Friday, October 25, 2013

8th House (moksha house) in Astrology

If we look at it the life it is very much align with the principal of the universe. There is sector of life which is align with a house in the wheel of the zodiac

We are born on earth its mean our body came into existence that is the 1st house of the zodiac.
2nd house where we grow that is our family.
3rd house is interaction with our sibling,
4th house is nourishment from mother,
5th house is house of creativity,
6th house is house of our daily life struggle,
7th house is house of relationship, partner, sex, attachment with people,
after that we have 8th house. 
8th house is considered to be trans-formative house in  astrology.

But how does it transform peoples life. 8th House is ruled by sign Scorpio and the planet Mars. 8th house also represents fear of losing thing which we accumulate in the 7th house. It is the house of joint asset with our partner because it is second house from the 7th house so it is gain from your partner. This is the house of sudden gain like lottery, inheritance, someone went away from your life and give property. This is the house of secrets, income of government through taxes, the occult science, the psyche power, intense feeling of emotions, and healing capability of someone. This is the house of incurable diseases, accidents, hidden or underground things like oil, gemstone, graveyard natural calamity. This is house of unseen things like ghost or mysteries.
This is the house where we have no control of things, we have to face whatever comes our way.
This is the house of transformation through painful thing in our life. We incarnate in this world to learn our soul lesson and go back to source energy. At some point in life everyone have thought of who we are, why we are here, what is life. If life would be a rose garden maybe we won’t think about bad things of life, but life is beautiful at the same time it is ugly as well. When we suffer some kind of harshness like death of someone we love, any financial crisis in life, some incurable diseases, someone cheats us, fear of losing someone we love , natural calamity. We have no control over these things we have to surrender our self to God and accept whatever it is. This is the only way and in this process we change a lot or transform.

This is the house of obsession, jealousy, murder and crime. Mostly people harm the ones they know(7th house). When we are in love with obsession and we in fear of abandonment, separation, loneliness or losing.. then that person can harm someone. This leads an person into
guilt and it lead to transform or change. Here the person embrace spirituality through bad experience of life. This is the house of karmic backlog, means what we have done in our past lives we have to pay in this life. Therefore this house is not in our control, we need to suffer according to the suffering we have given to others in past lives.

The person have suffering in 8th house depending on the planet and its sign in the 8th house. Here we should learn to surrender(let it go) the things which are not in our control.

The planets in this house and the ruling lord of the 8th house brings the change in someones life. Different results can be experienced with different planets in the 8th house. When a person is going through dasha of 8th house lord or planets sitting in the 8th house the person will feel sudden up and down in life. The suffering depend on the planet ruling the 8th house and where it is placed in the chart.

8th house transforms life through painful things in life and in the area of life where we have no control. We have to surrender to the almighty GOD and strengthen our emotional weakness through the fear and anxiety. After we overcome our fears of life we can learn more things about life that is why 9th house come after 8th house. In 9th house we are learning about bigger picture and meaning of life. One should not entangle in too much materialism we should also learn or look what is beyond life.