Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stellium (Triple Conjunctions) Career Astrology

A Stellium is a grouping of a three or four planets in house and sign. Any grouping of planets in a sign or house creates intensity in the birth chart. According to the in which sign and in which house Stellium occur it give great impact on life. The power of triple conjunctions is a potent connection, called an aspect between planets in which planets stand close together and they blend their energies in each other.  With so much energy concentrated in one place, there’s a more focus on the areas of life it represents. It identifies something special about you a complicated combination of issues, interests, and gifts that May be a major part of your life purpose. It is often a career indicator or it can be your passion.

Let’s say if you have groups of planets in the 7th house of relationship its mean you must learn the importance of relationship. You must learn the lesson with others harmoniously in order to find satisfaction in the house areas of life which planets ruled in the seventh house. If one planet in the Stellium in the 7th house rules the 10th house, its mean your success in the outer world, your reputation, is qualified by your work ability in harmony with other people.  

If another planet in the Stellium in the 7th house rule your 4th house, its mean your need for security, your need to belong, can only fulfilled after you learn to harmoniously interact with others. And still another planets in the Stellium rule your 2nd house of financial stability is also dependent on your capacity to work harmoniously with others. A you can see multiple areas of life require you this ‘’cooperation’’ skill in you. Your success in life is dependent on how efficiently you work harmoniously with other people in life. In most cases having Stelliums, there will be some connection with the ‘’work’’ house. If no connection is made between in the grouping, the Stellium will have minimal influence on career.

Stellium always create stress in a person life. Generally planets in Stellium will vary in nature and it always brings challenge in expressing the energy related with the planets in Stellium. This can be extremely difficult if conjunction between enemy planets like Sun and Venus or Saturn and Sun. Whenever Stellium are found in a chart, always look to the other ruler of the sign where Stellium occur to find the key that unlock the energies of the grouping. The stronger the Stellium the more dynamic personality is, the individual having a great deal of power that must be put to constructive or creative use of it.  

Let’s say the Stellium has three planets, which suggests that most of the karmic energies in the chart are devoted to strengthen a few matters in the life of this native. This Stellium occurs in the sign of Gemini, which is an airy, intellectual, rajasic sign and signifies kama, learning and writing. This suggests that the native had karmic energies for enjoying life and learning, writing intellectual things in life. The Stellium in the fourth house means that native will wright or learn things from home, and family members and which also help him raise in career because from 4th house all the planets aspect 10th house. 

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