Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rahu (North) and Ketu (South) Nodes of Moon in Astrology

Rahu and Ketu are the two type of thoughts found within us. In Vedic literature they are not ordinary snakes but especial serpents with much have hidden knowledge and wisdom. Moon is mind and it thinks negative as well as positive. Rahu and Ketu are not the planet but they are the shadow of the Moon (positive and negative thought). They work on subconscious level of person that is why they are more helpful to understand life than other planets. Humans cannot find higher selves without understanding the lessons of Rahu and Ketu. They represent the darker side of our nature which we need to overcome. Our inner turmoil of emotions fighting with good and bad leads to some conclusion and according to that we evelov in life..

The conflict between our attachments to materialistic achievements this gives us momentary happiness which is a fantasy as it has no real basis, this is the work of Rahu. Liberation of the soul, finding blissfulness and peace which is eternal and everlasting, spiritual realization and looking for the moksha this is the work of Ketu.

Humans need help of these two force in life to understand life, for growth and knowledge provided by the wise nodes to give direction.

Rahu present the desire for materialistic things in this  life time. Rahu is the passion, immature malefic force, it is unsatisfied desire in someone life, it want things quickly and devour everything. Rahu have no patience and it present the desire of your past life, which you want to achieve in this life. it create an obsession for something that create chaos in someone life. Whatever Rahu want it comes after some chaotic struggle. If somebody want know what they want in this life or what struggle they in their life the they should look where the Rahu is placed in their birth chart.

All human beings are at least slightly crazy in some way and Rahu shows the area of life where we are little unbalanced and obsessed in life. Rahu keeps us obsessed until we learn detachment from what he is influencing in our life. Rahu represents our most powerful attachments and losing our higher self to the things of this world is the main reason we suffer in life. Rahu’s obsessions bring much suffering as long as we desire experience.

On the other end Ketu presents our past learning or past lives. So Ketu energy shows that what we already achieved things in our past life that we don’t want to worry for in this life. It does not care about material life and it wants to get away from the materialistic things. Ketu is a spiritual thinking within us and it makes the person spiritual. It shows the path of liberation by giving problem in materialistic life. Depending upon the placement of Ketu in your birth chart you don’t really care for those things that house represents. In Ketu mahadasha people become very spiritual and they also have mystical experience related where Ketu influence. 

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