Saturday, February 27, 2016

Solar Eclipse March 2016

March 08 2016 Solar Eclipse

This March on 8th there is total solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius with Mercury and Venus.  So you see how many things might be gone to change. Any eclipse puts real spotlight where you need and can make adjustments and to move forwards so the energy of where and what it's affecting in your chart can run more smoothly.. A Solar Eclipse may take 3 to 6 months within to be fully realized so this is why there could be changing events in the future. A Solar Eclipse in Aquarius sign is going to change something about society because Aquarius sign represents society. This solar eclipse highlights about the information, love and respect issues with people.  Eclipse is the source of  confusion and a useful message to you in an area where it falls in your  birth chart and it affects lasts almost 3 or 6 months in that area of life. . It's also the solar collapse it's whenever whatever is being awakened is then part of the trend for the  years.

March 08 2016 Solar Eclipse For Each Ascendant

Aries Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 11th house. This is puts the focus on the  groups and organizations, so there could be some disturbance in your social circle and with a group of people working in a team effort. this going to be tough time for networking going to business events making new connections and friends could be very difficult in attaining your goals financially.

Taurus Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 10th house. This is puts the focus on the   new directions and adjustments necessary to moving this new path in your tenth house of career matters.  There could be change in your career or in professional life.  you puts a year of your profession starting a new business going on with the tenth house. It could be more visibility and for some of you could be opening up new direction in life. .

Gemini Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 9th house. This is puts the focus on your ninth house. The night houses is of  higher education and hope. There will be a change in your belief system. You might be no longer believe what you believe before. You need to careful with your teachers and gurus because they might create some trouble for you. Take precaution in long distance travelling.

Cancer Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 8th house. This is puts the focus on your eighth house which out which is the house of financial obligations joint ventures, your partners monies, and  credit taxes insurance will be highlighted. this eclipse create some confusion around  in all these matters and business partnership. It may bring your focus your partner's    physical, emotional needs and money.

Leo Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 7th house. This is puts the focus on partnerships, marriage, customers, contracts and either pulling this bringing all new energy to start these connections or realizing you're going to have to make adjustments to really work on these partnerships or marriage issues. Seventh house of partnerships the focus could be on relationship. This eclipse can cut off relationships that are unhealthy or not positive

Virgo Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 6th house. This is puts the focus on your sixth house. The solar close is highlighting your job, might be starting your own business, starting to hire employee and employer. It certainly could create some health issues. So the focus is on also on your health and so basically this is putting a spotlight on you need to eat better and exercise regularly.

Libra Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 5th house. This is puts the focus on your fifth house of creative expression, children, entertainment, investments and romance. You may face some issues with all these things. There could be some chances that you may neglect your child or you might have some issues with your lovers. There could be some chance that your past love come back and creating some problem in your current life.

Scorpio Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 4th house. This is puts the focus on your on fourth house matters of feeling, mother, home family real estate. The solar eclipse on fourth house might indicate you to explore what you want to be peaceful and explore  ancestral roots or even really going back to your inner level of conscious. There could be some problems arise with your mother and you may feel disturbed.

Sagittarius Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 3rd house. This is puts the focus on the third house. The third house is the house of communications, learning, writing and siblings. So there might even be with all this upsets change going with siblings. Maybe this could also be where you get more involved with learning, communicating, and  writing to break out of your own box and redefine yourself and move into a whole new chapter of your life.

Capricorn Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 2nd house. This is puts the focus in your second house of income and family. So for the next years there is a real focus on your cash flow, how to make more money or dealing with with budget and monies. So  it's the solar eclipse to find energy to break through new ways of making money for you. During this time we might find some hardships with finances.

Aquarius Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 1st house. This is puts the focus on your personality and health. you may feel change in in your personality after this solar eclipse and your health could be affected. So putting a focus on new beginnings, leadership, confidence and could also put a focus on your personalty. You may attract many people towards you because this Solar Eclipse is with Venus and giving grace and charm to your personalty.  

Pisces Ascendant: This solar eclipse fall in your 12th house. This is puts the focus on the
your twelfth house. 12th house is the house of subconscious and self undoing things.  It's time to let go of some of your fears that you are not doing enough, to develop more compassion and understanding of others, and to be humble. It's time to let go of some of your obsessions with rules, regulations, and doing things perfectly.

Any planets in Aquarius Sign  in your birth chart will be affected by this solar eclipse. and according to the sign placement in your birth chart it will affect your life.

Monday, February 1, 2016

''Valentine Day'' Februray 14 2016 Love Day Astrology

Valentine day is celebrated on Feb 14 around the world. Flowers, gifts and candies are exchanged between loved ones. People are thrill especially men they want propose their women whom they like. It is kind of funny day, but this happy day can also convert into some unpleasant situations, if the other person's mood is not good or if they have different thoughts going on. Valentine day is coming pretty soon, but is this valentine day is good for everyone?

Venus is the planet of mutual love and respect, and if we want to check love and relationship we need to check current Venus transits in the sky.  if we want to check the love on 14 february 2016 and how it will go we need to check position of the Venus and Moon. There are other factor also which influence on Venus like aspect from other planets and so on..

On 14 February Venus will be in Capricorn sign with Mercury. It is good combination the planet of love with the planet of fun. Capricorn sign is ruled by planet Saturn and Saturn is the planet of seriousness, commitment, and responsibility. Venus feels heavy in the sign of Capricorn not as happy as in its own Libra sign. However, Capricorn sign is friendly sign to Venus and Mercury because Venus is the planet of love and romance and in Capricorn is commitment so Venus is very serious about love on that day.

Currently Saturn in the sign of Scorpio and aspecting Venus and Mercury giving seriousness and heaviness to these two planets. So on the 14 Feb 2016 there will be a serious kind fun and love energy. Mars also aspecting both Venus and Mercury from its 4th aspects so giving some tension in love and fun. Mars is in Libra and mars is the planet of individuality and is not so strong but still have enough potential to harm relationship.  

Saturn is in Scorpio is not good for structure and stability. Its means Venus condition is not good on 14 February 2016. Venus is not in Condition due to Saturn and Mars aspect and being in the sign of Capricorn.  Venus is the planet of love in physical or romantic way. its mean people who want propose someone on valentine day should take care while proposing someone because Venus want some commitment and seriousness in love. if you want to propose just fr fun , it will not work out for you.   

There are some tips if someone you want to make your valentine's day. Venus will affect differently for each ascendant. So where your Venus transiting in your birth chart on 14 February 2016, you can find their love in February.

Valentine Day Aries Ascendant: Venus transit in 10th house. 10th house represents career, responsibility of work. You may propose someone in  your career place or may enjoy love in career place in the month of February. but you need to more careful  because Mars in your 7th house which may upset you more than other people.

Valentine Day Taurus Ascendant: Venus transit in 9th house. 9th represents vacations, university, long distance travelling, different culture and higher wisdom. You can meet your love in these places and enjoy valentine day in these places. Even you can find a partner who is different cultured (foreigner) who can expand your horizon of your life.

Valentine Day Gemini  Ascendant: Venus transit in 8th house. 8th house represent deeper intimacy, sudden shocking events of life, fear and  gain from others. Venus transiting in 8th house can hurtful on valentine day. Because it is very sensitive and behave in dramatic way in 8th house. Careful before propose to anyone. You can take some chance to convince your partner to go some spritual places to enjoy your valentine's day.

Valentine Day Cancer Ascendant: Venus transit in 7th house. 7th house represents other people, traveling and business dealing. Venus is transiting in your 7th house. Venus is comfortable in 7th house although it is Capricorn sign. You need to approach to propose to your partner. Venus is the healer you can celebrate valentine day to make comfortable to your partner as you can.

Valentine Day Leo Ascendant: Venus transit in 6th house. 6th house represents conflicts, enemy and service. Venus is in difficult situation. it’s mean,  you need to take extra care to make your valentine day good. Best way to make happy to your partner is just serve them. Because 6th house is serving house. 6th house is resolving conflicts just sit with partner and try to solve problem is the best way to enjoy valentine's day.

Valentine Day Virgo Ascendant: Venus transit in 5th house. 5th represents love and romance. Venus is very romantic in this house. You can find or propose your partner in fun like places. Give especial attention to partner and enjoy your valentine's day with grand things like some party. Venus is very romantic in 5th house, just have fun with your partner.

Valentine Day Libra Ascendant: Venus transit in 4th house. 4th house represents home, heart, emotions, nurturing and caring. You can go for dinner with your partner, or you can make lovely dinner at home to enjoy your valentine's day. Spend some time at home.  You need to nurture and love your partner, listen and take care of their needs and plan to make love at home with your partner.

Valentine Day Scorpio Ascendant: Venus transit in 3rd house. 3rd house represents teammates, classmate,  short distance travelling, and personal interest. Venus transiting in 3rd house means you may propose to teammates by phone calls, some who lives in neighbor or in short distance travelling. Try to enjoy your day in some in art gallery or some your interesting place.

Valentine Day Sagittarius Ascendant: Venus transit in 2nd house. 2nd house represent family, sensual pleasure and close friends. Venus transiting your 2nd house, it's means you can enjoy love by your close friends and go out for something which give sensual pleasure, like eating good food and meeting with family members. Plan to give some gift like jewelry and nice cloth, can help in enjoy your valentine's day.

Valentine Day Capricorn  Ascendant: Venus transit in 1st house. 1st Presents, self and personality. Venus transiting in your 1st house. it’s means someone may propose you on valentine day. You don’t need to approach anyone, your partner automatically comes to you. When Venus transiting 1st house or self, then these people become more magnetic and attractive to attract other people. GOOD LUCK.

Valentine Day Aquarius Ascendant: Venus transit in 12th house. 12th house represent foreign place, holiday, privacy, spiritualism and bed pleasure. Venus transiting in your 12th house. You can plan to go for some far places to enjoy love in privately. In the month of February you can experience deep love which may give experience of mystic or tantra love with your partner.

Valentine Day Pisces  Ascendant: Venus transit in 11th house. 11th house represents social circle, friendship and historic places. You may propose or find your partner in some social gathering or in old kind historic places. Here Venus want appreciation and love, so try to appreciate your partner and enjoy your valentine's day.

This is the general forecast for valentine day on 14 february 2016. it should be not taken as it because your natal chart also influence many thing. But these could be probability of love in the month of February 2016 for each ascendant.  

Power of Gratitude

I recently became a fan of gratitude as described in Law of Attraction. Gratitude is simply saying thank you and also not complaining about anything. I tried out gratitude in my life and I think it really works. I am writing this out from my experience. Lot of the people have negative thinking. These days it is very easy to be negative than a positive thinker. It is easy to focus on the negative things. So when we think negative we also behave negative. When we are interacting with another person a negative situation become very negative. When we complain about the situation, we are avoiding the steps to change the situation. When we complain about things going wrong all the time, this creates a negative vibration and creates more of these situations for us. According to ‘’Law of Attraction’’ we attract according to our own vibration. So if you think negative you are attracting negativity from the universe.

So how do we turn things around ? Best thing is by thinking positively, start being thankful to everything what you already have and stop complaining, accept things as they are in present moment and pray/wish for good time. As soon you start this process automatically you will see a positivity change within you. You will feel peace of mind and happiness around you. if you don’t believe then give a try and feel the difference within yourself. Everything is vibration so your thoughts are also vibration. Universe works on the basis of vibration. Whatever vibration you are giving to people or the universe it is coming back to you. So if you are thinking positive you are attracting positive vibration from the universe.

Gratitude is being grateful for what you already have. Gratitude is considered a positive psychological factor that has also been associated with well-being. Gratitude are key positive factor to consider that an attitude of gratitude is related to better mood, sleep, less depressed, less fatigue, and more self-efficacy. The more gratitude you show more you have positive effects on better health, relationship and in general all areas of life. Therefore those people have increased levels of gratitude may have implications for improving health outcomes. Gratitude is considered a positive psychological factor, it is not necessarily good for all people under all circumstances.

Focusing on “thoughts of gratitude” reveal that gratitude interventions have a significant effect on improving daily positive emotions. Gratitude demonstrated strong relations with the following positive effects: joyful, hopeful, inspired, forgiving, and happy people tend to live longer, make more money, and enjoy enduring loving relationships. Positive emotions suggests that gratitude may also help individuals build other durable resources for well-being. Specifically, it may nurture creativity, intrinsic motivation, purposefulness and spark an upward spiral of positive emotions and outcomes.

This may explain why grateful people tend to be higher in vitality, optimism, religiousness, spirituality, well-being and better relationship quality ( because they are not criticizing each other). When we show gratitude we feel more happy. Happiness is often defined as a feeling of gladness, satisfaction or contentment, as a lasting sense that life is fulfilling, meaningful, and pleasant. Happiness includes emotional states of joy, contentment, positive well-being, and a perception that one’s life is worthwhile. Those people who live happily have shown that they complain less and possess an abundance factors such as joy, contentment, and the perception that life is valuable. Conversely, unhappy people shows more criticizing habits and fewer satisfying relationships and less gratitude.

So how to start Gratitude ?

Start by being grateful and stop complaining. When we complain less we feel much happier. We should complain less about what we don’t have and be more grateful about what we do have. This creates positive vibration about what do you wish you could be more happy, have more abundance and achieve in every area of life. A complaint free life, focusing positive aspects of life. Give thanks to every kind experience of life whether it is bad or good. Most of the time we learn something from our bad experience of life and our soul grow. After all we are here to learn and grow. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life and it turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. You will start to feel more relaxed, have less stress, you will feel more love in your relationships. You will feel more confident. We all live hectic lives these days. Having negative thoughts and feelings interrupt the flow of energy that is used in them a manifestation of your desires.

If you want to be successful in business and in life you must apply the law of gratitude. This is one law often gets overlooked and misunderstood. The Law of Attraction say you must obey this law. When you obey this law it will change your vibration and we attracts things according to what kind of vibration you have. Some people attract good relationship in their life and some are not because of their own vibration,  If you want to have good things in your life, change your vibration accordingly what you want. The magic is all around you, the trick is to see it. We all have experienced this form of gratitude. Remember when we were growing up, we were always told to say thank you, be grateful for what we were given. Do you want more happiness, more wealth and more love, gratitude is the key to achieving all these things. With gratitude, you awaken all these things in your life. Give a try.