Monday, February 1, 2016

''Valentine Day'' Februray 14 2016 Love Day Astrology

Valentine day is celebrated on Feb 14 around the world. Flowers, gifts and candies are exchanged between loved ones. People are thrill especially men they want propose their women whom they like. It is kind of funny day, but this happy day can also convert into some unpleasant situations, if the other person's mood is not good or if they have different thoughts going on. Valentine day is coming pretty soon, but is this valentine day is good for everyone?

Venus is the planet of mutual love and respect, and if we want to check love and relationship we need to check current Venus transits in the sky.  if we want to check the love on 14 february 2016 and how it will go we need to check position of the Venus and Moon. There are other factor also which influence on Venus like aspect from other planets and so on..

On 14 February Venus will be in Capricorn sign with Mercury. It is good combination the planet of love with the planet of fun. Capricorn sign is ruled by planet Saturn and Saturn is the planet of seriousness, commitment, and responsibility. Venus feels heavy in the sign of Capricorn not as happy as in its own Libra sign. However, Capricorn sign is friendly sign to Venus and Mercury because Venus is the planet of love and romance and in Capricorn is commitment so Venus is very serious about love on that day.

Currently Saturn in the sign of Scorpio and aspecting Venus and Mercury giving seriousness and heaviness to these two planets. So on the 14 Feb 2016 there will be a serious kind fun and love energy. Mars also aspecting both Venus and Mercury from its 4th aspects so giving some tension in love and fun. Mars is in Libra and mars is the planet of individuality and is not so strong but still have enough potential to harm relationship.  

Saturn is in Scorpio is not good for structure and stability. Its means Venus condition is not good on 14 February 2016. Venus is not in Condition due to Saturn and Mars aspect and being in the sign of Capricorn.  Venus is the planet of love in physical or romantic way. its mean people who want propose someone on valentine day should take care while proposing someone because Venus want some commitment and seriousness in love. if you want to propose just fr fun , it will not work out for you.   

There are some tips if someone you want to make your valentine's day. Venus will affect differently for each ascendant. So where your Venus transiting in your birth chart on 14 February 2016, you can find their love in February.

Valentine Day Aries Ascendant: Venus transit in 10th house. 10th house represents career, responsibility of work. You may propose someone in  your career place or may enjoy love in career place in the month of February. but you need to more careful  because Mars in your 7th house which may upset you more than other people.

Valentine Day Taurus Ascendant: Venus transit in 9th house. 9th represents vacations, university, long distance travelling, different culture and higher wisdom. You can meet your love in these places and enjoy valentine day in these places. Even you can find a partner who is different cultured (foreigner) who can expand your horizon of your life.

Valentine Day Gemini  Ascendant: Venus transit in 8th house. 8th house represent deeper intimacy, sudden shocking events of life, fear and  gain from others. Venus transiting in 8th house can hurtful on valentine day. Because it is very sensitive and behave in dramatic way in 8th house. Careful before propose to anyone. You can take some chance to convince your partner to go some spritual places to enjoy your valentine's day.

Valentine Day Cancer Ascendant: Venus transit in 7th house. 7th house represents other people, traveling and business dealing. Venus is transiting in your 7th house. Venus is comfortable in 7th house although it is Capricorn sign. You need to approach to propose to your partner. Venus is the healer you can celebrate valentine day to make comfortable to your partner as you can.

Valentine Day Leo Ascendant: Venus transit in 6th house. 6th house represents conflicts, enemy and service. Venus is in difficult situation. it’s mean,  you need to take extra care to make your valentine day good. Best way to make happy to your partner is just serve them. Because 6th house is serving house. 6th house is resolving conflicts just sit with partner and try to solve problem is the best way to enjoy valentine's day.

Valentine Day Virgo Ascendant: Venus transit in 5th house. 5th represents love and romance. Venus is very romantic in this house. You can find or propose your partner in fun like places. Give especial attention to partner and enjoy your valentine's day with grand things like some party. Venus is very romantic in 5th house, just have fun with your partner.

Valentine Day Libra Ascendant: Venus transit in 4th house. 4th house represents home, heart, emotions, nurturing and caring. You can go for dinner with your partner, or you can make lovely dinner at home to enjoy your valentine's day. Spend some time at home.  You need to nurture and love your partner, listen and take care of their needs and plan to make love at home with your partner.

Valentine Day Scorpio Ascendant: Venus transit in 3rd house. 3rd house represents teammates, classmate,  short distance travelling, and personal interest. Venus transiting in 3rd house means you may propose to teammates by phone calls, some who lives in neighbor or in short distance travelling. Try to enjoy your day in some in art gallery or some your interesting place.

Valentine Day Sagittarius Ascendant: Venus transit in 2nd house. 2nd house represent family, sensual pleasure and close friends. Venus transiting your 2nd house, it's means you can enjoy love by your close friends and go out for something which give sensual pleasure, like eating good food and meeting with family members. Plan to give some gift like jewelry and nice cloth, can help in enjoy your valentine's day.

Valentine Day Capricorn  Ascendant: Venus transit in 1st house. 1st Presents, self and personality. Venus transiting in your 1st house. it’s means someone may propose you on valentine day. You don’t need to approach anyone, your partner automatically comes to you. When Venus transiting 1st house or self, then these people become more magnetic and attractive to attract other people. GOOD LUCK.

Valentine Day Aquarius Ascendant: Venus transit in 12th house. 12th house represent foreign place, holiday, privacy, spiritualism and bed pleasure. Venus transiting in your 12th house. You can plan to go for some far places to enjoy love in privately. In the month of February you can experience deep love which may give experience of mystic or tantra love with your partner.

Valentine Day Pisces  Ascendant: Venus transit in 11th house. 11th house represents social circle, friendship and historic places. You may propose or find your partner in some social gathering or in old kind historic places. Here Venus want appreciation and love, so try to appreciate your partner and enjoy your valentine's day.

This is the general forecast for valentine day on 14 february 2016. it should be not taken as it because your natal chart also influence many thing. But these could be probability of love in the month of February 2016 for each ascendant.