Sunday, January 4, 2015

Muhurta in Astrology

What is Muhurta ? Muhurta is a positive future planetary placement in order to select an auspicious time to begin an activity.

What is birth chart/horoscopes? Horoscope is the imprints of the planetary alignments at the time you were born. The planetary alignments at the time of birth is resultant of one's previous karma.

There are many people who have difficult planetary alignments in their natal chart, and they think that they cannot progress in their life but this is not true. If a person initiates their task in right time or in good Muhurta for what they want to do, then many of the difficulty of the natal chart of the person will minimise. For e. g. When you were born you have difficult planetary alignment for your Marriage life, but if we choose right moment in the present time for your Marriage, it will help you to minimize your bad Marriage in your natal chart. So by choosing good time or Muhurta we can relieve or correct difficult planetary alignments in the birth chart which obscure your good results and cause hindrance in your progress of life. In this way we support successful outcome for a desired objective.

Birth chart just like a letter from the heaven, as if it were written in planetary and other symbols. Muhurta, on the other hand, is much more important. It gives valuable directions by following which the person will be enabled to remove, neutralize, counteract or overcome the evils indicated by the natal birth chart. Suppose evil planets in the seventh house indicate problems in Marriage. Then Muhurta comes to his help first by asking him to Marry at a certain auspicious time because the currents energy released from the planets will be so powerful as to minimize or modify the afflictions to that the Married life in birth chart.

Thus Muhurta helps one to minimize or modify the evils of our past Karma to a considerable extent. But limitations always there for everything, Muhurta tells us when to do a certain thing if failure is to be avoided.

There is a time to sow and a time to reap. Why not we do the sowing operations during harvest season? Nature would not be against us. During the sowing season, creative forces are in operation. When an important activity is to be undertaken, destructive forces have to be ward off.

All the planets move constantly and their planetary combination with each other release different kinds of energy at different times and they have given us clues as to how best we can make use of that energy operating in nature, so that our desires are to be achieved. .

Each moment has got its own potential and as Carl Jung says "whatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time".

Hence the moment of birth or the moment at which we choose to do an important act is not certainly an insignificant time. Cosmic energy flowing at the moment on the earth from outer space from various stars and planets. It must be noted these invisible energies are set in motion by our words, deeds, thoughts and of course by our actions. As man himself is an energy/vibration discharging different kinds of energies/vibrations, his success and failure are simply matters of attraction and repulsion between himself and the objects with which he has to deal in his day to day activities.

Muhurta could therefore be defined as that auspicious moment when the vibrations emitted by man are altered to a specific vibration capable of changing bad luck with the energy coming from other planets and stars.

Service provided by us:

Baby: Cradling, Ear boring (karnavedha), investiture with sacred thread (Upanayanam), naming the child ( Namkaran), and tonsure ( chowlam or mundan)

Business: Establishing small and large scale business, gold and gold ornaments, selling for making profits, and vehicles,

Fixing door /door frame, Interior Decoration, Lying foundation, Lying pillars, Making a new house, Repairs and maintenance of houses,

Dealing: Borrowing and lending Money, Depositing the money in bank, Loan giving and receiving, Loan payments, and Buying lands.

Griha pravesh: Entering into a new house or old house, and worshiping of vastu lord.

Marriage: Arranged or love Marriage and remarriage.

Surgical operations.

Miscellaneous: Adopting a child, doing havan/oblation, and Making will,

Purchasing: Buying house, land and vehicles.

Starting: Joining service, and opening a shop.

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