Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rahu (North Node) in 8th and Ketu (South Node) in 2nd House axis Astrology

Rahu and Ketu in astrology are the demons. In Hindu mythology story of churning ocean of the milk is related with our subconscious mind. Rahu and Ketu are lunar node which play very important role in evolving the human conscious, there is always in our mind an internal dialogue going on what is right or what is wrong, Rahu, Ketu are the confusion, illusion, smoke and split thought of the mind. They are always helping us to evolve consciously. They are always in the axis they always 180 degree apart.

Rahu is the head which want to eat it is obsessed, it is our inner present life desire with we born. Rahu is obsession for those things where it placed in the chart. Ketu is the body without head it is our past life experience of life, it is already filled for those things, detachment, disinterest for those thing where it is placed in the chart. Although they are not the physical planet but they are the most influential forces in the chart, it is the Rahu/Ketu axis that the main force of karmic desire can be seen. So what happened when Ketu/Rahu axis fall in the 8st and 2th house. Houses are the area of life. Rahu placement in the house shows the area of life in which we need to develop mentally and Ketu shows the area of life where we withdraw ourselves.

2nd house: finance, food, speech, family, upbringing from parents, structure of value, what you value in your life.

8th house: emotional stability, insecurity, fear, transformation, regeneration, death and rebirth, occult science, money of other people, joint asset with the spouse, and house which is hidden.

Ketu (South Node) withdraw from value and wealth: the person came from the family may be a traditional and quite solid and stable. They know how to nurture, care family well sufficient financially, very good provider, how to manage their own resources, they might not have much but they feel they have enough. They feel like things are solid and safe and they often really trust their own values anyway create wealth easily. These people need to learn from resource of others. They don’t like to receive any other money. They want to give and feel fully self-sufficient, but life through them in the situation to borrow some money from others. It’s painful for them; they need to learn that they can’t do things alone. It’s not about feeling secure financially but also emotionally. They have tendency to not trust others, they need to learn trust others.

Rahu (North Node) obsession on digging deep and truth: 8th house rules hidden secrets, such people can become obsessed with occultism or conspiracies, unveiling mysteries, they have lot of intensity and focus on the deeper side of life like an obsession over in danger, this can be a dangerous placement because 8th house is where we embrace changes the house of death and change and transformation and the consequences. They face some life crisis and emotional trauma they feel totally stressed out. Out side they show they are strong but inside they are very deeply wounded. 8th house is the the house of emotional vulnerability, these people are very emotional they need to develop emotional strength.

Ketu (South Node) in Taurus sign: being resourceful, productive and stable, very practical and consistent. Be careful not to being materialistic, possessive and over cautious.

Rahu (North Node) in Scorpio sign: they are transformative, very emotional, researching, and healer. They need to be careful not being destructive, vindictive, suspicious and repressed.

Soul Purpose: they should not think negatively about others and should be sympathetic. They need to learn to make peace within themselves. They need to learn how to release old hurtful emotions and resentment.

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