Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mars Aspects in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Mars aspects all of the planets in the same house and in the opposite house.
However, in addition to these aspects, Mars have special aspects, Mars also aspects the 4th and 8th houses forward. Conjunction, 4th 7th aspects is the most stressful aspect, and 8th aspects is least problematic.

In Astrology Mars is anger, conflicts, individualism, and excitement. Mars aspect to another planet activates and excites but also leads to conflict based on individual power and struggles.
Sometimes this can manifest as arguments.

Lets check it out effects of Mars aspect on each planets.

Mars Aspects Ascendant: Ascendant or 1st house is the your personality or self.  When Mars  aspecting the Ascendant, a person is likely to be active, aggressive, assertive, always on the move. The 4th aspects  in particular can be a problem. If you have the 4th aspects of Mars to the Ascendant, you have to curb that excess aggression. It’s just a waste of energy to fight all the time.

Mars Aspects Sun: When Mars aspects Sun by Conjunction, its mean you are  ambitious, aggressive, authoritative, ambitious, energetic, courageous, strong will, have good strength, soldier can be Sportsman. You are self motivated when it comes to ambitions and the drive to reach your potential. Mars 4th aspects on Sun; your, action really counts, and you are naturally ambitious and like to drive forward and make your mark. You are constantly overcoming obstacles, leaping across the divide, and approach to creating your content strategy.  When mars aspects sun Opposition (180°) its mean, you are naturally courageous and brave, with a live up to your potential. You are very much believe in a moment, with great energy and ambition, ready for anything and all fired up and ready for action. These plans could include sports, the military, and anything connected to physical strength and authority. Mars 8th aspects Sun; You show a fierce sense of pride in your own strength and courage, as you like to take control of a situation and drive it forward, easily pushing through complications and obstacles that present themselves. Also, you might like to teach subjects related with sports and military. Sometimes Mars aspects on Sun gives abusive father.

Mars Aspects Moon:  Moon is emotions and mind.  The Moon rules the instincts and feelings, so these aspects lead to a more active imagination. This energy combination gives boost and get tasks done. But, one should  learn to control and channel those strong emotions first. A life filled with powerful emotions and you tends to feels strongly. When mars Conjunct with moon; You have strong feelings and a drive to push forward, and tend to go with your gut feelings. The 4th aspects can really shorten the temper and tend towards an increase in arguments. When Mars aspects moon in Opposition (180°); You tend to experience things strongly, a life perhaps filled with powerful emotions, potentially very memorable. Could be just the sense of living out your ambitions, fulfilling them. This may be connected to sports or public events.  Mars 8th aspect, this harmonious aspects also increase the emotional need for action.  makes You little bit of snobbish and proudy. The mother will most likely be aggressive than normal.

Mars Aspects Mercury: Mercury is the planet of communication, rational thinking, intellectual, ideas and logic. Mars aspect to Mercury; You may have an inner need to express in words and feelings what you can see so clearly in your mind, but not able to properly express properly and making forceful statements. Mars aspects on mercury strengthens the intellect so with these aspects it gives good debating quality. It give a intellectual that never seems to rest. Mars 4th aspects on mercury,:You are often moved to commit yourself mentally, whether in words, writing, speaking, etc. People with this aspects are more likely to get involved in arguments. As always with Mars, the energy must be disciplined and focused. Otherwise, it tends to run away with you. When Mars aspects Mercury in Opposition (180°); You enjoy and experience times where things come to fruition, where the results of an urge or drive to speak, write, and otherwise express your feelings in thoughtful action.  Mars 8th aspects on mercury; You have a natural sense of confidence in expressing your feelings, through writing, speaking, and any skillful means.

Mars Aspects Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, the Guru or Guide, teachers, and Wealth. When Mars aspects jupiter by conjunction; You have many ideas when it comes to career ambitions, and overall, a drive to succeed, and to have success, to find the right life path for yourself. When Mars aspects jupiter in 4th; When it comes to ambition and career drive, you have what it takes to succeed. You drive forward and make your mark. You think on this a lot When Mars  aspects jupiter in Opposition (180°);  You experience the energy you need to be successful. Not times for planning, not times for reflection, but ones for feeling your way to success, and experiencing it. The 8th aspects of mars on jupiter; You naturally feel successful and even have a growing sense of pride in your career accomplishments, for good reason. This may include teaching or communicating this to others, as you sense greater control over yourself.

Mars Aspects Venus: Venus is the planet of  love, relationship, happiness, and karaka of wife. Mars  aspects on Venus shows love for family and younger people, loving emotions, love for mother, and caring for people. When Mars and Venus conjunction; It is Very romantic, with ideas and desires of passionate love, sensuality, and sex. This also could include the urge to acquire, love of action, e.g. sports.  With the 4th aspects; You like to see something very physical take place, more likely, desire to do something physical, sports, exercise, or something even more personal. This stressful aspects tend to give bad timing in romance.  When Mars  aspects Venus  in Opposition (180°); You will have strong, and possibly sensual experiences, whether sexual or possession oriented. These could also manifest as a love of sports or action, doing something physical. With the 8th aspects; The energy (Mars) can go into creative and artistic pursuits (Venus) or into pleasure and fun.

Mars Aspects Saturn: These two planets are just opposite in nature. The Mars and venus  
Conjunct; You like to entertain questions of self discipline, of channeling your drive and ambitions, anything to do with building a workable mode. Mars 4th aspects; You will frequently receive firm signs of accomplishment related to self discipline, and to organizing your life or business organization. Try not to push too hard and break something. When Mars aspects Saturn  in Opposition (180°); You have a continuing sense of endurance, of energy properly channeled and put to good use, of disciplined action.  If you are pushing too hard, then you may run up against a wall rage against the machine. Mars 8th aspects on Saturn; You have an innate awareness of how to be better disciplined, how to harness your forces, and better channel your energy. This could also manifest as a better understanding on your part of how not to push so hard and break things.

This is the general interpretation of Mars Aspects to the planet. The Aspects differ according to the Sign and House placement of the mars.