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Venus with Ketu (South Node) conjunction in Astrology

Venus is with Ketu is very common conjunction in people birth chart. Well no one stop planetary movements in the sky, Venus has to join zodiac with Ketu for some time . So what happen when Venus comes with Ketu.

For that we have to understand Venus and Ketu

What is Venus? Venus is the planet of happiness, love, relationship, beauty, compromise for to achieve happiness, dealings with people in harmony, comforts, and vehicles. Venus also presents sensual pleasure, sex, creativity for design and arts. Where is Venus sitting in the house of the birth chart the person feel happy related to those things.

What is Ketu? Ketu is the south Node of the moon. It is the body without head. As we can understand if we cut head from the body the body is much larger than head. Ketu is past life experience which we don’t want in this present life. Ketu which have no head means can’t think, directionless, confusion, don’t listen because it already have experienced in past life (overconfident related to those things where it sitting in the birth chart.) , dissatisfied, self critical towards own things because want perfection, isolation, separation and embrace spiritualism at the end when it understand and clear out the confusion in front of it.

Rahu and Ketu they are always in a axis they are the lunar (moon) nodes, and moon is mind our emotions. Rahu and Ketu play very big rule in mind evolution because they the split inside us which compelling to us think what is right or wrong. Like in movies we have seen when person is confused and want some answer of something which is bothering him inside suddenly his same mirror image came out from his body and start talking to them telling them what to do or not to do. That is rahu and Ketu. They just clearing out the smoke which is in front of us.

So what happened when Venus and Ketu come together.

When Venus and Ketu come in together, Ketu is the karmic planet, who teaches lesson about Venus stuff to the person who have this conjunction.. The person is not able to enjoy Venus related stuff or have difficulty getting all those things. Although the individual have everything related with the Venus but he does not give value to those things because he/she want perfection. These people are very simple in dressing and not like much grooming about themselves. Most of the time the individual does not get love from other people very confused about love and relationship and the person is not happy in married life. Because Venus is the indicator of relationships and happiness in life, although they may get good relationship, good and loving but they never satisfied with the partner. They always criticize the partner. They search for perfect partner but they never get. If the women have this conjunction the women might have all the jeweleries and good clothes but they hardly wear them, the women like to live simple and wear very simple clothes. These people may have lot wealth but they may be not interested in money they are very poor in managing the wealth matter. Depending on the in which house this conjunction occur person face lot of difficulty related that those things. if this conjunction occur in third house the person have difficulty in dealing with siblings and very disappointed with the behavior of siblings and at the end the individual make distant from them. If the moon in the nakshatra of Venus and Venus with Ketu the individual also have distant relationship with mother also.

The individual is directionless in love and sensual pleasure. They faces problems in love life. They love someone but getting another which leads them into frustration.The person have hard time getting sensual pleasure, they always feel unsatisfied and get disappointment in love. Ketu is the obstruction in life through obstruction it leads person into spirituality. Here Venus with Ketu take the person into many directions in love and relationships. After many disappoints in love, they are forced to think about love and relationship. Here is the lesson of Ketu, is that because they are frustrated in love and relationship they need to accept whatever they get in their life and feel happy about them.

Ketu is mystic planet, when Ketu come with Venus it gives dissatisfaction in sensual pleasure  but Ketu takes them in different side of love and that is tantra love, these people are into Tantric side of love. it makes them feel good.

Ketu with Venus conjunctions should be understood and managed. Ketu criticize Venus things and shows problems with relationships. The person is unsatisfied with the relationship it keep on changing the partners unconsciously. These people need to work on it. They need to understand that changing partner not gonna help them. Here is the important lesson that comes from Ketu with Venus is to stop rejecting. Moving from one relationship to another will not fulfill their expectation of perfection, as no one person can be perfect in relationship. They must look at the positive side of present relationship and be willing to discuss any difficulties and issues in relationship. Ketu brings many different colorful relationships due to dissatisfaction in relationship, but these people enjoy spiritual happiness with partner in their later part of life. 
This conjunction can give different result according to the sign and house placement of the Venus with Ketu. When Ketu join Venus in her own sign e.g. Taurus and Libra or in Sagittarius and Pisces then Ketu become very strong. These people are very mystical and spritual in nature and they no problem in leting go materialistic world they have less pain. Venus conjunct with ketu in Pisces sign, the person is very loving and spiritual and can love everyone equally and feel happy in everything.
If Ketu conjunct Venus in other sign like Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Leo  sign they may suffer more they have hard time in letting go materialistic things therefore they suffer more mentally. 

Results of Venus with Ketu is modified if it is aspected by other planets or more planets sitting with them. 

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