Friday, February 28, 2014

Rohini Nakshatra in Astrology

Rohini Nakshatra: range 10°00 Taurus - 23°20 Taurus.  
Ruling planet: Moon
Deity: god brahma, prajapati.
Symbol: chariot, temple, banyan tree.
Gana (nature): manushya (human).
Animal symbol: male serpent.
Sounds: oh,va,vee, vo.
Primary motivation: moksha (spiritual liberation).

Rohini Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Venus (Taurus) and ruled by Moon. Rohini is the fourth lunar mansion. Rohini Nakshatra, is the favorite Nakshatra of the Moon. The deity of Rohini is prajapati, lord brahma, the creator of the universe, who can bestow everything so we should be careful what we want. Rohini is translated to mean the ‘’red one’’ or the ‘’red cow’’ or ‘’the growing one’’. It is located near the pale rose star of aldebaran. It consist of five stars in the head of the Taurus the bull. Taurus is the earthy sign related with energy of where we experience the beauty and joy of life and we can be settled and peaceful and calm. Rohini Nakshatra allows for growth and creation on all levels, bestowing great creativity. The Moon is in Rohini is about contentment, peace and being happy.

The shadow side of Rohini is the person is desirous and attached to love ones, and favorite objects and indulgence and materialism of life. This is the nature of Taurus, it can bring attachment, and greediness, too much of comfort and love and it can be problematic. The native can be stubborn, short temper, critical nature and have issues with jealousy.

Rohini is the Moon favorite Nakshatra of the Moon. People born in this Nakshatra have large, clear and expressive eyes, feminine features, thick lower lip, and smiling face. They are beautiful, sensual, charming, graceful and prosperous.

Rohini pada 1: falls in aries navamsa ruled by Mars. It relate to passionate and carnal nature. The focus on indulgence and extravagance side of the Nakshatra.  

Rohini pada 2: falls in Taurus navamsa ruled by Venus. It relate to abundance and resourceful and fulfilment of desire and too much indulgence in materialism of the life.

Rohini pada 3: falls in Gemini navamsa ruled by Mercury. This relate to art, science and business, and this the most flexible and jovial side of the Nakshatra

Rohini pada 4: falls in Cancer navamsa ruled by Moon.  This relate to focus on home and material security, and excessive possessive and narrow minded side of the Nakshatra.

Ascendant in Rohini: attractive, magnetic eyes, charismatic, wealthy, popular romantic, artistic, sex symbol, sensual nature, indulgent, and sexual addiction.

Sun in Rohini

beautiful, seductive, sensual, artistic nature, poietic, musical gift, robust nature, liked by many people.

Moon in Rohini 

wealthy, lovely appearance, balanced mind, good in singing, and drama, famous, and well built physique.  

Mars in Rohini

Passionate in love and relationships, desire for pleasure, sex, and comfort. They are active in their social circle and liked by most of the people. 

Mercury in Rohini

Very creative mind, emotional, intelligent, and expressive through art, beauty, and fashion, interested in acting, designing, interior decoration, and music. 

Jupiter in Rohini

There is a great love for the creative arts, culture, history. It shows the expansion of love, food indulgence, and beauty at a higher and more spiritual level. 

Venus in Rohini

Having loving, sensual, peaceful, content, and joyful nature. Have proportionate good physics and beautiful in appearance. 

Saturn in Rohini

having solid, realistic and grounded future materialistic stability. Saturn in Rohini people health, wealth resist to change. 

Rahu in Rohini

too much of materialistic desires nature, chase material comfort and pleasure. Rahu in Rohini can become a relentless search to experience love in many directions. They search for a partner through whom they can find the ultimate answers of true love and happiness that their soul want. 

Ketu in Rohini

Ketu is uncomfortable of Rohini’s passionate nature. They both aim is for moksha,but the expression differs. Ketu will feel debilitated in Rohini, indicating a past life of luxury and pleasure that the soul was never at ease with.

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