Saturday, August 1, 2015

Darakaraka (Partner /Spouse) In Astrology

Generally in astrology there are two marriage significator planet which define what type of partner they will get. Jupiter and Venus is the most important planet when we look for the married life because Jupiter is the husband in a women chart and Venus is the wife in a man chart. By looking at the house in which these planets are placed one can tell about the place where one can meet the spouse and by their sign placement one can tell about temperament of the spouse, but it gives only the 50 percent picture of the partner.

There is Darakaraka in Gemini astrology. Darakaraka is the planet which has lowest degree in the chart which signify the nature of the spouse. Depending on which planet has the lowest degree the person get spouse according the planet nature. Depending on the condition of the darakaraka planet a person get result. The sign of the darakaraka planet play major role in explaining what kind of nature darakaraka planet have. If the darakaraka planets conjunct, aspected by other planets (whether planet is enemy or friend), if aspected or conjunct by friend then it going to help darakaraka planet and the person get good partner or it is enemy then it going to harm darakaraka planet and the person may get partner who will not be supportive. If the darakaraka planet retrograde, combust also affect and shows different nature.

e.g. If Sun in Aries is darakaraka planet then the person get the spouse who have nature like Sun in Aries but if Sun in Libra then the person get the spouse like who have nature like Sun in Libra, as the sign change of planet nature also change. However these are the general behavior of darakaraka planet in the chart.

Rahu and Ketu are not considered Darakaraka, because they are not the physical planet.

Following are the effects of planets if they are darakaraka in the chart and they like to attract this kind of partner in their life. 

Darakaraka  Sun

the person get a spouse who have Sun like quality and these are status, leadership quality, stability, steadiness and intelligent, pride, creative, capable, they want too much attention. Jupiter and Mars are the Sun friend. If Sun conjunct or aspected by these planet they going to help the Sun they add the value of these planets. Moon is friendly to Sun but in conjuction it does not help but when it aspect Sun it going to help Sun and the person get good partner. Mercury is neutral to the Sun but it going to help Sun. And if Mercury conjoin with Sun it makes Budha Aditya Yoga which means person is intelligent And they get intelligent partner. Venus and Saturn are the enemy of Sun, if Sun conjunct or aspected by Venus or Saturn then spouse will create frustration in life. 

Darakaraka Moon

that person gets lucky they get spouse who is very feminine, emotional, sensitive, mother like caring, and ready to adjust with others, the person have lot of strength to compromise with partners and others in general. But if Moon is not good in Scorpio sign or with Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Mars which is Moon enemy it going to frustrate the partner due to ups down in emotions. Moon is became very moody when is in Scorpio sign, lovesick with Venus, and aggressive with Mars and depressive with Saturn, it going to frustrate the partner. Sun is not enemy Moon but Moon is not comfortable Sun. Moon is best in Cancer, Taurus sign where is most stabilize emotionally and not in influence of other planets. Moon is good with Jupiter where person get spouse who is full of wisdom, cheerful, optimistic and hopeful. 

Darakaraka Mars

the person inclined or drawn towards the Mars type of person, they get spouse who is very logically, adventurous, and have strong will power, who can accomplish the work very fast. Mars is the planets who accomplish the work which is ordered by his king. Mars who can fix the things, solve the problems, these people get this type of spouse. Sun, and Jupiters are the Mars good friend if Mars is conjunct or aspected by Jupiter the person get good spouse. Sun is conjunct with Mars is burn the Mars but if aspect Mars it going to help Mars. Mercury is Mars enemy, if Mars and Mercury conjunct or aspect Mars the get frustrating spouse. Mars can be very individualistic and argumentative if it sits with Moon. Mars with Venus is get passionate nature spouse and with Mars with Saturn is neutral but any planet sitting with Saturn it suffer due to harsh nature of the Saturn. 

Darakaraka  Mercury

the person gets a spouse who is very communicative, friend like. Mercury is the fun loving planet it likes enjoyment more than hard work and commitment. These people get the spouse who is very fun loving and enjoy similar things in life. If Mercury sitting or aspected by Venus it going to help Mercury and person get good spouse. If Mercury sitting or aspected Saturn it hurt Mercury they get spouse with whom they don’t like to spend time. Moon is enemy of Mercury if it join or aspected by Moon the person get spouse who can be emotionally unstable it going to frustrate you. Jupiter is good planet it boost wisdom, hope, and happiness to the planet with it conjunct or aspect. Mercury with Jupiter is good it open the relationship and make more enjoyable. Mercury is good with Sun until it combust. 

Darakaraka  Jupiter

the person get spouse who is very optimistic and hopeful about others. These people often get partner who behave like a teacher in their relationships and with others. They inclined towards those who are very helpful, happy go lucky and cheerful. Jupiter natural friend are Sun, Moon, Mars. If Jupiter sitting or aspected by them it going to help Jupiter and the person get good spouse. Mercury, Saturn and Venus are enemy of Jupiter they going to frustrate the partner. 

Darakaraka  Venus

the person drawn towards Venus like person. They will get a spouse who is balanced, deal maker, charming, social, beautiful, and compromising and have a lot of romantic desires in them. They very very romantic and like to compromise with the partner. Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are the enemy of Venus, if Venus conjunct or aspected by these planets frustrate the partner. Saturn is Venus friend, Saturn is cold and harsh planet, it frustrate the Venus when it sit with but it out going to help if it aspect Venus. Venus with Mars and gives over-passionate nature to the partner. 

Darakaraka  Saturn

the person get serious kind of older partner who is very committed in relationships. They are least romantics people but very loyal to partner. These people not easily adjusted and very firm in decisions. Saturn is very antisocial planet these people are not adaptable. Saturn is reserve, cold, serious and like to live in realty. But Saturn is very good in long term relationship. They know what they want they are very realistic in relationship. Saturn darakaraka they choose a right partner in their life. Saturn is the enemy of Sun, Moon, and Mars. If Saturn conjunct or aspected by these planets they frustrate the partner they have hard time with your partner. Moon with Saturn makes person very sensitive emotionally. Saturn have two friends Mercury and Venus. Saturn conjunct or aspected by these two planets help in relationship, the relationship will be more enjoyable and fun loving.

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