Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Venus with Rahu (North Node) conjunction in Astrology

Venus is with Rahu is very common conjunction in people birth chart. Well no one stop planetary movements in the sky, Venus has to join same zodiac with Rahu for some time . So what happen when Venus comes with Rahu..

For that we have to understand what is Venus? Venus is the planet of happiness, love, relationship, beauty, compromise to get happiness, dealings with people with balance, comforts, vehicles. Venus also presents sensual pleasure, sex, creativity for design and arts. Where is Venus sitting in the house of the birth chart the person feel happy related to those things.

Rahu and Ketu they are always in a axis they are the lunar (moon) nodes, and moon is mind our emotions. Rahu and Ketu play very big role in mind evolution because they the split inside us which compelling to us think what is right or wrong. Like in movies we have seen when person is confused and want some answer of something which is bothering him inside suddenly his same mirror image came out from his body and start talking to them telling them what to do or not to do. That is the Rahu and Ketu. They just clearing out the smoke which is in front of us.

Now what is Rahu? Retu is the north Node of the moon. It is the head without body, rahu is monster who want to taste nectar of this world but never satisfied no matter how it eat because it have no digestive system. Rahu is past life desire. It is the planet of desire.we all die one day, we all are in the process of evolution, but it takes many birth to get moksha because it very difficult to leave desires. Even in bhagavad gita there is saying that what you think in the last breath you will get in your next birth. That is why old people says take God name so that you can take God name in the last breath and one can get moksha (liberation) from life. Depending on the rahu sign and house placement shows what you want or crazy in this life.

Rahu conjunctions with any planet show psychological influences that need to be developed. Rahu and ketu always shape shifting planet they behave according to the sign and planet sitting next to them, so what happened when Venus and Rahu come together.

When Venus and Rahu are come together the person is crazy related to the things Venus represents (Crazy in Love and Relationship). The person learning the lesson about the physical desire, here the native shows huge desire for those things related to love, to look beautiful, wearing exposing cloths, relationships, sensual pleasures, and luxurious items. The person may fond of eating exotic food, likes beautiful things, want to have all the happiness in life and all the comforts of the world. And because this is their inner desire they make effort to all these things and ultimately they get it. These people can be very good in arts and design. Here venus energy get amplified the person may like to flirt to get sensual pleasure and have many relationship. But Rahu also like Ketu who is unsatisfied the person never satisfied with Venus stuff, and also cannot give security in love to another person because of this people may leave them, and married life can be ruined and converted into divorced. The native suffer due to excessive worldly desire and learn the lesson and at the end the native become very spiritual. 

Depending on the sign and house placement this conjunction give different result. This conjunction can give huge amounts of wealth and assets if it occur in 11th house or venus making any dhan yoga in the chart. Rahu and venus together in 7th house give married life problems. If it is 9th and 12th house the person may get foreign partner.

Venus is the wife in a men chart. If a men have this conjuction he may get a wife who is full of worldly desire. Venus represents marriage generally, and in a man’s chart specifically the kind of woman he will marry. A man may be attracted to foreign women or women who are not of his caste or class, or someone who has had a rich and varied past. Rahu conjunction with Venus can make fearful of losing relationship and this can make the person possessive and suspicious in nature. Rahu’s need to experience different relationship may take to multiple unions. This could potentially lead to a deep sense of failure.

These people need to understand by roaming here and there for sensual gratification not gonna help them, so it is important to break the pattern. the greatest problem of the Rahu and Venus conjunction is the lack of trust it generates within themselves. You need learn to develop trust in your  partner and make life easy.

Rahu and Ketu are the shadow of the moon they work on the subconscious level. Like the story about churning ocean of the milk, they just churning the conscious and making person mature about what native may lack and progressed towards the life liberation

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