Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Graha Yuddha ( Planetary War) in Astrology

Graha Yuddha in Vedic Astrology is term used for as a Planetary war between two planets. Planetary war occurs when two planets are within one degree of each other, either in the same sign or in adjacent signs. the planets which hold lower degree is winner and the planet which have high degree is loser. Graha yuddha can be happen in only in five planets; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. All planets are moving in their own (elliptical) path around Sun. During rotation when they come on top of each other as seen from earth in their own orbit. Due to the distance from earth it look like these planets are together, even though in reality they are separated by large distance, but their rays affects each other. This phenomenon is termed ‘Graha Yuddha’ or ‘planetary war. Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are never at war with any planet. Close conjunction with Sun causes Combustion while that of Moon is known as ‘Sam agama’.

Depending on various factors, defeated planets lose their power and not able to produce good results. The defeat planet (especially as Ascendant lord) can suffer dramatically.  Losing its power as house lord and as (significator) karaka over matters it rules.  The house in which this phenomenon occurs is destroyed and the individual suffers  This condition can also be observed with transiting planets.

In Astrology Text there are four types of planetary war depending on their longitude e.g, Bheda, Ullekha, Amsu Mardana and Apasavya.

1. Bheda: When two planets in a same direction and overlapping, they fight in Bheda (occultation). In this case the planet nearer to us on earth completely obstructs the farther one. This is also known by the name Chandanam (occultation)

2. Ullekha: When the rims of two planetary touch each other but does not overlap, it is called Ullekha. In other words, when the graha-bimbas (discs) of planets seem to touch each other (sparsha) it is called Ullekha. This is also known by the name Rodhanam (obstruction)

3. Amsu-mardana: When the rays of two planets appear to clash each other, it is known as Amsu-mardana. Another name for this kind of planetary war is Kirana sanghatana (clash or rays) and yet another name is Rashmi-mardana (clash of rays)

4. Apasavya: When a planet's disc, covering each other moves south (in opposite direction, in retrograde motion), Apasavya occurs. This is also known by the name Apasavya
Base on the significance (karaka) and house rulership of the will suffer or gain accordingly.
Suppose one planet defeats another planet. This means that the people will give problems to other people and the leaders represented by the losing planet will suffer.

Example: if Venus and mars have conjunction and if Venus have more degree than Mars and Venus will be defeated in planetary war by Mars. the person will suffer in all Venus stuff like relationship, women, love, and creativity. The person will be have more martian energy and can be aggressive and good fighter. The person also suffer in where planets sitting in the birth chart as well as what house they rule in the birth chart.  

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