own pace ... Sun rises in the morning, we see stars at nights, we have cycle of seasons .. we have boss in office with what they expect from us .. we have to follow traffic laws so what control do we have? Where is the place where we can make a difference? May be the people around us, our kids and parents. The universe is doing and will continue to do the same thing as it has been doing since the origin of time.. WE NEED TO GET INTO THE FLOW OF UNIVERSE (giving) to be in sync with the power that may be to be HAPPY.

We can do something to prevent unpleasant events :  All said and done.. there is always something that we could have done to prevent the situation.. either by being planned, polite with a smile, using better words , with a +ve attitude or thoughtful of what we are dealing with. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING!!! .. with time we will learn so many things that we will be able to mange our relationships with .. unsure, uneasy and randomly behaving people... these things will stop bothering us as we are able to manage.. WE WILL BE A BETTER PERSON.. when people start feeling that way.. they will do less to make us unhappy and care about our happiness..

There are always some people that we cannot make them happy :-). For those once we know .. we just have to try not to be on their wrong side when ever or how ever possible. It will always give you comfort that you have done what you could .. and keep on trying , but it is hard to make some people happy.

there could be so much more .. please leave a comment.. will add to the post and share it with everyone..


It is all about making people around us HAPPY to be HAPPY 
(if we don't then why will anyone make us happy?)

Since it is not easy to make people happy.. that is why we see more people are UNHAPPY :-)) so in some ways it is easy to be Unhappy than HAPPY.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Astrology

Mercury Retrograde: Mercury is the planet of communication, short distance travel, paperwork, computers, wire, siblings etc. Whenever Mercury retrograde don't sign contracts, because you don't have all the information, try to avoid short distance traveling, because anything can go wrong. If Mercury retrograde trigger individual planets in chart then there is form of some stressful aspect, there can be feeling of misunderstandings and miscommunication. However, Mercury retrograde is always is positive reconnecting to friendships, acquaintances you lost touch with.  Mercury retrograde is not favorable for initiating new projects or rising but it is good for editing and working and making the idea of project even stronger and better.

What is retrograde ?

A retrograde is literally defined as going backwards. Planets do not technically move backward, however it appear move backwards due to differences in the speed of movement within planets in our solar system. The Sun and Moon appear never retrograde and Rahu and Ketu always retrograde.  

Mercury Retrogrades occurs approximately every three months, lasting for approximately three weeks.

First House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your first house of self-image, righteous, confidence, vitality and physical body.  When Mercury goes Retrograde, this could just be the time of communicating your personal point of view, and you will put a great deal into yourself. The first house represents into whatever you are saying, so you'll also be able to examine yourself more objectively. Mercury is that planet which show your mind, and that could confuse people is just that your mind is not working well. You could be very distracted by so many ideas reflecting in your mind.

Second House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your second house of family, close friends, value, and wealth. When Mercury goes Retrograde, this could just be the time of complication of second house. So you are going to be drawn to what you value in life. You will think about and plan for these things more than usual. This would be a time to avoid important financial or property transactions. If you are expecting a check in the mail it gets lost or it gets delay. But could be a time when you're either finishing up or resolving negotiating of financial negotiations.

Third House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your third house of short distance traveling, siblings, communications, neighbors and meetings. When Mercury goes Retrograde, this could just be the time of complication of third house. You can get email a phone call from somebody would lose touch with and now you reconnected once again. If you went on a job interview or have meeting in an audition and then there was a call back when the Mercury goes retrograde. So it's best for a lot of revising and just rethinking and reworking all these ideas or meetings.

Fourth House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your fourth house of mother, convenience, and peace of mind. When Mercury goes Retrograde on 21st January to February 11th, this could just be the time for more on personal matters regarding the mother and inner peace. You might be reflecting and thinking more about your past, and your childhood.  This would be a very positive time for family meeting for discussing what's important for you within the family and because you are better able to communicate your feelings to your family. You could be drawn to involving home and property such as making plans for remodeling and repairs or even relocating.

Fifth House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your fifth house of romance, children, speculation, money, creativity and learning. When Mercury goes Retrograde, this could just be the time of complication of fifth house. Miscommunication with romantic partners and children. There May be some delays in fifth house things and some adjustments needed. There can be frustration related with romantic partners and what you expect will not fulfill. Precautions needs to be taken for any money investments or gambling, as there can be chances of misinformation.

Sixth House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your sixth house of workplace, service, disease, health, and coworker. When Mercury goes Retrograde, this could just be the time of complication of sixth house. You could also become too political of your own self at your own job performance or to others.  You could become more self-critical because of that demanding perfectionist. You could be a little bit too critical of your other people. You're going to be more attentive to detail and more inclined to enhance your job skills with more training and learning new techniques and you will be more concern with your health in this time period.  

Seventh House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your seventh house of partnership, others people and spouse. When Mercury goes retrograde. You should not to trying to connect with new clients, new customers, because with the Mercury retrograde you don't have all the information, just as anything can go wrong. You don't do anything overly risky, any kind you as long as it’s more cautious. Take your time trying to negotiate a new partnership, a new contract and take precaution while dealing with spouse, any misunderstanding May happen.

Eighth House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your eighth house of uncertainty, partner money, tax, credits cards and metaphysical studies. When Mercury goes Retrograde, this could just be the time of complication of eight house. So there can be problems with the planning and negotiations of financial obligations. But the eighth is also the sector of that rules the hidden dimensions of our lives from astrology to psychology and this would be a time when your more open to you know thinking about these matters.

Ninth House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your ninth house of philosophy, teaching, publishing, higher learning, law, inspiration foreign affair and religion. When Mercury goes retrograde, this could just be the time of complications of ninth house. Ninth house is the house of long distance traveling. Mercury retrograde in ninth house have tendency for delays and problems with traveling within the Mercury retrograde period. But this is very favorable time for teaching, publishing, Marketing and advertising.

Tenth House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your tenth house of duty, career, responsibility, and business matters. When Mercury goes retrograde, this could just be the time of revising and adjusting related with your business and career. This is a time when your business expectations make it more sluggish, more delay but it could be a really great time for revising or going back to an old project. You should not initiate any kind of new work projects during the Mercury retrograde.

Eleventh House: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your eleventh house of ambition, income and dreams.  When Mercury goes Retrograde.  You're attention are going to be on 11th house matters. You're going to be really thinking about your goals and expectations. These aspirations 11th house also deals with friendships, There could be a lot more conversations and discussions and debates going on but when Mercury is in retrograde friendships your participation in organizations May be tested the weak ones could fall apart. You could be hearing from a friend that you have lost touch with some of your friends.

Twelfth House:: Mercury is going to be retrograde in your twelfth house of shadow, meditation, sleeping and isolation. When Mercury goes Retrograde, this could just be the time for introspection for spiritual practices, and for deep thinking, soul searching, and inner understanding. On the other side of that you just might be feeling like you're in a holding pattern, or you kind of stuck with this lot of energy. You May be keeping your opinions to yourself and feeling not so much like communicating and this is where it's a little crazy. You are re-planning, re-thinking, re-reflecting on your keeping to yourself down a more positive.

Do some Preparation before Mercury retrograde: Take care of details of paperwork before a retrograde begins. After a retrograde, address issues that created, and check for errors in things you did in Mercury retrograde. 

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There is Never a perfect time , but we need to grow-up anyways (Self Analysis)

I am a father with two kids in the house. We are constantly trying to teach our kids something or the other. I have seen them struggling with the concepts and i try to figure out some creative ways for them to be able to learn new concepts.

When I look at myself and sometime questions ... how difficult it is for me to change myself. I have seen for me that change is very hard.. but in the end we have to accept it .. good or bad and move on with it. 

If we are feeling uncomfortable that means that there is something within us which needs attention.. be it relationship, work or parents relationship with their children.

Feeling uncomfortable is a precursor to change .. people either start avoiding things or accept it and change with it or find reasons to blame others for the discomfort.

In astrology there are 12 sections which indicates different areas of life , signs and planets indicate influences on us. A experienced astrologer can help you explain the areas of life which needs attention or how do we deal with a certain areas of life. This helps in providing guidance as we are able to do for our children.


House #Section of Life
1Dharma, Righteousness
2Value , Self Esteem
4Inner Peace
5Creativity , Learning , What we love most
6Social Service
7Other People
9Higher Learning,Wisdom
10Responsibility, Duty
12Surrender , Let go

 Following is a list of planets and their indications/influences.

SunSoul, Esteem, Leadership
MoonEmotions, Mind, Inner Peace, Mental Balance
MarsEnergy, Aggression
MercuryIntellect, Speech, Communication
JupiterFortune, Wealth, Inspiration , Hope, Truthfulness
VenusDesire, Pleasure , Sex
SaturnDetermination, Obstacles, Seriousness, Commitment , Status
RahuObsession, disturbance , foreign things, growth
KetuSpirituality, detachments

Following is a list of signs and their indications/influences.