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Timing of Real Estate (House/property/Land) in Astrology

Everyone wants to have house for living it’s a necessity of  life. But how many are capable to afford home. Having a home or nice home is dreams of many people. Home signify comfort, security, safety. But question is that if we are able or could able to buy the property.

Astrology can guide you to know whether Building or Buying property is possible or not. Your Birth chart indicates the probable period of Building or purchasing a house or land. We can find through astrology, on the based on placement of planets in the birth chart/horoscope and dasha and antar dasa period, astrologer can guide you to whether it is favorable or unfavorable time or we can own property/House/Apartment/Land/Plot/Flat or not. Some people are lucky in property, they inherit property from their parents or ancestors. But not everyone is lucky they have to make their own effort to get home/property.

Let's check planetary combinations in the Horoscope/birth chart that indicates whether you can build or Buy Home/Apartment/Plot/Land/Flat etc.

Since buying property is not easy and very expensive nowadays, it needs to be checked if any “dhan yoga” combination of wealth in birth chart. It will tell you the capacity to finance and own home, then the number of homes to be owned real estate investing, managing, etc. and then quality, size and best location for the home. The 4th House or Cancer sign and planet Moon in the astrology chart represents Land, House, property and real estate. Mars is the karaka (significator) or indicator for loans and for obtaining building. Well placed Mars in the birth chart shows a person’s ability to benefit from home ownership. Saturn is associated with large piece of undeveloped land or land that might be used for agriculture. Venus Indicate the elegance of the land and buildings we might obtain. The overall strength of the chart would indicate the level of ownership. 

The ruler of 4th house and the planets occupying or aspecting the 4th house tell us the nature of our home/property ownership. A person with weak connection to the 4th will often not feel ‘’at home’’ in some places and they May move from building to building over time. If they buy real estate, they need to be careful that they buy in right location for the right price, since they have more obstruction to the favorable ownership of a house.

The person with afflicted 4th house might not enjoy the burden of home ownership and live in small place like condominium or rent a house. People with Venus and Jupiter in 4th house generally home builder or nesters. People with Rahu in 4th house do well with real estate for short periods of time. Ketu in the 4th house often leads to intermittent stays in a location. Ketu can even cause breakage and cracks in the building, need to careful when they buy property. One should also look planets in 10th house, because planets in 10th house aspect 4th house which also shed lights on home ownership. E. G. If Mars exalted in 10th house and aspect 4th house from 10th house the person have destiny of home, land, and good property. 4th Divisional chart Chaturthamsa (D-4) is also used for accessing the property related matters. 

Transits/Timing of Homeownership: 

People ask about many questions regarding home buying e. g. When should i take a loan, open and close contract, start building a house or start construction for home, and about when should the completed house be entered for the first time to begin residence (Graha Pravesh) or when should a building be inaugurated or operated to the public etc.

The answer for all these types of question is that when Mars transit over your 4th or 10th house from the Ascendant or Moon in the birth chart to be a good time to buy or sell a house. Transit of Sun over the 4th or 10th from Ascendant or Moon Lagna are also favorable for short term identification of sell or buy time period zone. For longer time the most people will either move or remodel their homes when Saturn transits their 4th and 10th house in a birth chart. A transit of Ketu over the 4th house often compels a person to modify their home in some way perhaps redecorate, or get the need to consult with Vastu consultant to rearrange their living place or to feel move other place. Transit of Jupiter in the 4th House can bring opportunity to buy, and have big house. Jupiter is considered the “Great Benefic” or God Grace. Jupiter always try to give happiness where it situated in the chart and transit in the house, and when it transit in 4th house it give opportunity to buy big house/property. If you are looking to buy a home and Jupiter transiting in your 4th house you May have great success. Jupiter might provide you good deal in prices of home/property. This is one of the best astrological transits for buying a home/property. Transit of New Moon in 4th house also helps with a home purchase. Start s looking when a New Moon transiting in your fourth house. The New Moon favorably influences beginnings of anything. When Moon transiting in your fourth house, it can trigger anything  related with home.

Precautions taken while Deal:

Keep an eye on Mercury, Mars, Saturn Retrogression, when it’s time to make any deal. When these planets retrograde they can create lot of confusion in communication and understanding. It could affect the paperwork, so make sure these planets should direct.

One should not buy Home/Property on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. These days represents conflicts, delays, frustration, and suffering related with property. Try to buy on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. These days are good Auspicious and no conflicting. 

Loss of Property: There are many astrological combinations which may lead to loss of property, some of these combinations are:

If the 4th lord is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. These are the dusthana houses in the astrology. 4th lord paced in these houses property is taken away through conflicts with maternal side, tax, (government action) or some unknown reason.

If the lord of the 4th house is in the 8th house and is afflicted or debilitated, it can deprive a person from property through inheritance. 

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