Sunday, July 27, 2014

Divisional Charts (Harmonic Charts) in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, divisional chart is the unique feature. Divisional charts are used to indicate specific themes in a person's life. Divisional charts are also called Varga charts, Amsha charts, sub-charts, D-charts, harmonics charts. Divisional charts are charts that are created by dividing each sign into a number of sections, and then assigning a sign to each slice, and then placing planets into a new chart based upon which sign they occupy in the section.  Interpretation of the divisional charts is the same as we use the methods for evaluating D1 or birth charts.

1. The Rasi Chart  D1 not divided, indicate  physique, behavior, all the basic indication of 1st house.

2. The Hora Chart D2 indicates wealth and money matters.

3. The Drekkana D3 is the second most important divisional chart. It indicate siblings, courage, personal interest and general happiness.

4. The Chaturamsha D4 also called turyamsa or padamsa, indicates emotions, fixed assets, inner peace, residence, property owned and fortune in general. it also used to assessing the buying and selling of major assets like a home and, big investments, etc.

5. The Panchamsa chart or D5 indicates shows the inner spiritual nature and ethics.

6. The Shashtamsa chart or D6 indicates health issues specifically, more than other divisional charts.

7. The Sapthamsa chart or D7 indicates matters with one’s children, and family dynasty,

8. The Ashtamsa chart or D8 indicates sudden and unexpected experiences, troubles, the major challenges and crises in a person's life, including the deaths of those close to them.

9. The Most Commonly Used Divisional Charts is the Navamsha D9 chart. it has many uses, it is most often used to indicate the spiritual mission with one's partner ( whether your partner support or not your goal of life ) and their relationship with them. it also shows marriage and all matters related to one’s spous).

10.The Dasamsa  chart or D10 shows career, work and achievements of the person in the society, accomplishments, and income through effort.

11.The Ekadasamsha charts D11 used to assess the flow of income in a person's life.

12. The Dwadasamsa chart or D12 shows everything related to parents. Look for sun for father and moon for mother.

13. The Shodasamsa chart or D16 also known as Kalamasa, indicates benefits and discomforts from vehicles.

14.The Vimsamsa chart or D20 indicates progress of the person and his/her spiritual growth.

15. The Chaturvimsamsa chart of D24 also called Siddhamsa, indicates learning, knowledge and achievement gain through education of a native.

16.The Nakshatramsa chart or D27 also called Saptimvimsamsa, or Bhamsa  indicates strengths and weaknesses endurance.

17. The Trimsamsa chart or D30 shows unfavorable effects in life, punishments, unfortunate and diseases etc.

18. The Khavedamsa chart or D40 also called Chatvarimshamsa, indicates auspicious and inauspicious effects in general etc

19. The Akshavedamsa chart or D45 indicates quality of character and integrity.

20. The Shashtiamsa chart or D60 indicates all general indication very fine tuning required.

To tracing divisional charts time should be accurate. If time is not correct there could be chances of wrong divisional charts, So it is important to give more weight to Rashi D1 chart.



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your Spouse (Husband/Wife/Partner) is the biggest (Influential) Planet around you Astrology

All said and done we live in a family and when married our wife/husband is the closest thing we have in life. We all want to be happily married and have a prosperous life. 

By looking at the design of the chart following is a highlight...

First house represents our-self who we are and how we interacts with the world 
Seventh house represents Spouse, relationships and how we interacts with others

1st (First) house is opposite to  the 7th (Seventh) house.  That means they are totally opposite in nature and it is the mirror reflection of our nature which you are not aware and your spouse going to tell you. By definition we and significant other is a balance that we need to achieve in life. 

Now Imagine that we have to deal with someone opposite which is our own mirror opposite reflection (this may not be if there is a friendly influence) in opinion every day. 

e.g You may have a desire and want to do something today morning... now your spouse want to do it in the evening or just don't want to do it  or want to do it next day. How will it feel like.. it will be hard to take a totally opposite view of things we want. Since 7th house is also for partnerships we constantly need to work on... to come to common grounds.. if we want a balanced relationship.. like wise in some ways we need to do the same with the Spouse/Wife/Husband. 

In some ways most of us constantly needs to work on the relationship, for those who have good relationships may be working on it sub consciously.  For those who are having issues and hard times.. probably this should be an indicator to start managing the relationship with more thoughts than emotions. In Love marriages we bringing emotions first in the relationships , so it makes it hard to come to the common grounds.

Some of the things that i have learned with time is..

1) Be a good listener. Most of the arguments happen when one person does not listen/understand completely and start arguing. Try it out u'll be surprised that how many arguments can be avoided. 

2) Life if a joint venture.. the more you stay together the more you will realize. Help where ever you can in some ways you are helping yourself.

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