Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finding & Understanding Patterns in Life

Have you ever seen things repeating in your life, for some it is luck, for some it is bad luck, for some it is relationships.
If you have been winning a lottery regularly then i guess you would want to know what is causing it, may be it is something to do with the 8th house, Dasha and transit. May be it is the Jupiter, Mars and sun or any other benefice planet when they come together then it happens.

If bad things are happening then there could be a combination of planets and other reason could be we are not learning from our past experiences or driven by subconscious influences.  

Personally I have seen a stressful time for myself in Mercury(
8th house) dasha/transits. When I started learning astrology the first thing i did was to understand influences on myself. Once I saw the pattern, I made it a point when mercury happens then I will do my due diligence, understand the situation better and engage. It has given me peace of mind and I was able to channelize myself in positive direction. Without this understanding i was getting stressed and I used to take a step back till the time would pass.

Have you found Patterns in your life?

I have been able to do a good job of finding life patterns and have very happy customers. Now I am trying to do research on reoccurring events that people may see in their life, We know general indicators, but want to get as close to the date as possible
  1. Lottery
  2. Accidents
  3. New Job
  4. Quitting Job multiple times
  5. Multiple marriages
This has to do with a very tight correlation of events with Dasha planets, transits and nakshatras. If you have any of these and you can share your details that will be great.