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Synastry (Relationship between Husband&Wife/Partners) in Astrology

Synastry is an astrological technique of determining compatibility between two individuals comparing one person chart on top of the other person chart. In this technique we check similar sign fall over each other sign in the birth chart to those in the other person’s chart. e.g. If you’re Sun in Taurus and your partner Moon in Taurus its mean your Sun sign falling on top of its Moon sign. It is very helpful in understanding of relationship between two couples, synastry shows how the energy flowing between two individuals when they meet and what button they pushed of each other.

Before doing synastry between two charts we should understand little bit about the nature of planet , how the energy flows and relationship between them. Relationship is always good if man have male planets and woman have female planets. This is always helpful in harmonious flow of energy which is required for healthy and happy relationship. But if it is opposite if man have female planets and women have male planets and falls top of each other then energy is flowing in reverse direction which is not good to have happy and healthy relationship.

This description only applies if there is no aspect and no conjunction of other planets with them.

Synastry Sun and Moon

Sun falls on top of Moon: Sun and Moon are good friends in astrology Sun is the supreme soul, it is the only one and he is the king. Moon is the mind it is the reflection of Sun light. They are the real king and queen. They both are the luminaries which is holding the universe and rule Ajna chakra. Sun is the Shiva and Moon is Parvati. They both want to meet each other. This is very good if they fall over each other. These couples have very powerful synastry. They have some kind magnetic attraction between them which leads to long term relationship. They are the natural pair (king and queen). They rule sign next to each other in birth chart. If man have Sun and fall over women Moon then it is good because women boost man confidence expression, and support man, but it also fine if it is vice-verse it is powerful glue between them. 

Synastry Mars and Venus

Mars falls on top of Venus: is the indicator of romantic relationship. Venus is harmonious and sexual energy. Mars is the vitality and individualistic and fighting energy, and Venus knight and Venus is the princess. Mars ruled Aries and Scorpio and Venus rule Libra and Taurus they are always in opposite to each other in the birth chart. Mars and and Venus are pair like lovers. They actually initially attract each other and have very dynamic, sexual and passionate relationship. But if it the only synastry match between them it is very difficult to hold relationship for long term. Because initially they attract and enjoy each other company but after some time it convert into fighting. Because Venus compromise too much and Mars have too much individualistic nature. Due to this it convert into fighting. Anyhow if man Mars falls on top of women Venus it is better but if women Mars falls on top of man Venus then women is in aggressive role which a man may not like it. But it always give attraction in any case.

Synastry Jupiter and Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars

Jupiter falls on top of Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars: Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and guidance. If man Jupiter falls on women Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars is very good. It always helps, support emotionally, guide women and support in long term goals in her life. And if women Jupiter falls on men Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars, then women always guide and support men in his life. This synastry is always good in any case. Jupiter always gives hope, gracious, learning together and meaningful relationship. 

Synastry Sun and Venus

Sun falls on top of Venus: Sun and Venus synastry is problematic. Sun is the king and Venus is princes. They have different agenda in life. Sun more focused in career, reputation and power, and Venus more on relationship, love and sex. Although they attract each other and can enjoy love and sex but after sometime but they just clash with each other energy because Sun want to focus on power and career but Venus enjoy luxury and comfort which create rift between them. There is saying ‘’power (Sun) attract beauty (Venus)’’ this is the principle of universe. Venus energy always distracting to the Sun energy. Venus never helps in the Sun goals in life. Not good for long term relationship. 

Synastry Mars and Saturn or Moon

Mars falls on top of Saturn or Moon: Moon is emotions and want to be peaceful and connected and Saturn is discipline and long term goal. Mars is individuality aggression and impulsive quality. Although it gives sexual attraction but it is a very difficult synastry. Moon is emotions and emotions can be illogical but Mars is very impatient, logical and black and white thinking. Mars person is not patientful for Moon person. It just disturbs Moon’s peace and connectivity by asking question why, what and what not. It does not matter who’s Mars falls on other Moon sign. The synastry between couples very impatient, argumentative, conflicting and aggressive. The person who have Moon suffer from Mars person. If Mars falls on Saturn it also disturbs as Saturn person want to focus on long term goals but Mars person just disturbs and not cooperate with the person long term commitment which is very frustrating in relationships.

Synastry Saturn and Moon

Saturn falls on top of moon: Saturn and moon they both are opposite plant. Saturn is the planet of harsh reality of life. saturn is aware of time and have responsible, serious, cold and conservative in nature. moon just opposite of it Saturn, moon always want peace, connected and happy. this is very difficult synastry between partners. women suffer more if man Saturn falls on her moon. This synastry gives unhappy relationship.  

Synastry Sun and Mars

Sun falls on top of Mars: they both are individualistic and focus on their power. It is very supportive and productive in career. They corporate with each other in their power but they may have some clash with each other in their emotional interaction. Sun and Mars are both masculine planet. The interaction between couples is very masculine, but for good relationship there should be some feminine energy for balance in relationship. It is difficult synastry for women emotional well-being. 

Synastry Moon and Venus

Moon falls on top of Venus: this synastry is very good whether man Moon falls on women Venus or vice-verse. Moon and Venus both are feminine and they want connection with people. Relationship is all about love and connection. Moon is emotional and gentle, Venus is loving and balanced planet. It just makes couples more loving, connected, balanced feel appreciated from each other and harmonious in relationship. They take care and love each other and they desire to be together. But Moon person need to careful not to give too much love in relationship because in adult relationship we need mutual love and Moon is selfless love which does not work in long term adult relationship. The person who has Moon may feel used in love in long term relationship.

If synastry falls in 1st house or ascendant it has a greater impact because through ascendant we experience life. And it can be very challenging if difficult planets falls on each other.

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