Thursday, October 1, 2015

Remedy Moon with Ketu (South Node) in Astrology

In astrology Moon is mind, imagination, emotional response, peace at heart and opening to receive something. Moon is the very gentle planet, sensitive and caring planet. It is selfless love of mother.

Ketu, or the south node of the Moon, is Rahu’s opposite node and is supposed to be almost same but work in opposite way, and they are both considered to be malefic. Ketu is the point in our subconscious mind where our past life memories stored. Ketu is karmic points in the horoscopes that indicating the main areas of life where a person need to do work so that they can move forward in life. When ketu join any planet in the chart it becomes very important in one's life. Ketu is the past life karma’s knot of the person where the person need to understand and resolve issues. ketu is our inner parents which wants perfection by scrutinized or focusing on things. Generally its placement in the chart show where need to work to overcome our mind criticism. Keu is chaos in life, attenuator of the things, focusing on what we desire, illusion and it is our past. Ketu’s function is to cause inner turmoil so that the soul will seek the true essence of the life. Ketu bring Peace and enlightenment after suffering in life. When the Moon and Ketu are in conjunction or together in the birth chart. Ketu attenuate the quality of the Moon. Ketu just suckes the emotional nature of the Moon. Moon is the feminine planet, caring, affectionate and nourishing planet. Ketu diminish all these quality of the Moon.

Ketu is the spiritual world. It is the headless serpent, implying the perception and wisdom that is gut level knowing and that can give psychic abilities for past when it conjunct with moon.. But Ketu can give a feeling of helplessness, self-doubt, and lack of confidence. On the other hand these people are very mature about their emotions, they know how to control their emotions. but they control their so much that it can create some emotional problem, emotions should be released not to hold. These people are very sensitive and not focused. Therefore have trouble some path in life. These people just internalise their feelings and non reactive emotionally. Ketu is introvert, it close to the person outside worldly emotional drama, they don’t respond in a emotional way. Since Moon is mother in astrology the native relationship with mother can be of bit distant and stressful or mother life can be stressful. Ketu seems to take away from, diminish, or make invisible and that is why it’s more difficult to observe. Ultimately Ketu is supposed to relate to attaining enlightenment and saying no to worldly attachments. Ketu makes the native either want to go unnoticed, or circumstances make it so that that will be the case.

When Ketu and the Moon are in conjunction, the mind becomes isolated and feel separated from emotions of self and others. The person not able to understand why they are not feels happy with mother or not themselfs. Ketu create confusion for a person, the mind is full of unnecessary turmoil because of lack of understanding. The person not able to see the direction and directionless. The person is becomes very critical about their and others emotions. This makes them cranky. Since Ketu's job is to separate the person from the material plane, usually the Moon and Ketu dasha allows the person to find his or her true self. Since the Moon represents the mother, the mother is also isolated and detached with her emotions towards the native. The mother might also have been separated at birth for some reason.

As Ketu works on the psychic level these people have some psychic influence on their mind. They may have attract some negative energies and may experience some ghostly activities during their Ketu mahadasha depending on the placement of Ketu and Moon in certain houses. If they get chances to see a ghost generally they saw headless ghost. Generally ghost effect more to those people who develop some kind of addictions like alcoholism or drugs, so therefore those people who have this conjunction need to be more careful not to use all these addictions. If a mother know that her kid have this type conjunction she need to be more careful and try to keep the child in good environment and teach not to hold their emotions rather they should know how to release their emotions and try to live in balance.

Depending on which sign this conjunction occur result can vary. If Moon is weak and conjunction with Ketu it can give more problems to the native. It can create fear, anxiety, and depression. Ketu is the past life experience, and when the Ketu conjunct with Moon, there is always an emotional need to surrender and resolve the issue related with moon. The native thought process can be different from other people.Till their mid forties these people experienced many painful emotions, as they mature they learn how to release their emotions and live in balance.

Remedy of Moon with Ketu:

1. Moon is also represent the enjoyment of the present movement. Ketu works on the inner spiritual world. Ketu with moon will have a spiritualism effect on it, directing the planetary energy to look within its essence. These people have hard time in focusing on something. They always wondering in past. Therefore these people can have restless mind, so these people need to learn to meditations so that they can stabilize their thought and learn to be happy in the present movement.

2. These people learn to enjoy nature and try to connect with the nature. Try to purify the body by grounding, water therapy and enjoying their times with kids.

3. Developing good habits of eating and reducing negative thoughts also help them Ketu’s negative effect. Since Ketu sitting with Moon and Moon is mother in astrology the person need to respect their mother and try to talk respectfully, and generally native need to talk politely with everyone.

4. If this conjunction in 8th house, Keep good relations with in laws.

5. Wearing cold metals like silver keep mind cool. The native needs to ear silver chain or any silver ornament.

6. Cat's eye is the stone of Ketu. Leysunia is cold in nature so one should wear Lehsunia ring in middle finger to keep mind calm and cool. Ring should made in cold metal like silver but it should be checked by an astrologer

7. Lord Ganesha is the deity of Ketu. Lord Ganesh protect us and destroy our obstruction, fear, anger and darkness of life. By worshiping lord ganesha we can overcome obstruction in life. Once obstruction and fear is destroyed we become automatically attain peace in our heart.

8. Ketu is the dark point so pouring milk on shivling on Saturday on dark night calm down the Ketu.

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