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Vishaka Nakshatra in Astrology

Vishaka Nakshatra:
Range 20°00’ Libra - 03°20’ Scorpio.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter.
Deity: God of fire.
Symbol: Archway, potter’s wheel.
Gana (Nature): Rakshasa (demon).
Animal Symbol: Male tiger.
Sounds: Thee, Thoo, They, Tho.
Primary motivation: Dharma, Right activity.

Vishaka Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet venus ( libra ) and mars ( scorpio) ruled by planet jupiter. Vishaka is the sixteenth Nakshatra called ‘’The Star of Purpose’’. It resides in the constellation of Libra and consists of four star forming the scales while extending towards the sign of the scorpion. This nakshatra called ‘’the forked’’ or two branched’’. The symbol ‘’two branch’’ means that, native often offered two different path in life, and they have to make a conscious choice to stay on the right one. The other symbols associated with Vishakha are an archway or triumphal gateway decorated leaves a potter’s wheel. The potter's wheel as a symbol of the nakshatra represents the great turmoil and whirlwind produced by this influence. The symbolism points to transformation in life, and moving towards spiritual path. The primary motivation of Vishakha nakshatra is trying to achieve higher goals of life, and purification of the soul through hard work (tapas). These natives are good planners, they do not act impulsively. The inherent nature of cultivation and then reaping the harvest takes time, means these natives are very patient and persistent.

The Deities of Vishakha are Indra and Agni
. Indra is the Sanskrit word “indriyas”, or senses. so there is the ability to master control over one’s senses. Controlling one’s senses is essential to achieve higher states of spiritual evolution. Indra achieved his power through self-sacrifice and deep meditation. Agni is the God of the fire, and burning desire is the theme of transformation. The three quarters of Vishakha within Libra provide affluence, comfort, and the pleasant experiences of life, which all come under the domain of Indra, the king of the gods and ruler of heaven. The last quarter of the asterism, falling in Scorpio, is full of the trials and tribulations which are essential for every kind of transformation. Jupiter is the ruling planet which gives enthusiasm, faith, optimism and hope for the future and reflecting the deep connection with one’s soul purpose. It gives the power to achieve many and various fruits in life. Vishaka is reflected through plowing or cultivation and finally obtaining the fruits of harvest. They often will make good farmers and gardeners. Vishakha natives will cultivate their ideas and creations until they have reached perfection. The deities are ones of lightning and fire, so therefore are extremely intense and often will disregard others in their pursuit of their desire. The power of Vishaka to give patience and determination to accomplish work is very strong for creating the foundation of success.

The Shadow side can be an aggressive, dictatorial nature. A quarrelsome personality may be present here. There can be issues with suppressed anger and frustration. These people have kind of bitterness and resentment which may result in dissatisfaction with the existing conditions of life, restlessness, and a great psychological turmoil raging within. They have strong sexual appetite, which often leads to infidelity in married life, non-fulfillment of promises in personal relationships. They have a envy and jealous attitude and It is very difficult for them to hide these feelings and due to these feelings they are not able to contribute to help others. They get success in relationship later in life. They are extremely competitive, with their harsh opinions they may force their will and ideas on others. They  using others to get what they want. They need to be careful not to win the every battle.

Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 1: Falls in Navamsa falls in Aries and is ruled by Mars. This pada is all about energy, impulse, and social ambition. Here focus on relationship but likely to dominate with passion and no commitment.

Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 2: Falls in Navamsa falls in Taurus ruled by Venus.This pada gives strong the material ambition and gives success in venusian stuff. Endurance and durability are the hallmark of this pada.

Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 3:
Falls in Navamsa falls in Gemini ruled by Mercury. This pada is more thoughtful, communicative, philosophical and have religious attitude. The native is jovial and little bit open minded.

Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 4: Falls in Navamsa falls in Cancer ruled by Moon. This pada is most pointed one and transformative through emotional turmoil and making highly volatile and dangerous pada.

Ascendant in Vishaka Nakshatra: Can be wise, devoted to forms of worship, politically inclined, aggressive, impatient, and easily angered.

Sun in Vishaka Nakshatra: Relationship oriented, believing enjoying life, or self-centered, ambitious, introverted, secretive nature, and research oriented.

Moon in Vishaka Nakshatra:
Bright appearance, attractive, attracts a crowd, and humanitarian and intense in feelings. Debilitated in last pada where shadow side of this nakshatra can be found.

Mars in Vishaka Nakshatra: Interested in the material pleasures, have strong sexual appitite, sexual relationship oriented, aggressive, secretive and harsh in actions if in last pada.

Mercury in Vishaka Nakshatra: Good writer, pleasing communication, artistic, if in last pada then too much thinking and confusion in thought process.

Jupiter in Vishaka Nakshatra: Jupiter here brings the fire of God and his word for humankind. natural love for following scriptures and ritual can make them advocate of lawful marriages and business deal. Can be an great priest who performs wedding.

Venus in Vishaka Nakshatra:
Can be Judge, deal maker, harmonious, peace loving, balanced in nature. if in last pada then have interest in secret and in occult knowledge.

Saturn in Vishaka Nakshatra: Saturn in Vishakha nakshatra brings more decisive power. Determination and focus are key terms associated with Vishakha. There is a consistent drive for to achieve one’s goals.

Rahu in Vishaka Nakshatra: Rahu in vishaka creates a sense of dissatisfaction with both the material and the spiritual sides of life. Rahu first experience sensuality to the extreme with romance and sexual adventures, and later moves into the spiritual aspect.

Ketu in Vishaka Nakshatra: Jupiter is the planetary ruler it gives wisdom to Ketu move towards a spiritual life. Ketu in Vishakha suggests that in a past life the soul understood the knowledge of moksha, but the life was essentially human and full of material and sexual issues.

People with strong natal placements in Vishakha (Moon, Ascendant, or Venus) are often devotees of Krishna.

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