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Retrograde Jupiter For Each Ascendant

Generally most of the people are born with one or more than one retrograde planets in their birth charts. Retrograde planets behave differently than direct planets. Retrograde and needs additional understanding. Since retrograde planets do not give benefits as do direct planets. Retrograde symbolizes that the specific areas within consciousness indicated by the sign and house they occupy, along with the house they rule. These all are being relieved, or repeated, in order to be fully resolved. When the issues are resolved then the Soul can grow.

What is a retrograde planet?

When a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backward in the sky. A retrograde planet looks like it's going backwards in the sky but it is not, it is stationary in the sky and look like it moving back relative to the earth movement. Retrogation means reflection of things related to the planets. The Sun and Moon never retrograde.

Generally retrograde planets delayed and not give things easily. Depending on house placement and house rulership they delayed the things. You can understand this concept by thinking that they are not walking with you. They are just behind the pace of time and you need to wait for them what the planets signify and rules in your chart. In birth chart every planet rules two houses for each ascendant except Sun and Moon. So any retrograde planet not just delaying the things where it is placed but at the same time it delaying which house it rule in your chart, and it also delaying what they signify (karaka) in our life.

So what happenes when Jupiter retrograde as a karaka, house placement and house rulership.

As a karaka (significator) Jupiter is the planet of growth, opportunity, divine wisdom, believe ,optimism, religion, Marriage, children, higher education, and long distance traveling. All these things automatically delayed for those people who have retrograde Jupiter. A retrograde Jupiter can cause the person to turn inward with their expression of divine wisdom. They have different views of belief and religion. Therefore they May have conflict over religion or spiritual beliefs with people around them. They have innate knowledge about this universe, and they have good intuitive power. The placement of Jupiter and where it rules is the area the person is inwardly optimistic.  For a health point of view Jupiter is the karaka of liver, and retrograde Jupiter gives problem with liver.

The effects for Retrograde Jupiter for each houses

First Houses: Jupiter retrograde for first house, means your identity, your health, the way you deal with world or gather information is retrograde. You May have poor health or weak liver as Jupiter signify liver in astrology. You may have question about your identity. You are not able to handle understand people around you or you may be Deceived by people. The retrograde Jupiter is not giving all benefits and protection what you're expecting and may be more delaying opportunity and luck in your life.  

Second House: Jupiter retrograde for second house, means your money, family values, close friends, voice, security in life, and speech is retrograde. You May have problem in saving money, at birth you may have heavy voice or not able to speak on time, you may security issues in other words not able to feel secure. You have question about your family values or May do not want to follow those. It is just going to delay the benefits whatever you're expecting related with second house and it may not be as grand in this helpful as you were hoping.

Third House: Jupiter retrograde for the third house, means your siblings, neighbors, communications, meetings, interviews, learning, short distance traveling that become more delay than your expectations. Your siblings come late in life or much age difference between you and them. You are not satisfied with relationship you have with your siblings. Your relationship with neighbor is not satisfactory. You may have communication problem or weak in learning of anything or in other words you take time in learning in something.   

Fourth house: Jupiter retrograde for the fourth house, means your mother, inner peace, vehicles, family and property are delayed in life. Your relationship mother is not good or you may have stepmother. You may hard time to be peaceful inside. You may have problems with your vehicles Jupiter in 4th house is always good for buying property, for moving, getting support from family, but when it goes retrograde it whatever your expectations the results may be more delay or the outcome slower than you expected.

Fifth House: Jupiter retrograde for the fifth house, means your children, romance, education, investments, the stock market, sports, and gambling all are retrograde. There will be problem in romance, romance may not blossom into reality until later in life, children also would come later. Since 5th house is of romance, retrograde Jupiter retrograde may give a Marriage without license in some instances. Jupiter retrograde in this position should never gamble, any kind of high risk investments the stock market your expectations may not turn out as great as you were hoping for the or the benefits and may be more delayed.

Sixth House: Jupiter retrograde for the sixth house, shows health, service, coworkers, conflicts, court, divorce, and unpleasant work in life. As the sixth house is of health, so physical well-being can be expected to be problematic. You may suffer low blood sugar, because high blood sugar have Jupiter direct, you could gain weight. Jupiter retrograde the results you expecting could be more delays the outcome a little smaller than you had hoped. You May have lot of burdensome unnecessary work in your office. Coworker will not be helpful and try to take advantage of you due to your generous nature. 

Seventh House: Jupiter retrograde for the  seventh house of relationships and partnership. The native will seek a generous, jovial, and moralistic partner. The native and the partner will want freedom and independence, but each will be met with unintended restrictions. There will not be the free-wheeling attachment hoped for. Since Jupiter represents marriage, and retrograde promotes review or redoing (second Marriage). Jupiter rules honesty, retrograde Jupiter could therefore distort the truth between partners. Jupiter retrograde for the 7th house it just what you're expecting from partner or others, just that it's not as grand as you are hoping or Maybe delayed.

Eight House: Jupiter retrograde for the eighth house deals with joint ventures, financial settlements, taxes, insurance, deals with gifts, loans and death. Jupiter retrograde for 8th house may return tax money to the native, but it will also delay any inheritances. Much effort is required to get insurance benefits, exhausting tests May be necessary before policies can be written. There is some dissatisfaction in the sex life, and although the native has an active sex life, the spiritual quality of sex never satisfies the deepest desires. Spiritual beliefs are not totally fulfilling, and there is a spiritual restlessness.

Ninth House: Jupiter retrograde for the ninth house of higher education, guru, media, Marketing, publishing, long-distance traveling and even legal matters. Higher education will be interrupted, but will be completed later, or education may be completed and not applied to the career. The native may attain qualifications as a teacher. Jupiter retrograde for ninth house gives different belief system, may not able to along with gurus, may leads different faith, and may have problem with legal system. Jupiter retrograde the results the house the expectations get more delayed. The results are little bit smaller, and bit delayed and is not as grand as you are hoping.

Tenth House: Jupiter retrograde for the 10th house of career reputation. Delay in career, you may face problem in career place, may have double career, delay in promotion or needs to do hard work for any promotion. Delay or difficulty in starting in new business venture. The results are little slower a little smaller than you were hoping. So you might be more impatient and you might be wanting things a lot faster. There will be really great business and career opportunities, but the results of the benefits may be a little bit more delayed or little bit more sluggish.

Eleventh House: Jupiter retrograde for the 11th house of hopes, dreams, income and wishes. All these things will be retrograde. Means you have difficulty in fulfilling your desires, expectations hopes and dreams. Whatever you're hoping for an expecting the Jupiter retrograde May be delaying or the results are smaller than what you hoping. Your long-range goals and your ambition not fulfilled on time. Having delayed in income, you are not satisfied with social network, elder siblings will not be helpful as you are thinking. The results bit delayed and is not as grand as you are hoping.

Twelfth house: Jupiter retrograde for 12th house of isolation, jail, hospital, moksha, research, and bed pleasure. Jupiter retrograde is good for attaining higher wisdom, connecting for divine nature, meditation and research and for studying. The 12th house is more what's going on behind the scenes. Jupiter retrograde may also give some bad result depending in its house and sign placement. Sometimes your expectations maybe more frustrated and Jupiter may not be as helpful as you were hoping.

Every planet rules two houses for each ascendant except Sun and Moon. For each ascendant Jupiter rule different houses.

Aries Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 9th and 12th house
Taurus Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 8th and 11th house
Gemini Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 7th and 10th house
Cancer Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 6th and 9th house
Leo Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 5th and 8th house
Virgo Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 4th and 7th house
Libra Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 3rd and 6th house
Scorpio Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 2nd and 5th house
Sagittarius Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 1st and 4th house
Capricorn Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 12th and 3rd house
Aquarius Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 11th and 2nd house
Pisces Ascendant: Jupiter rules your 1st and 9th house

So you need to check houses above according to your ascendant what kind of result you may get in your life.

Result may vary according to the sign placement of the Jupiter. Jupiter retrograde in own sign or in friendly sign is not bad as in its detrimental and in debilitated sign.

Exalted, Debilitated, Retrograde & Combust

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Technically Right … does that make you Happy?? Self Analysis

I think most of us have been into situation where we think we are right or the other person saying something doesn't make sense. We all have our own different ways of dealing with the situation. Imagine two people having conversation they both have no clear idea or in-depth knowledge of the subject they are trying to discuss :-).  For this  conversation let's assume that we know what we are doing.

I will take a simple example of color.. left box is white and right box is a little off white.. 

(you need to read the whole article to have fun)
For a common person (Person B) who does not have much interest in color.. these both will almost look same, but for a person (Person A) who is into color and into perfection will probably see a difference in them. Imagine these two person having a conversation.. one doesn't care much about the color difference and one is like these are different color.. How will be the conversation go forward.  For the person who cares is technically right. For this conversation if you are the technically right person.. you are trying to engage in a conversation topic.. where other person is not interested or technically incapable of appreciating your point of view. This is possible due to some of the following ....

  1. The person may not have the same interest/liking.
  2. The person cannot think in technical terms as you are.
  3. This may be the least important thing for this person at this time in life.
  4. You may have time in life to think about these thing the other person may not.
  5. The thing that you feel important may not be important for the other person.
Now imagine you as Person A is mad at Person B because you are thinking they don't understand you.. To understand this better you start having a conversation about Person B not understanding what you are saying with Person C. Now what is the probability that Person C will see the things the same as you (Assuming you are right) if they also think like Person B... you will hate it and not be happy.

What happens  if you (Person A) is wrong (doesn't understand complete picture) that means that Person C  needs to know the right thing and should be able to clearly explain in technical terms and  assume that you understand and also explain why the person B is not understanding Person A's point of view. If the Person C is not able to do it then you are more mad at Person C because you expected Person C to understand you better and they also don't.  So now all the hate is being sent to a person who unfortunately have less fault than Person B :-).  Hoping the Person A is open or willing to listen to other point of view as well.. if not .. person C is in a bigger trouble.

You can be mad at the world for not thinking the way you are thinking and decide not to engage because people are stupid/naive and they don't know what's around them. This will only harm you to be successful in life.. as you can probably see that most of the successful people know how to deal with people around them and have great teams.. there are always exceptions.

Save yourself some grief... We think the other person is wrong and we are thinking hard.. why that person can be so stupid/naive not to understand what we are thinking.  For most of the conversations we have, it may not matter.. for some we need to get it right.. for the one's which doesn't matter we need to let it go to save us some grief.

Being technically right will win you a case in the court of Law.. family, friends and people around us are not in the court of Law.

(If we don't get a +ve response to our interest.. we should step back and think how important is the thing that we are talking about to the other person.. if it is not then probably let it go and have another conversation with the person or find some one else with a common interest.)

So probably being technically right may not make us feel happy.. but understanding that people around us may not see the most simple thing the way we see it...  may make you feel better and more thoughtful in how we deal with them.. with this understanding i think you will be lot happier in life than not.. hope this  helps and HAPPY JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE.

 I will end this article with the following Video.. 
worth watching and you can decide how you want to live

If you want to have little fun, replace Person A = Wife , Person C = Husband , Person B = someone you both may or may not know.  OR vice verse for Wife and Husband.