Sunday, March 23, 2014

Timing/Transits of Finding Love and Relationship in Astrology

Have you been waiting for love, relationship or Marriage partner? You are just waiting, waiting and waiting.  There are some people who want to know about their timing of meeting the right person or when they will have a significant event occur in their life. In astrology there is time for every event to unfold. Timing in astrology means your planetary position alignment in such a way that there is chances of that, you May meet your boyfriend (lover) or would be life partner (husband).

There are mainly two main planets of relationship and these are Jupiter and Venus. Venus rules romantic relationships and Venus is a planet that helps to bring two people together into relationships. Venus also represent wife in man chart and Jupiter represent husband in woman chart. There are houses in astrology which represents love and relationship in the birth chart. 7th house represents physical union with someone. 9th house represent long term committed relationships like Marriage, and 1st house (ascendant) represents body of the individual.

Whenever the Venus is going to cross/transit the 1st house or ascendant, the ascendant represents the body in the individual of the person who wants the relationship. When Venus transit in 1st house or ascendant it bring love and relationship. This can be a very basic transit for love and relationships. As Venus is natural indicator for love and relationships. If Venus transit the rulers of the 7th, and 9th or it transit in the 7th and 9th house could also bring love and relationship. Seventh house represents connecting with others in a physical bonding and 9th house represents long term relationship. Whenever Jupiter and the lord of 7th house transits the first or ninth house this is more indicative of things like Marriage commitment, deeper and strong relationships. And if Venus or Jupiter itself rule these houses then it is a double significant of relationships.

Relationship is different for everybody because everyone has a different ascendant. If someone have Sun rule 7th the house and Saturn rule the 9th house. Whenever these planets cross the ascendant, this could also bring together to the person's partner. For Cancer or Leo ascendant people the seventh house Lord is Saturn. Saturn takes two and half years to get the result so that means that for Cancer and Leo ascendant; relationships are more long-term because Saturn is slow moving planet. By looking at the seventh and ninth house Lord will give you some ideas about whether you going to get good one or.....not.

In Vedic astrology there is divisional chart of every aspect of life. 7th and 9th divisional charts are for relationship and Marriage divisional charts. We can also check these timing in divisional charts also. Although it bit complicated but they work if the timing of birth is correct. If the Mercury is the 1st and Sun is the 7th house ruler that means is that both Mercury and Sun are also primary indicators of relationship.

Transits for love and relationship are complicated. Planets interaction by transits play very important role in giving type of relationship. For example when you have Venus coming together with Sun in transit, what it does mean? It could be overwhelming, confusing and mind boggling. And if Venus comes together with Mars in transit it could be very passionate or physical relationship etc.

If you start to map out these indications, it take some time to trace the transits as they moved and see when the bunch up (conjunction) together. You can judge that what type or important time for love and relationships coming in your life. 

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