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Bharani Nakshatra in Astrology

Bharani Nakshatra: Range 13° 20 aries - 25° 40 degree aries.
Ruling planet: Venus
Deity: yama, god of death, sakti.
Symbol: yoni (female sex organ).
Gana (nature): manushya (human).
Animal symbol: male elephant.
Sounds: li, lu, ley, lo.
Primary motivation: artha, material prosperity.

Bharani Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Mars (Aries) and ruled by Venus.
Bharani is second lunar mansion. This lunar mansion called ‘’the star of restraint’’. Bharani also means ‘’bearing’’ which indicate the need for hard work and discipline. So Bharani Nakshatra shows the quality of Aries that is disciplined, controlled and discipline, enthusiastic and energetic. The animal symbol of this star is male elephant which reflect the ability to carry the burden of humanity.  The deity of Bharani is yama, the god of death, the stepbrother of Saturn. He is the agent of lord shiva. The “yama” means “control” refer to yogic practice such as breath control, hatha yoga, and meditation.  The deity yama which is god of the soul’s course where it experience the result of its karma from the present life and prepare for the life to come. Yama is the deity of discipline and sacrifice. The story of yama-nachiketa is a particularly an exposition of the hospitality of yama, his sense of dharma and knowledge of it, his superb honesty and great integrity and other divine virtues. The Moon in Bharani is about truthfulness, self-sacrifice, remove impurities, creative and dharmic in approach. They have a strong sense of adventure in the fields they pursue.

The shadow side of Bharani is the person have struggle and suffering in life. The native can be restless, irritable, and impatient. Pride, arrogance, and resentment may be experienced here. Due its Mars and Venus effect the person can be indulgent in sexuality, vanity and narcissism. The native may be moralist, judgmental, and carry everything in extreme. As this Nakshatra ruled by yama the fierce deity, this gives instant result any bad deeds of the person leads to the confinement or punishment instantly.

Bharani is a daughter of daksha and wife of chandra who is a goddess of good luck is often associated with wealth, worldly love and the form of the goddess lakshmi. Bharani natives usually have large, expressive eyes, a prominent head, and medium sized lips and have protruded teeth, have an unpleasant smile.

Bharani pada 1: falls in Leo navamsa ruled by Sun. It relate to creativity, self-centric
And have good drive. Have strong will-power side of the Nakshatra.  

Bharani pada 2: falls in Virgo navamsa ruled by Mercury. It relate to service and hard work. Good organizational skill is seen here and restless side of the Nakshatra.  

Bharani pada 3: falls in Libra navamsa ruled by Venus. It relate to the ability to interact and harmonize with people. Being a pushkara navamsa pada it allows for fulfillment of one's desires.

Bharani pada 4: falls in Aries navamsa ruled by Mars. It relate to it can be a highly inventive and explosive energy. Uninhibited and excited side of Nakshatra.  

Ascendant in Bharani: these people medium height, hardworking, courageous, pioneering, proud, confident, and have good health. They have interested in sports, hunting, and firework,

Sun in Bharani

Sun exalted in aries. These people are intelligent, have leadership quality, authority, militant nature, and power. They are tactful, creative, but have issue with anger and pride. The Sun here bring fame, name and prosperity.

Moon in Bharani

These people are attractive, charismatic, and have leadership quality. They are dutiful, clever in doing their work, have investigative mind, healers and interested in occult science.

Mars in Bharani

These people are passionate, aggressive and have strong sexual desire. They are interested in fashion, design, beauty, and hotel management.

Mercury in Bharani 

They people speak in an energetic and passionate way. They can be relationship experts, dating gurus, romance advisors, matchmakers, authors, comedians, and can be actors.

Jupiter in Bharani

This marks a passionate person who seeks knowledge through relationships and sensuality. They are good passionate teachers who teach with passion. They are good at designing and creativity.


Venus in Bharani

These people are passionate, sensual and have strong sexual desire. They are interested in fashion, design, beauty, and food business.


Saturn in Bharani

Saturn is debilitated in Bharani. Saturn is cold planet and Bharani is hot Nakshatra. Saturn not able to perform good it just frustrates the person in career matters. But a person can be good in construction, building, and manufacturing.


Rahu in Bharani

Rahu in Bharani nurturing and caring. The person practicing yama and niyama, the person has capacity to use this power whichever way it wants.

Ketu in Bharani

Ketu is hidden and detached planet. Ketu in Bharani is not interested in sexual activities or this could simply as an inability to express one’s sensuous side or there may have more negative energies.


Bharani career interest

Publisher, writer, film and music industry, oculist, psychic, hypnotist, astrologer, psychologist, entrepreneurs, and building contractor.

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