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Eclipses in Astrology

Eclipses are interesting phenomena in the sky. The eclipse is caused by a shadow passing across the Sun or the Moon. Astronomically speaking, when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are all in line, with the Moon or the Earth at the center, a Solar or Lunar eclipse takes place respectively. The most interesting fact about eclipse is that, in real we are not able to see Rahu and Ketu (north and south node) as we are able to see other planets, but on eclipse day we are able to see them. On the day of eclipse the energy of these celestial bodies is enormous and very powerful. The another interesting fact about that on the Eclipse day all these three planets Sun, Moon and Earth appear equal in sizes. Eclipses are indications of a change for better or worse but more importantly they indicate the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Rahu and Ketu can cause eclipses and this is one of the main reasons they were regarded as bad. There are two types of eclipse solar and lunar eclipse. The Eclipse happens many times in a year and each one has a different meaning astrologically.

Solar Eclipses Astrology

The Solar eclipses is happen at New Moon, when the Moon moves between Earth and Sun and all the three planets are in one line. The Moon's shadow travels over the Earth's surface and blocks out the Sun's light as seen from Earth. During the Solar Eclipse day the deadly silence and disturbance of birds and animals made them fear that the end was coming. As the dark shadow of the Moon engulfed the Sun, it appeared as if a demon was swallowing it. An eclipse is always a portent for some change to come, a divine warning. The Sun sheds its light for a moment and exposes the shadow of the Moon which is Rahu, and when Rahu is revealed, our hidden side comes to the surface. An unusual aspect of our consciousness is comes out, highlighting a different aspects of life.

Lunar Eclipses Astrology

Lunar eclipses only happen at Full Moon, when the Earth moves between Moon and Sun, and all the three planets in a one line. The Lunar Eclipse The impact of a Lunar Eclipse is felt immediately. It does not have the long period of the Solar Eclipse, and it creates a greater disturbance in feelings, which is felt instantly. The Lunar Eclipse highlights a specific event, creates a situation and lets you deal with it, and it usually all happens within the month.

Eclipses considered as bad omens. Day of eclipse should be avoided for important new beginnings in material areas. E. G. Starting a new business, getting Married, approaching your boss for a promotion, or proposing to your girlfriend, then an eclipse is not the time to do it. Eclipses are good for introspection, meditation, cleaning house, letting go of old baggage, just spending some quiet time, and spiritual pursuit. Then the eclipse might indicate a positive outcome.

Astrological impact of Eclipse on Birth Chart:

The astrological house in which the eclipse takes place will usually become sensitized for up to many months. If the eclipse falls on the persons natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or ruler of the Ascendant, or any planet within 15° of an eclipse will feel its influence and will have a powerful effect on that person’s life. The Nakshatra in which an eclipse falls will also give a clue to its effects.

To understand what the Eclipse is doing for you personally, you want to see which of your planets are being impacted. The eclipse highlights a specific area of your life and brings it into your consciousness. It can be either good or bad. Eclipse on the natal Sun, representing the soul, power authority and life purpose. and and can triggered your life porpose, which can be accelerating individuality, purpose and drive. If an eclipse is near your Ascendant or its ruler, it indicates a change in personality and as a result change in life. If on Moon or Mercury are significators of the mind and intellect, May affect psychology and intellectual. If it connects to your Mars, it could make you aggressive, and you May you feel competitive or make you want to get in a fight. Any planet can be eclipsed. And eclipses on other planets usually have an impact on the houses they rule in your chart. e. g. If Venus ruled your 2nd and houses then an eclipse on Venus would highlight issues with money and relationship with spouse. Sign of the eclipse also give indication in which area of life affected.

It was important to be safe when viewing an eclipse because on the day of eclipse the energy level of Sun and Moon is very high on the earth because they are in one line. So never look at the Sun directly because solar radiation can damage eyes.

People born on the day of Eclipse: Can energize the birth planets and their life. These people have enormous energy and can be fearless and independent and possess very strong qualities. Their fate is beyond their control.

Other significance of eclipse:

At the time of the eclipse, people bathe in the sacred rivers. They do charitable acts. They give cows, money and gold. The day after the eclipse they feed the poor and the Sadhus. After the eclipse they clean their houses, vessels, etc., and take a bath before they start cooking.

On the eclipse time because of Sun rays are not coming to earth most of the cooked food turn into poison. So One should not take food during the eclipse and one should eat food before 3 or 4 hours before eclipse begin so that food should by then have been digested before eclipse begins. One should take food only after seeing the Sun or the Moon free from the Eclipse.

Pregnant women should not see the Sun or the Moon during the time of the eclipse because of intense dark rays of Sun which can cause damage to the unborn baby and If they do the child born may have some kind of defect. He may be born deaf, dumb or blind due to intense dark rays of Sun or Moon. People should avoid sexual activity on the day of the eclipse, for the same reason.

At this time of eclipse one should take great care in avoiding bleeding, stings, bites from poisonous insects or animal because these may have dreadful results. Even an earthworm has a poisonous effect when it bites one during an eclipse.

Spiritual practice can give great amount of benefit on the eclipse day. Those who do Japa at the time of the eclipse derive great benefits. The effect of Japa and on the day of eclipse increase manyfold compare to any other normal day because of Sun, Moon and Earth are in same alignment. Satsang, bhajan and kirtan during the eclipse gives relief from the suffering of humanity and also of the individual bad planets in the birth chart by receive the blessings of the gods. If you cannot understand many things of this mysterious universe then, have faith in the words of wise people and follow them.

Types of Eclipse Astrology

Solar Eclipses Astrology

Total solar eclipse: occurs when the Moon completely covers the Sun, and a the dark silhouette of the Moon completely obscures the intensely bright light of the Sun, Allowing the much fainter Sun to be visible.

Partial solar eclipses: can occurs when the Sun and Moon are not exactly in line and the Moon only partially obscures the Sun.

Annular eclipses: An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly

In line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. Hence the Sun appears as a very bright ring surrounding the dark disk of the Moon.

Hybrid eclipses: A hybrid eclipse shifts between a total and annular eclipse. At certain points on the surface of Earth it appears as a total eclipse, whereas at other points it appears as annular. Hybrid eclipses are rare.

Lunar Eclipses Astrology

Total lunar eclipses occur when the Earth's shadow obscures all of the Moon's visible surface.

Partial lunar eclipse: A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the three planets do not form a straight line and some portion of the Moon moves into the darkest.

Penumbral lunar eclipses: A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the three planets do not form a perfectly straight line. It means the Moon still receives some Sunlight. Re

Sun and Moon are the main planets but your any planets can be eclipsed. For ex: Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu or Venus with Ketu and Rahu and so on.
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