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Kaal Sarp / Sarpa Yoga and Remedy in Astrology

Both Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are considered ᾿tricky῀ energies. they are serpent, Rahu is north node of Moon and Ketu is south node of Moon. They are always moving in retrograde motion. Therefore they always reflecting back. They work on subconscious level and forced to think about issues we have. In kaal sarp yoga the planets are under some karmic ᾿pressure῀, need to do work more on these planetary energies.

Kaal sarp / sarpa yoga means all the planets are between the nodes or between Rahu and Ketu.

Kaal Sarp/Sarpa means ‘’Time’’. who is actually God, as Krishna says “Aham Kaal" I am Time, in the Bhagavad Gita, the person or who have this kaal sarpa yoga in the chart is wrapped up in this life lesson according to their past life karma. their destiny is not in their control they are in control of divine power. They face many problems in their life to understand about life. This is actually a blessing, not a curse, those people who are not able to understand this message from God's is curse for them. 

In kaal sarp/sarpa yoga there is learning of the native due to various obstacle in his life. The native life is obstructed due to some past Karma. The person learn many lessons of life due to unpleasant situations in this life. the person need to hard work for to get anything in their life and his hard work is not appreciated. Those who have this Kaal Sarpa yoga they have done something wrong in their past life, therefore they caught up in karmic cycle of life. It acts mysteriously to teach the lesson to the native. To counteracting the effects of Kala Sarpa Yoga a person needs to understand about higher side of the life. as Rahu and Ketu is in control of jupiter. one should move towards higher side of the life which planet Jupiter present. As Rahu and Ketu act on the subconscious level they need to understand the inner block of higher wisdom of the life.

In kaal sarp/sarpa yoga is there is some kind of subconscious processing going on you might not know things at might not feel are so present in your consciousness are just kind of digging deep of something which you don’t know. Those people have kaal sarp yoga they used to sleep more than other people. And in transit mostly all the people feel sleepy in kaal sarp yoga, these nodes generally activate a sort of psychic dream state.

Ketu is resolving past issues in this lifetime or past lives. Ketu resolve issues which have to do with things related to our childhood family and even issues with you know in this lifetime which we have the deep connections we have in this lifetime are not just of this lifetime there from many lifetimes so there's a lot of trying to resolve issues. 

Moon create a kind of fog in mind when it comes in kaal sarp yoga. We may have strange dreams about unresolved things in emotional dreams. And some kind of rumbling going on in subconscious or unconscious in mind.

But kaal sarp/sarp yoga affect everyone differently. It depend on the which axis Rahu and Ketu falls in birth chart. According to the different kaal sarp yoga the we need to work differently.

Anant Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu is in the Lagna and Ketu is in the 7th Such persons are inclined towards more by emotions.

Kulik Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed when Rahu occupies the second and Ketu is in the eighth. They have the troubles both domestic and financial. 

Vasuki Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 3rd and Ketu is the 9th. He is helped mostly by the others, their siblings are source of trouble.

Shankhpal Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 4th and Ketu in the 10th . The persons are helpful to others but they do not get any credit for that.

Padma Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 5th and Ketu is the 11th. They may have problem in education, kids, and romantic partner.

Maha Padma Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 6 th and Ketu in the 12th . They always like to be busy. Their problems are psychological. People generally try to harm them.

Takshak Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 7th and Ketu is the Lagna. The native is a Struggling person for his financial well being and self respect. They may inclined to renounce the material world.
Karkotak Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 8th and Ketu is the 2nd house. They often suffer from financial ups and downs. All that happens in their lives is quick and sudden.

Shankha Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 9th and Ketu in the 3rd. They have issues with Their siblings and co worker, family life is not satisfactory.

Pataka Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 10th and Ketu is the 4th. They are the victims Of excessive pressure of work and duty. The circumstances at their place of work are conflicting.

Vishakta Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 11th and Ketu in the 5th . They most suffer from their own simplicity, generosity and sentimentality.

Shesha Kala Sarp/Sarpa Yoga is formed by Rahu in the 12th and Ketu is the 6th. Their own thought cloudy and never beneficial.

Remedies for Kaal sarp/sarpa yoga: Need to do remedy of Rahu and Ketu throughout their life.

  1. Visit a temple and circumambulate the nava grahas 9 times. Do this each time you visit a temple. And offer to once for ancestors on mother side, once for ancestors on father side, once for the saints, siddhas, enlightened beings, etc. Who protect us once for the navagrahas 
  2. Om Namoshivaya is a good mantra for them for balancing and focusing their energies.
  3. Massage your feet nails with any oil everyday before sleeping makes mind relaxed and keep rahu & ketu calm

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