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Pushya Nakshatra in Astrology

Pushya Nakshatra: range 03° 20’ Cancer - 16° 40’ Cancer.  
Ruling planet: Saturn
Deity: brihaspati, lord of sacred speech,
Symbol: flower, a circle, an arrow, the udder of cow.
Gana (nature): deva (god).
Animal symbol: male sheep.
Sounds: hoo, hay, ho, daa.
Primary motivation: dharma, right activity.

Pushya Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Moon (Cancer) and ruled by planet Saturn. Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be the most auspicious nakshatra in all the nakshatra. Pushya Nakshatra is the eighth lunar mansions. It is seen as a triangle of three faint stars, north and south aselli, and cluster m44. It is pictured in the sky as two donkeys or ‘’little asses’’ feeding in the manager or ‘’the crib’’ in which Jesus once lay. The symbols for this asterism are a lotus, and the udder of the sacred cow. The sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, represents the maternal aspect of providing milk and nurturance to her children. It has a deva temperament with the primary motivation of dharma or right action. The shakti of Pushya is “the ability to create spiritual energy”. The word Pushya means to strengthen, to fortify, "to nourish" and that again means to preserve, to protect, replenish, multiply and strengthen. Pushya Nakshatra increases our good karma and good efforts. The person born under this Nakshatra has a healthy body, obeys his parents, affectionate, endowed with intelligence, learned, wealthy, charitable, productive and caring. Pushya Nakshatra  people are good teachers, helpful to relatives, and respects views of others etc

The ruling deity is brihaspati (Jupiter), the god of divine wisdom, sacred speech, and prayer. Jupiter becomes exalted in Pushya Nakshatra, reflecting, intuitive wisdom, good fortunate, powerful speech,and purification of the psyche. The value of this Nakshatra for religious and spiritual practices. Pushya is considered the most auspicious of the lunar mansion for spiritual maturity. The ruling planet is Saturn which brings stability and enables creativity to fruity into entirely new forms. A vibrant peacefulness . Faith in oneself, and fullness of life can occur in this Nakshatra. It is laghu Nakshatra which is good for starting a business or opening an office. The archetypal symbol of this Nakshatra is flower, circle, and an arrow. The flower represents the ‘’act of blossoming’’ that is experienced here. The circle reflects the wholeness, with the arrow representing the attempting possibility of attaining to hit the target. These people are stable, peaceful, easy going personalities, prosperous, well educated, popular, virtuous, nice looking, forthright, intelligent and wise.

The shadow side of this lunar mansions is having can be overly rigid, selfish jealous, pride, and arrogant. These people need to discriminate in their choice of friends. Pushya has the power to overcome the negative influence and assert benefic nature. They can be quickly disheartened by criticism and May doubt their own worth due to opinion of others, insecurity and strong attachment to family can inhibits their growth. Although this Nakshatra is auspicious but not good for Marriage ceremony due to its eight number in sequence of Nakshatras. A girl born on this star will have praiseworthy habits and be charitably inclined;
Calm, beautiful, prosperous, have devotion nature towards family, enjoys life in a Decent
Residence, respects relations. It’s a good Nakshatra.

Pushya Nakshatra Pada 1: Falls in Leo navamsa and ruled by Sun. This pada concerns itself with achievement, limelight, wealth and pride in one's family or ancestry. The person is charitable.

Pushya Nakshatra Pada 2: Falls in Virgo navamsa and ruled by Mercury. This pada relates to the hardworking, service aspect of Pushya finds expression here. The person is intelligent.

Pushya Nakshatra Pada 3: Falls in Libra navamsa and ruled by Venus. This pada is more focus on the home, comforts, luxury and sociability. The person is loved by kith and kin and have jovial nature.

Pushya Nakshatra Pada 4: Falls in Scorpio navamsa and ruled by Mars. This pada relates to the esoteric side of Pushya, which seeks connections with the celestial beings in the other world. It is the pada of mantras and rituals. The person is easily provoked and short tempered.

Ascendant in Pushya Nakshatra: Humanitarian, thoughtful nature, eloquence in speech, religious, intuitive knowledge, and have good status,

Sun in Pushya Nakshatra: Authoritative figure, wealthy, interest in politics, successful, sensitive, artistic nature, need for security.

Moon in Pushya Nakshatra: Learned, good speech, composed mind, virtuous, wealthy, have interest in politics, and liked by all people.

Mars in Pushya Nakshatra: Mars is not in unfriendly Nakshatra. Indecisive in nature, short tempered, diplomatic, cunning, stubborn, restless, May choose bad company need to careful.   

Mercury in Pushya Nakshatra: Restless mind, intelligent, you will show extraordinary intelligence and knowledge on any matter of discussion.      

Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra: Lucky, charitable, compassionate, cheerful, generous, happy, by nature but also quite lawful and concerned with security of family. May work in charity centers.

Venus in Pushya Nakshatra: Clingy and selfless in love, not good for relationship, compromise too much, weak in emotions, need to be strong in love matters.

Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra: Lawful, orderly, survivalist, serious mined, responsible for family, you resist any idea or work which is not ethical, any work entrusted to you do with the utmost sincerity and certainty.       

Rahu in Pushya Nakshatra: Learning to be peaceful in order to search for the true light.
Like to spend time with family members and stay at home and not good for career, May cause breaks in career.

Ketu in Pushya Nakshatra: Rejection of family life, feel lack in mother love. The right way of recognizing this past life lesson is to accept that the soul had to make difficult choices, which May lead to the path of spirituality after attaining materialistic pursuit. 

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