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Vedic Astrologer
Bad planetary placements creates unhappiness.
The biggest battle is within our mind, Understand & consciously engage to be happy.


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PriceDescriptionSample LinkDetails
$14.99Full Astrology (Vedic chart) Computer Generated Report SampleAvakhada Chakra
Indian Calendar
Ghat Chakra
Birth & Divisional Charts
Deginity of planets
Your biggest Talent
Your biggest Weakness
Your Ambition
Vimshottari Dasha
Nature and Temperament
Physical Characteristics
Lucky Day,Color, Number,Stone
Inauspicious Month,Datess,Period
Auspicious Rashi,Day
Nakshatra Interpretations,Health
Interpretations of Planets in Houses
Sudarshan Chakra Mapping of Ascendent/Sun/Moon Chart
Applicable Benefic Yogas (good things)
Vimshottari Antardasha and Pratyantardashas
Consideration of Mangala Dosha
Sadhesati of Saturn 7 1/2 Year
$14.99Child Star Vedic Report Computer Generated Report SampleHow a Child Perceive themselves
Perception of Father
Perception of Mother
Mind and Communication
Values and sense of appreciation.
Drive and Emotions
Career and Life Path

$108.00Relationship reading (How am I in Relationship)Details
$150.00Marriage Compatibility Reading Details
$108.00Career ConsultationAsk for Details

Vedic Report + GemStone+Lucky Color

$150.00Career Wealth Analysis with 5 questionsAsk for Details
$ 108.00Time Ratification Ask for details
$108.00Overall General life reading Life course, Psychology, Karmic Pattern & Current Transit


 "In order to protect the identity of the clients, their names are not included in the testimonials." 
  1. You are amazing! A true inspiration to those you interact with.  
  2. First of all I would like to thank Mr Naveen for his valuable Consultation. I was in confusion before Consultation. I came across through many doubts, he answered all my questions. He helped me in improving my lifestyle through his effective astrological remedies. Will definitely take Consultation in future and suggest my friends and family

A few months ago I was having difficult time in my career. Nothing was working out and everything was getting delayed.Even the simplest and easiest of tasks that I did satisfactorily were not bearing good results. It was disappointing and very frustrating. I did not understand why things were not working out. I then consulted Naveen and expressed my anguish over the situation. He listened intently and calmly. He asked me the birth details, generated my chart. He studied my chart and then told me that he will provide me knowledge to know my situation, understand the reasons for the issues and to cope with it. He then told me that I was towards the end of my SadeSathi dasha and during this dasha, things do not work well for the person. Usually things could be real bad and in my case, because of some planetary positions being favorable, I was not facing serious issues. However, I would go thru some mental agony due to delays and non satisfactory results. He told me that if I understand my situation well,I will be able to deal with it better and reduce any kind of stress that was causing me to feel frustrated. This was like enlightenment for me. I agreed to his advice to deal with it and felt like I know what I am in and I could deal with it better. After this, in couple of weeks, things that were delayed, began completing and I felt relieved for having known the reason and taking things as they came. I greatly appreciate Naveen's knowledge of astrology and I like his way of explaining the things in plain words that help you understand your situation and deal with them. Naveen thanks a lot for your help.

(We don't answer question on birth and death)