Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde 2016 Transit

January 5th Mercury begins its first retrograde period of 2016. Mercury is the planet of communications, rational thinking, ideas and reasons will be backwards faor the next three weeks.  Mercury retrograde should be observed be ready for misunderstandings delays in communications mistakes, transactions malfunctions with equipment and so forth.  Mercury will begin its retrograde phase in Capricorn and then back into Sagittarius on January 14th. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius puts emphasis on the Sagittarius qualities, to be attached to one's own ideas and reasons. The thinking process and reasons flows backwards. Mars in Libra aspecting Mercury from 4th aspect affecting the planet of thinking giving additional push and makes the beginning all this retrograde more stress with problems than usual. Mars is the planet of impatience and anger impacting the planet of rational thinking and communications which is already behaving illogically.  Mercury is retrograde period lasts for three weeks ending in the last week of January.  Mercury will resume normal direct motion in Sagittarius on January 25th. So by the end of the month Mercury’s significations will be back to normal.  

On January 8th begins its four months long retrograde. The planet of opportunity, prosperity, belief, wisdom truth and etc will be going in reverse for the next four months until May 9th. So Jupiter's significations will be delayed and distorted in jupiter retrograde time period. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom going back over the past translation a good time for finding wisdom from the past in other words self reflection because retrograde planets are self reflective. Jupiter is planet of opportunity and prosperity and when retrograde indicates finding opportunity in the past events, in other words what you miss in past now you may be interested in it. Mercury and Jupiter both being retrograde makes this month not so good for initiating important endeavors

On the same day that Jupiter goes retrograde the nodes (Rahu & Ketu) change signs. Rahu enters Leo and which puts it in direct contact with the newly retrograde Jupiter and further stress on Jupiter. Since Rahu who as an eclipse point and can obscure any planet in conjunction and loss and adds even more distortion to the already distorted significations of retrograde Jupiter.

Rahu and Ketu change signs, the moon's nodes travel backwards in the zodiac entering from the end of the sign.  Rahu the North node is entering Leo and Ketu the South node is entering Aquarius. The nodes stay about a year and a half in one sign. So when they change signs it's a significant astrological event which will impact everyone according to their house placement of Rahu and Ketu in their natal chart.  Rahu is an indicator of desire and disruption and Ketu is  indicator of let go and surrender. So Rahu will be obsessed over power and leadership as Leo is the sign of power and leadership and Ketu will be obsessed over letting go of society and will show disinterest because aquarius is the sign of sociality.