Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Husband in Women chart in Astrology

Generally in astrology there is two marriage significator planet which define what kind of partner the person get and they Jupiter and Venus is the most important planet when look for the person married life because Jupiter is the husband in a women chart and Venus is the wife in a man chart. by looking these planets house one can tell about the place where one can meet the spouse and by their sign placement one can tell about temperament of the spouse.

Sign placement of any planets means nature of the planet and house placement means where the person can find/meet their future Husband/ spouse.

Jupiter in Aries sign and in the first house: here the women get husband can be very decent, youth, active, individualistic, aggressive, straightforward in nature. these people very noble and respected in the society. women can meet her husband in any physical activity place like exercise place like gym ,dancing in any club or any sport activity..

Jupiter in Taurus sign and in the second house: here the woman get husband can be very handsome and sensual, materialistic and have pleasant voice. the person have respect to family, can be very artistic and good singer, financial adviser or analyst, can be accounted, and working in the bank.the women can meet is husband in the family gathering of any function.

Jupiter in Gemini sign and in the third house: here the women get husband very talk intelligently, and very philosophical.they like to talk about wisdom here they are good public speaker, can be good teacher. the women meet her husband in neighbor and immediate people whom they meet in short distance travelings or in meetings.

Jupiter in Cancer sign and in the fourth house: in this sign Jupiter exalted means have good qualities.the women get husband who is very spiritual and good nature, these people are very emotional and sensitive, but very dominating. they are very sociable and well liked by all. the women can meet their husband in homely setting like in any party, or any restaurant and mother also can introduce to husband.

Jupiter in Leo in the sign and in the fifth house: these women get husband who love the kids and like to teach to the children and like to have attention of others, they like to be treated special. these people lucky in kids, education and gaining of knowledge. the women can meet her husband in 12th grade schools, in entertainment event , political event, art gallery.

Jupiter in Virgo sign and in the sixth house: the women get her husband who is have analytical mind, observant, promising. they are very liberal in nature and like to do social work. the women get her husband in some kind of social serving events,

Jupiter in Libra sign and in the seventh house: here the women get husband who is very cultured , generous and helpful, and balanced in life approach. they can be in authority positions.the women can meet her husband in any public place or gathering or in a court house.

Jupiter in Scorpio sign and in the eighth house: here the women get husband who is interest in occult or deep spiritual matters.Strong-willed, ambitious and secretive, and investigative. the women can meet her husband in any secretive place or in very lonely place.

Jupiter in Sagittarius sign and in the ninth house: here the woman get husband who is very philosophical, strong in his belief, learned in many religious text.the person can be sincere and simple, lovable, helping, fortunate. here the women can meet her husband in religious place like temple, or in library, any spiritual function, in long distance traveling and the person can be of different culture.
Jupiter in Capricorn sign and in the tenth house: here Jupiter debilitated. the women get husband who is very materialistic and wealthy. they have good organizational skill and organized. they will gain success through high positions. the women can meet her husband at working place or in organization meets.

Jupiter in Aquarius sign and in the eleventh house: here the women get husband who is very interested in philosophy, medicine, social service and spiritual pursuits. these people want to grow in mind, body and soul and unite with truth. these people interested how to make life better and more progressive.the women can meet her husband in social function

Jupiter in Pisces sign and in the twelfth house: here the woman get husband who is have very noble qualities and religious seeker, the person can be intuitive, peaceful, imaginative, affectionate, generous. these people like music. the women meet her husband in for foreign land or the husband reside in foreign land. she can meet her husband some spiritual placer like meditation places.

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Nature of the Jupiter is changed if any planet is placed next or is aspecting Jupiter.