Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vedic October 2014 Horoscope/Forecast Astrology

Is in Virgo 16 September to 17 October
Is in Scorpio from 05 September then in Sagittarius from October 18

Is in Libra 21 September to whole October “Retrograde”  October 4 to October 25
Entered in Cancer on June 18 for one year

Is in Virgo from 24 September then in Libra from 19 October
In Libra
In Virgo (Rahu always retrograde) for 1 and half year
In Pieces (Ketu always retrograde) for 1 and half year
Full Moon
October 8, Lunar Eclipse in Pisces On October 2014

New Moon
23 October,  Partial Annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo
On October 2014

Jupiter shift from Gemini sign to Cancer sign till August 2015
Rahu and Ketu shift from Libra and  Aries axis  to Virgo ( Rahu) and Pisces (Ketu)  axis for one and half year.

October 2014 is going to be a very eventful month due to two eclipse in the month. there's going to be a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. The lunar eclipses always impact about two weeks before and  two weeks after. A solar eclipse impact have for six months.  Eclipse is certainly points to a time a lot of events, a lot of unexpected changes, a lot of endings and beginnings and a lot of activity on the and the solar eclipse.The eclipses certainly a points when lot of adjustments are needed.  Whatever Eclipse triggers in your chart can be unfolding for a good six months. If the eclipses triggering within a couple of degrees a planet in your chart you might be feeling it much more directly and powerfully personally..

Mars shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius sign: Mars strong in Sagittarius sign as these both sign are very similar in nature except some few differences.

Mercury  “Retrograde”  October 4 to October 25 : Mercury is going retrograde October 4 through October 25.  The Mercury goes retrograde as a time of reevaluating, rethinking and with the solar eclipse is bringing into your awareness that you need to make some significant changes all around you. Mercury is that planet of decision-making, and gathering information.  Mercury retrograde could be making some mistakes due to some misunderstandings. This is a great time for reflecting upon important details, and communication.

Saturn shift in Scorpio in 2nd November 2014: Saturn will finally leaving Libra and entering scorpio on november  2, 2014. Saturn isn't about just taking everything, but also about causing us to strengthen and focus on what's not working and let go. Scorpio sign is about the inner transformation, Scorpios about death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings.  Scorpio symbolized by the snake sheds its skin annually. saturn in  Scorpio pressures and sourced a higher consciousness and so this Scorpio energy for the world can be very painful and reinvent  and making  space for major new chapter.  Scorpio rules the hidden world, so there's a lot of soul-searching.  Saturn shifting from libra to scorpio sign bring closure and so most of you will already have learned all the lessons of of relationship. Saturn is the great taskmaster, Saturn compels us to take a good hard look at reality and Saturn is takes responsibility and get getting rid of what's not working in life. Things will seem like things are being taken away from you but in reality saturn helping you. Saturn is the teacher of tough love in libra because it's for your own benefit to discard what's not working so you can move forwards and focus more on what's working.