Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Effect of Transit of Rahu (North Node) on Planets Astrology

In Astrology Transits is the movement of the planet in the sky in the present. This is the method of prediction of the present events in life. This is most often use for the birth Chart of a particular individual. Astrological transits involve a method of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit over the birth chart. The transit of the planet is fall differently for everyone according to individual horoscope. Depending on the which sign, house, aspect and angle transit of the planet on the birth chart planets give result.

So what are the effects when Rahu (North Node) transit over different planets

Rahu (North Node) Transiting Planets

Rahu gives a feeling of expansion and experiencing life to its fullest. Rahu’s transit over a benefic planet may give positive result and negative transit over malefic planet. It also depends on the sign of the planet because Rahu will amplify the energy according to the sign of the planets.

Rahu (North Node) transit over Sun

Rahu transiting the Sun enhances your feelings of power and it is a time to have success and public image. Although it is positive transit but the person should not go on negative aspect of Sun energy that is too much ego and fear of losing power. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Moon

Rahu transit over the Moon is challenging. It makes person very unhappy and creating unreasonable fears or anxiety. These people need to take extra care during this transit, because it can be full of weird imagination. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Mars

Rahu transit over the Mars is also challenging. It makes person to take extra risk, impulsive and focused to get something. These people need to careful in this time period as this can be harmful if action not taken with precaution. 

Rahu (North node) transit over Mercury

Rahu’s transit over Mercury can be positive depending on the sign of the Mercury. In this time period a person can do business, sales work, and work related with communication. But they need to be careful not be over smart and clever.  

Rahu (North Node) transit over Jupiter

Rahu transiting over Jupiter generally positive. The person become very hopeful and positive because Jupiter and Rahu both are expansive planets, together they can do too much. During this time these people may involve in foreign religions or meet someone who is from different culture. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Venus

Venus and Rahu both are good friends. In this time period the person have good time related with materialistic life. This transit can bring marriage, luxuries, relationships, good food and cloths, interest in dancing, music and acting. It changes the time for a while to the individual. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Saturn

Rahu and Saturn both are stressful planets, Rahu have imaginary fears and Saturn have real fears about life. Rahu transiting over Saturn is very challenging. This time is very difficult for the native because Saturn is the planet of karma and in this time the person faces difficulties in life. If Saturn is a good planet for you, then Rahu will amplify Saturn good qualities. 

Rahu (North Node) transit over Rahu

Rahu transit over Rahu activates the karmic axis. It is the start of a new cycle of karmic development when one part of your life’s purpose has finished and it is now time to focus on the new one. In this time the person become confused and curious about ‘’what is my purpose in this lifetime’’.

Rahu (North Node) transit over Ketu

When Rahu transits over Ketu, the axis is reversed and confusion and it create confusion around past life issues. The person may aware of issues with people but they cannot do anything. They try to work with past life problems but the transit indicates they are halfway in issues of the past lives. They are not able to resolve their issues with people.