Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Disharmony(Problem/Unhappy) in Married Life Astrology

We all want to married and want happy life, but sometimes it does not happen. Even for  love marriage after sometime they lose interest in each other. What are some astrological reasons  people have unhappy married life. Life is an evolutionary process, everyone go through some hardship so that they can mature mentally and better understand life. We all faces problems due to our weakness and get into trouble until we overcome the weakness and get mature mentally. Expecting all the happiness is not possible as we need to understand life and life is not only marriage. The people who have problem in married life have lesson in life that they need to evolve through that difficulty in their life. They need to understand and look beyond what  other thing that makes them happy.

Venus is the planet materialistic world. It is the planet of happiness for both men and women and wife in man life and we all know woman is major factor for happiness in man life. By looking condition of the Venus in the chart we judges about what type happiness one can get.

There are many astrological combinations which shows problems in married life whether marriage is love or arrange. Venus with Ketu can be a major factor in failure in love. Ketu is the planet of detachment. It is not a planet of this world it belong to the other world. Whenever Ketu comes with Venus those have difficulty in getting materialistic happiness before marriage or after marriage. They get a partner who is not interested in Venus stuff. But it does not matter they get spiritual partner. Ultimately we all have to go beyond the materialistic world at some point in life whether in this life or in other life. So these people need to understand life is not about materialistic world they need to look beyond this world so that they can live happy life. Happiness does not just lies in the married life it exist in other things as well.

Venus with Rahu especially in 7th house makes person overly desirous for multiple partners which create problem in married life.

Venus with Saturn in 7th house makes person abusive which create problem in married life. Although Venus and Saturn are friend but when Saturn sit with Venus it frustrate Venus.

Venus with Mars in 7th house also create problem in married life. It make person argumentative and win argument at any cost, this called manglik dosha in vedic astrology.

Venus sitting with Sun means it get combust
. Sun is supreme light. It show the right path. We can’t see in the dark we can only see in the light. When Venus comes with Sun, it purify the Venus. Because Venus is the planet of materialism, those who have Venus with Sun make people selfish, but selfish can not get happiness in return. If some one want love they need to give, Venus love always give and take. It is Moon love which is selfless not Venus love. So if those have Venus with Sun with need to learn give love others so that they get love in return.

Same thing happen with if Venus come with Moon. Moon is mind . And Venus come with Moon the person mind filled with Venus materialistic stuff and makes them selfish.

If Venus is hemmed between malefic planet like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars makes married life miserable.


Venus comes in the 6th house also the reason for disharmony in married life. Sixth house represents unpleasant things in life. Those people who Venus in the sixth house their married life get disturbed due to some partner disease, conflicting nature, and want to deal with life. And can be many things.

7th house lord significator of marriage partner, if 7th house lord sitting in 6th house, 8th house and 12th house makes married life unhappy, or if 7th lord sitting with any malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Sun makes married life unhappy.

These are general reason unhappiness or disharmony in married life before checking kuta system which is matchmaking system in vedic astrology

Happiness is not about only physical love it varies according to Venus sign and house placement. Definition of love also varies, some people think that only physical love is only love but it is not like that, those people who are good soul or saint they are doing good for the society is the also form of love, they believe in love for all and happy for no reason is real happiness. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Child Perception of Father (Child Father Relationship) Astrology

Sun is the planet of father in astrology; by looking Sun sign and house placement of a child we get insight about father and child relationship. Sun is the main planet of personality, confidence, self-esteem and authority and all these things usually come from father.

Child’s perception of father is judged by the energy of the planet Sun in the birth chart of the child. The house placement of the Sun indicate child personality influence of the father and where a child will need recognition from father.

Sun in 1st house: 1st house is the identity. This child need constantly importance from father that he exist and is important and if father does not approve him or acknowledge him he loses confidence. Father is perceived as a strong link to identity.

Sun in 2nd house: 2nd house is of material wealth. Value and security. This child will see his father as source of material security. This child need father approval to feel valuable or worthy. Father is the main person in their life who put values in their life.

Sun in 3rd house: 3rd house is of courage, ideas. Communication and siblings, this child needs that father teach how to communicate with the others. They may not feel good until father Approves their ideas and they perceive father as sibling.

Sun in 4th house: 4th house is of mother, peace and home, this child perceive father as motherly figure and provide strong security in their life. Father is perceived as a more nurturing than mother. They have emotional bond with the father.

Sun in 5th house: 5th house is of creativity and fun. This child needs father to be playmate and involved in a pleasurable activities. If the child is creative in something they need approval from father. Father can be great inspiration to them.

Sun in 6th house: 6th house is unpleasant house of life. This child perceive father as person who can fix anything. They needs father as a safety net especially in the time trouble, they need father when they get sick and feel comfortable in the presence of father.

Sun in 7th house: 7th house is of partner and other people. This child perceive father as main person to introduce in the community and social setting. A girl have Sun in the 7th house perceive father as their partner and boy learn about relationship from father.

Sun in 8th house: 8th house is of secrets and transformation. This child perceive father as know everything and present everywhere. They feel that father is full of power and have fear from father. This child will not like to break rules openly.

Sun in 9th house: 9th house is of higher learning and wisdom about life. This child
perceive father as spiritual teacher and father have great impact on their conscious in learning about philosophy and spirituality in life.

Sun in 10th house: 10th house is of authority and reputation. This child perceives father is very important and respected figure in society. This child needs father guidance to explore their own identity in the world.

Sun in 11th house: 11th house is of social network and hopes. This child perceive father as good friend and socially active, the father have good social network. This child needs encouragement from father to fulfill their hopes and plans.

Sun in 12th house: 12th house is of dreams and isolation. This child perceive father as ‘’dream daddy’’. Father is not available when they need them.

Parent should understand their value in the respect of child. A child personality and psychology directly related with father and mother attitude towards kids. If they understand their child, Sun and Moon energy they can better understand their child and help them to grow better and successful in life.

Any planet sitting to Sun or aspected by the any planet change these perceptions. Any difficult aspect from the planet on the Sun shows the discontent from the father, and father needs to understand and should try to fix that. 

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Child Perception of Mother (Child Mother Relationship) Astrology

Every astrological birth chart can show experience of the child. There is saying that as above as below what ever exist outside it exist within us. The sign of the planet in the chart show internal universe specific to each person. On the basis of the birth chart each child experience different experience than other child. Every child perceive their parents differently and this perception is important in the child’s response to the parents.

This world exists on the basis of our inner mental environment. If we feel happy inside it looks good outside but if we are not happy this world looks dark and gloomy. This is true for the children also. When a child have physical discomfort and not feeling happy inside they respond in a negative way.

We have both the feminine as well as masculine
energies, a children develop these energies through the understanding from others in their lives. The receive feminine side from mother and masculine side from father. In astrology mother is represented by Moon and Father is represented by Sun. Moon is the main planet in astrology which show the psychology of the person if the Moon is messed up or in other words if mother behavior is not good it directly affect the mentality of the child. Therefore if mother understand their child she can better manage her child in better way and help them to grow in life. Looking their sign and house placement of the Moon and Sun, we can judge child perception of mother and father of the child astrologically and can better understand the behavior and needs of the child.

Moon in the signs and perception of mother

Moon in Aries sign: if a child have Moon in Aries sign, this child perceive mother as independent, aggressive and strong minded.

Moon in Taurus sign: if a child have Moon in Taurus sign, this child perceive mother as stable, possessive and comfort loving.

Moon in Gemini sign: if a child have Moon in Gemini sign, this child perceive mother as talkative active and changeable.

Moon in Cancer sign: if a child have Moon in Cancer sign, this child perceive mother as caring, protective and emotional

Moon in Leo sign: if a child have Moon in Leo sign, this child perceive mother as powerful, charismatic and regal.

Moon in Virgo sign: if a child have Moon in Virgo sign, this child perceive mother as perfect, tidy, neat and clean, and always concerned with health and proper behavior.

Moon in Libra sign: if a child have Moon in Libra sign, this child perceive mother as interested in physical looks, social and well behaved with the child.

Moon in Scorpio sign:
if a child have Moon in Scorpio sign, this child perceive mother as insightful, spiritual and intense in behavior.

Moon in Sagittarius sign: if a child have Moon in Sagittarius sign, this child perceive mother as humble guide and teacher of spiritual truth.

Moon in Capricorn sign: if a child have Moon in Capricorn sign, this child perceive mother as strict behavior, controlling, and organize.

Moon in Aquarius sign: if a child have Moon in Aquarius sign, this child perceive mother as unusual in behavior, innovative and free spirit.

Moon in Pisces sign:
if a child have Moon in Pisces sign, this child perceive mother as calm, mystical, and difficult to figure out.
Any planet sitting next to Moon or Moon aspected by planet change these perceptions. Any difficult aspect from the planet on the Moon shows the emotional discontent from the mother, and mother needs to understand and should try to fix that.

Lets say if Saturn aspect Moon, it shows the child mother is non emotional and strict with them. But one should understand child need love to grow, their mind is very delicate, any harshness from their parents make them lonely and away from parents, which is not good in further life.
Child needs to be nurtured well from mother so that they can feel secure.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to Change Fate (Freewill) Astrology (Astrology Free Will)

There is always debate on fate and freewill. Mostly people are confused when everything is predestined then where is freewill. I want to ask question for those people who don’t believe in free will. If there is no freewill then why we have two thoughts. According to astrology whatever is going to happen  comes in mind first in the form of thought but but but…. What happens depends on our action. Whether we want to do or not totally depends on us. That is how we create our future and preparing for our next birth. Then how can we say that everything is predestined. If everything is predestined then i think we must have only one thought and we only do one thing, but that is not the case, we always have choice for our actions therefore we all have freewill to create our future.

Some people always blame oh my star like this that is why i am like this, no it is not like this. Astrology is there to help or guide people to give them information about their behavior and mind set according to the planets, sign and house placement of the planet which shows the individual nature and in what area of life it manifest. So if we can understand ourselves better and avoid problems in life by just blaming the fate or destiny we are hiding our weakness about what we cannot do or even are not trying.

If we are ready to accept and correct our self we can change many things in our life and be happy. We all have free will, but we need to understand. OK let me give some example.

If someone have debilitated Mars and it rule second house which rules food habits, value system and wealth. What it means that the person have lazy lifestyle, don’t want to wake up in the morning, don’t want to do exercise, have bad eating habits, have no discipline, have weak value system because Mars is the planet of action and discipline in the movement. This person will suffer from weight gain, may have diabetes, (diabetes is not only given by Venus but it also given by not discipline about food habit also,and discipline comes from strong Mars. ) if the person came to know about this and why he behave like this then he can work on to improve his second house things (habits). But the person needs to work on it to improve and can avoid many bad result of debilitated Mars. If they are just blaming oh my Mars is debilitated that is why i am like this. This is not the right attitude if we know that we should work on it. Things will change and you can create your own future. You can’t blame everything on destiny. Everything is not destined as it is created every movement by our actions, because we are not aware of our behavior therefore we always blame others and destiny.

If we get indication in our birth chart about the things which are creating problem we can use our free will to work on it and removing our weakness. If we are able to overcome our bad habits or weaknesses with personal effort then we will be able to change our fate and any remove difficulties in life.

This life is based on our past life karma's, then our next birth depend on this lifetime karma. God gives us two choice to choose our karma by giving two thought. It is not right to blame everything on destiny. If we can change our thoughts and channelizing in right direction we can manifest what we want.

This life is divine it have some rules and guidelines those who don’t understand law of universal will suffer in life. We should live life in a balanced way.

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