Friday, March 3, 2017

Rahu (North Node) in 12th and Ketu (South Node) in 6th House Axis Astrolgy

Rahu and Ketu in astrology are the demons. In Hindu mythology story of churning ocean of the milk is the which related with our subconscious mind. Rahu and Ketu are lunar node which play very important role in evolving the human conscious, there is always in our mind a internal dialogue going on what is right or what is wrong, Rahu and Ketu are the confusion, illusion, smoke and split thought of the mind. They always helping in to evolve consciously. They are always in the axis they always 180 degree apart.

Rahu is the head which want to eat, it is obsessed, it is our inner present life desire with we born. Rahu is obsession for those things where it placed in the chart. Ketu is the body without head it is our past life experience of life, it is already filled for those things, detachment, disinterest for those thing where it is placed in the chart. Although they are not the physical planet but they are the most influential forces in the chart, it is the Rahu/Ketu axis that the main force of karmic desire can be seen. So what happened when Ketu/Rahu axis fall in the 12th and 6th house. Houses is the area of life. Rahu placement in the house shows the area of life in which we need to develop mentally and Ketu shows the area of life where we withdraw ourselves. They are the Soul’s Messengers.

12th House: is the house of surrender, loss, isolation, prison, hospital, meditation, spiritual practice and liberation from life etc.

6th House: is the house of service, hard work, unpleasant things in life which we don’t like it. It is the house ot things in life from which we are most uncomfortable but have to deal with like enemy, disease, court, and litigation etc. 


Ketu (South Node) is the 6th house: 

Ketu in past life or in childhood shows that they are very good in how to serve, dealing with survival, focus on practical and materialistic life, they have been gone through lot of struggle in everyday life work and they somehow manage it, they did not afraid of harsh realities and hard work of life. But these thing make them exhausted in life. Therefore they escape from the 6th house things in look for the 12th house things like letting go, relaxing and having fun in life.

Rahu (North Node) in 12th house: 

Rahu need to learn that life and people are not perfect, they need to let go of some of their obsessions, details, and fears of not doing things perfectly. They need to greater sense of balance and to ease their fears of failure and guilty feelings. It is not good position for materialistic world because the person escape from materialistic life. We live in a materialistic world and we need to pay our bills if we will not work no one is going to pay our bills. They need to balance their life. On the other hand they get situation in their life they faces loneliness due to some unpleasant situations or kind work which makes them lonly. Because they suffer some kind of pain in their mind they surrender in life. Freedom is the foundation for the Rahu in Pisces it urges them to bring the head and the heart together, and to find ways to flow into altered states of consciousness. Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life-perhaps they learn. 

Rahu (North Node) in Pisces Ketu (South Node) in Virgo sign Axis:

Rahu in Pisces sign: they are very intuitive, dreamy, mystical, visionary, spiritual, healer and can work towards self realization. They need to careful not to go negative side which can be vague, illusory, confused, and being cloudy.
Ketu in Virgo sign: they are confidant, function very efficiently, discriminative, focused, very practical, detailed oriented and disciplined. But they need to careful not to over critical, judgmental, perfectionist and obsessive-compulsive. Soul Purpose: they meant to explore the deep psyche and other dimension of the world, be imaginative and compassionate in life. They need to learn let go of the idea that life “is a struggle” and embrace the idea that life is good and pleasurable. They need to be creative in which their head, heart, and soul, work as one. 

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