Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Waxing and Waning Moon Astrology

In Astrology Moon is a very important planet because Moon rules our mind and our consciousness. The Moon represents our instinctual responses to life and carries our unconscious memories from past lives. What kind of mind or conscious we have we perceive outer things. The world is same, but people are not same therefore it is our internal environment which is not same and according to that, we react to the people and things around us.

What Are Moon Phases?

The relationship between the Sun and Moon in the sky is what creates the waxing and waning light of the Moon each month. As the whole Moon cycle from New Moon to New Moon is almost four weeks long. The Moon Phases are refer to the Moon's orbit around the earth in relation to the Sun. In astrology, the Moon influences the mind depending on whether the Moon is full, new, increasing (waxing) or decreasing (decreasing) in your birth chart. The Moon phases repeats the same cycles every month. Every month there is the last quarter and decreasing moon, also referred to as the waning moon, leading to the New Moon, first quarter and increasing Moon also referred to as the waxing Moon leading to the full Moon, and the cycle starts over again. The first quarter and last quarter moon are ninety degrees to the sun and are exactly half in shadow, half in light. The New Moon is the Moon's side in darkness and full Moon is the completely illuminated side of the Moon.

Mostly people think that waning Moon is not good and does not give good result. We should discriminate in our interpretation between what is called waxing and waning aspects.

The Full Moon is the fully illuminated Moon, and activities and celebrations are heightened in creativity and effect. And the New Moon is a time for reflection and introspection.

According to vedic astrology, the Waxing or increasing Moon brings new ideas and activities. The Waxing side of the aspect cycle is where we come up with ideas, make plans to implement them, and actually put these plans into action, building something real, something outward and usually in the physical world. Waxing Moon helps the area of life to grow where it have influences in the chart particularly.

The Waning or decreasing Moon symbolizes winding down of activities, and purification of soul. The waning side of the aspect cycle is where we work with whatever we have built and created, coming to understand what it is, how to best use it, and what it means to us. Here we are receiving, accepting what is, and learning to work with that. Waning Moon causes external areas of life to fade, while causing one’s inner worlds to grow. With a waning Moon, we experience loss of outer world in order to gain inner fulfillment and inner growth. Those people who have waning Moon if they know how to manage their emotions they can really do good meditation practice.

Moon represents pearl, purity, healing, and white color. White holds all colors of the spectrum. Silver is the other color associated with the Moon. In Vedic astrology, wearing gemstones such as pearl, Moonstone, silver or white quartz used for remedies for get benefits from the Moon energy. By wearing the silver and white colors you can make a connection with the Moon and it helps you to stay calm and cool.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Be A Better Version Of You

You may have heard people say , they are what they are and they cannot change. They are admiting that they are stuck and they have no intention of getting better or change in life.

As human we have the capability of learning and evolving ourselves. Animals or other living beings cannot do it. Humans can evolve and get better. As a infant we don't know much,we grow and learn some good or bad things in life. Sometimes we are stuck in situations where learning is tough, but to get out of the situation we have to grow out of the problems in front of us.

As per Astrology the difficult planet placements means that we need to learn certain lessons in this life. It is the reason we face challenges, the more we resist the harder it gets for us.  When we learn sooner it will make our life better as we are going to face similar challenges in later life. Midlife crisis is a good example of this learning as by that age we have faced enough challenges that we get fed-up and want to change for better.

When faced with tough situation, It is we who needs to take action else we can be stuck in situation for ever. Some people believe that some how things will rectify without action.

Spread the Happiness: Be the person who is spreading happiness, if you are not the one and don't want to then who will spread happiness. If people feel happy with you they would want to be with you and be your friend. It is a feedback loop, what goes around come around. So be the person spreading happiness.

As per mythology we are getting better in every lifetime that's the reason we go through suffering and challenges to evolve. We evolve with every birth so we take so many births to get MOKSHA to break the cycle of birth. So why not become better person and learner sooner than to go through the suffering and pain of life.

We can use astrology as a tool to understand challenges and be a better person. It takes time to change human behavior as we are slow to change, learn and understand. Change the grooves in your mind for better.

I would say be a better version of yourself till we are alive as we can always do things better as world around us keep on changing. We cannot be successful and evolved with our understanding of yesterday. The best way to be a learner is to ask oneself what i could do differently than to find faults  and blaming others. If we are wet in rain, it is our fault not to check weather or have umbrella or rain coat to protect our-self. Stop blaming others for any and everything. Till we are able to find faults in other , it is somehow we don't evolve. Take responsibility of everything that happens to us and decide to learn from situations. What others do is their own journey. 

As I am TodayA Better Version of Me
I get angryNo One can make me Angry
I am fearfullI will figure out what is the fear and overcome
I am not healthyI will find the right food and eat healthy
I am over weightI will do body excersise to be in shape
I have a issueI will peacefully figure out a solution
I cannot speak properlyWhen I speak, people wants to listen to me
I am Sad most of the timeWill be Blissfull all the time, people will feel happy around me
I want to be happyI want to make eveyone happy
I don't know so many thingsI will become a SUPER LEARNER
I need help from lot of peopleI will learn the skills and self help

When we UPLIFT ourselves we help people around us, be it parents, spouse , friends and others
If you had just ONE LIFE what would you do?
Make every conversation or opportunity to learn and grow. 
Be driven from inside than the outer-forces. 

Think of it this way that you are 90 years old. You have all the time in life and you cannot do much. At that time you would want people around you, your children , grand children and  the well wishers. They will be there only if you were a giver, they found guidance from you, peace with you(consoling). People will reciprocate. I think may be the world is very selfish today. That is why we have the family, but then i hear more people hating their family than strangers. You may decide to earn so much of money that you will not need anyone :-). I think that is what i see lot of people are doing, but to be rich you need to be useful for the society. It is your choice how you will be when you will be 90.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rahu (North Node) in 2nd and Ketu (South Node) in 8th house Axis in Astrology

Rahu (obsession) and Ketu (let go) are the soul purpose of life. Rahu is future and Ketu is past. Rahu shows what we want, it is obsession over those thing where it sits and Ketu is our past mind conditioning, it shows where we already dealt with and we don’t want it. Rahu and Ketu axis shows that in what area person is immature and need to be matured and in what area person is matured.

Second House : Security, self value, resourse, wealth, represents food, speech, family, upbringing from parents, structure, what you value in your life.

Eighth House:  Insecurity, fear, transformation, regeneration, death and rebirth, occult science, money of other people, joint asset with the spouse, and hidden house. 

So what happened when Rahu and Ketu axis fall in 2nd and 8th house.


This karmic axis is considered one of the most difficult as its connection with the positive and negative potential of the individual because there is nothing in our hand.

ketu is detachment. Ketu in 8th house is conditioned about his fear or insecurity in past or in childhood. Life is uncertain, unstable, sudden shocking in 8th house. Rahu in the second house lack in values in their childhood or in their past lives or their childhood. These people experience life is insecure, stressful and the native think that they need to establish solid foundations for security whether it is materialistic or spiritual. Our value comes from our family, what things we value in our life it shows our home environment, and how we were raised in. But as we get older we define our own value terms because Rahu is a rebellious force it rebel against the value system of the family and define own value and structure of the family.

The person can be obsessed with money for instance, because money is a certain value and brings a certain consistency. The second house of consistency is in opposition to the house inconsistency and  insecurity (eight house) . Eight house insecurities and fears, 2nd house want strong need to have certainty, and solid values that we can define our own. There is understanding in the native mind that life is about volatile and at any movement  unexpected things can happen.  Due to understanding of that area life the person can withdraw from it and gravity works where things that are certain and where we get to find values and was valuable and meaningful and with own terms.

Rahu in the 2nd house makes for a person who will work hard to develop their own resources and define their own sense of structure and value. 2nd house is the house of money these people become very money oriented because money give some sense of security and one that needs to develop self-esteem and self-worth of their own effort. 8th house is the house of other people house and these people benefited from others resources and other people’s money, thus their inherent sense of value came from others. Due to these insecurities and a feeling of powerlessness in their past lives makes person very reluctant to rely on others to help them.

Rahu in the 2nd house makes person have strong appetites, they like to eat good and sometimes they may be alcoholic and used to do smoking. Sometimes they also use bad language. But with time as the person get mature they gets better over time as their values, diet, improve.

Rahu in the second is the most troublesome placement for married and family life. They face the problem in managing their own resource.  Ketu in the 8th house gives good intuition and psychic ability. These people have innate knowledge about sexual matters. they have natural talent for occult arts.

These people need to learn what is personally important to them and hold meaning and purpose. they need to look honestly at themselves and defines these important values, and seek to apply them in daily life. Once they learn self respect and honor these values, they will stop to undermine from others, and instead respect themselves. As you create yourself relationship will improve you become more satisfying.

Rahu (North Node) in Taurus and Ketu (South Node) in Scorpio sign Axis:


Rahu in Taurus/ Rahu in 2nd House

represents creative, productive and material desire. Rahu is exalted in Taurus sign. Rahu in Venus sign and Venus is good friend of Rahu. Venus influences allow it to express its desires properly. This position gives immense potential to natural ability to understand the Rahu ambition to create something beautiful. This could mean success in areas like the arts, media, and entertainment.

Ketu in Scorpio/ Ketu in 8th House 

is exalted too. Ketu acts like Mars, the ruler of Scorpio. This is a complex and difficult sign but Ketu understands these complexities as it is also involved in the deep mysteries of life. These people interested in researching the subtle energies of nature and hidden knowledge. Ketu is without ego and Scorpio learns to break from individual identification towards the final lonely path of spiritual fulfilment.

Rahu in Taurus Is very strong sign about being resourceful productive and stable, here the person need to careful about not to go negative side of Taurus it should be careful about not being materialistic, overly Possessive, over cautious and stubborn.

The person needs to be careful about negative aspects of Ketu in Scorpio which is being destructive, vindictive, cruel, suspicious, repressed. The native should be in positive aspect of Scorpio that is foundation to build into his Purpose.

Those with Taurus Rahu and Scorpio Ketu Axis in sign must remember that the path of material satisfaction is as much a important as  the spiritual path in life.

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