Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturn and Mars Together (Conjunction) in Astrology

Saturn is the harsh planet, Saturn is stress, fear, and anxiety.  Saturn is cold, practical and realistic planet. Saturn is planet of karma, it deals with the karma whether it is good or bad. Saturn is structure, organize, discipline, long term goals, and capacity to do hard work. Saturn makes to understand about life and allowing to live a meaningful life.

Mars is free will and willpower for getting things done, it is our energy to do something. Mars is vitality, discipline and it is our ability to take action. Mars is very impulsive and spontaneous, It  represents anger,  passion and energy drive with in us.  

Whenever any planet conjunct they enhance the the same quality and create problem where they don’t share. Mars and Saturn they are inner enemies, Mars is fast-moving go for actions versus Saturn cold, slow, steady and hold back things. The results can be harsh Mars is one of conflict the violence of destruction. Saturn is focus delivered persistent combining the two mergers results in on compromising sometimes unscrupulous even ruthless actions. Saturn and Mars Both want to fix problems. Both want to protect us from danger Mars acts impulsively and with force to defend.  Mars is fast, impulsive, rash and in the moment.  Saturn is slow, careful and interested in long-term.  Saturn and Mars, they pull in opposite directions because they are in opposite in nature. Saturn says 'stop' and have patience, but  Mars says 'go' and have no patience. Therefore from this conjunction one must be careful while taking action as consequences can not be good. These people feels like something holding  back and they feel frustrated at times. Both Saturn and  Mars won't  give up without a fight. They'll keep pushing until they get it. These two combination give anger problem. They need to careful while taking action as there is tendency to get  trouble sometimes. Saturn is restriction and Mars is anger when these people feel restricted then anger came up even in worse form. sometimes person not able to express anger and create health problems like hypertension, and bipolar tendency.

This conjunction provide some positive quality like you can use your energies constructively.  Saturn provides focus and control from largest forcefulness which then can be put to good use for making concentrated efforts used intelligently are Saturn pattern provide the energy for accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks. Saturn hold back things and think, Saturn help to learn things in hard way. Saturn and Mars conjunction makes people capacity for hard work, enduring strength and resourcefulness. These people take things seriously, they are hard worker, they are ready to take their responsibilities.  they are often more successful than other  people. This conjunction can produce a very good businessman who has have disciplined nature and can get things done in time.

Saturn and Mars conjunction in the most positive way makes person very ambitious, dedicated, and makes person mature. So when these two planets come together in good sign they it can do many positive things in life. Saturn rules Capricorn, and Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the sign in which  Saturn’s energy is very practical, focused, ordered, organised and achievement.  So when Mars and Saturn come together in this sign these people can achieve anything in life.

If the both planets are retrograde their effects are more felt. Sometimes this conjunction in air sign like in libra give explosions in air because their energy is more concentrated and mars is fire and saturn is oil.  

This is very general observation of Saturn and Mars conjunction. All the conjunction vary according to the sign and house placement. If we understand the nature of the planetary energies we will be better able to utilize this conjunction for careful planning and focused action, instead of impulsive and bewildered habits.

Remedy:  Physical exercise is the best way to manage anger or any bad effects of this conjunction. Think before any action, recite hanuman chalisa, pour water on Shivling on Saturday morning.