Saturday, December 26, 2015

Moon in Sign Astrology

The Planet Moon is very important in astrology.  Moon Sign is much more significant than the Sun Sign when it comes to emotions drives and emotional needs. The Moon is the first noticeable quality of the personality expressed by any individual. In astrology, the Moon signifies how an individual needs to be feels emotionally and how it want to be connected with others. it represents the space in the psyche where each person stores all feelings. The Moon operates from a subconscious level, and subconscious mind store the experiences in the psyche from this impressionable period of childhood and adulthood.   In fact, the astrological sign the Moon is in at birth shows how these feelings and experiences are filtered in our psyche and  what feels good and what might be not. The moon also rules mother, stability of mind and how much we are feeling peaceful in inside.

As part of personal spiritual development, sun is the soul and moon is conscious, which separate from us from the soul and  the Moon represents what the Soul seeks to develop over the course of a lifetime. Moon also resonates with the unconscious drives that seem to echo the needs for personal soul growth. Understanding that the Moon’s significance in the chart represents these needs can help to you to choose experiences and opportunities to further enhance the personal and soul growth. Understanding moon sign will help an individual to know their own psychology which help them to understand, why they behave in a certain way. Your Moon sign shows your strongest emotional sensitivities and most prominent needs . Once you understand the basic quality of your moon sign, you can then better deal with your emotions as well as others people around you.

Moon in Aries: Moon in Aries is very independence, impatience, like to do physical activity, have leadership qualities and aggressive in behavior. Aries Moon can demand immediate satisfaction, emotions are most likely impulsive. Although physical strength may be an obvious drive, like sports, enjoy mental challenges, and like to to learn new things. Have strong competitive drive and very active. May like bright colors, and a room with plenty of light.  The individual  needs to understand cause and effect, and may have trouble developing awareness of the impact of his actions and words upon others in the life. it is very helpful for them if Mother can explain a positive balance between self-assertiveness and consideration for others, they may get the point very easily. Aries Moon needs encouragement from Mother when it comes to exercising that independent spirit. These people are active, dynamic, aggressive and desire control.  Moon in Aries sign indicates that you can be bold, generous, self-reliant, restless, impulsive, enterprising.  

Moon in Taurus: Moon in Taurus is very possessive, loving, sweet, like to be cozy, close, have a deep desire for consistency, comfort, and stability. Moon Exalted in Taurus sign.  Don’t like change and challenge and unexpected changes can stir resistance and feelings of insecurity. Developing focus is almost second nature to Taurus Moon. An environment rich with earthy warmth can enhance her creative abilities. Music and singing may be especially significant for Taurus moon. Have a steady, and gentle tone of voice, will capture attention of many. Lasting emotional connections are important to Taurus Moon. Mother as stable, but possessive, and may look to Mother to learn about the importance of developing strong connections to people and places while maintaining the capacity to let go when change is necessary. Negative side of Taurus moon is possessiveness and able to let go things easily. Loves pleasure, music and all that is beautiful, loves chemistry or life sciences and products of the earth. If the Moon is full and in a good house, benefic effects are sure to follow. If he is decreasing, then the results are proportionately less.

Moon in Gemini: Moon in Gemini is that lively and intelligent influence that works and plays with dualities. Moon in gemini is inquisitive, very talkative, have child like eyes, and mind is constantly in motion. Moods can change like the wind, and preferences may change just as quickly. There’s a powerful need to connect on a mental level for emotional security. There’s also a strong desire to explore and know as many things as possible. Gemini moon need for diversity and bored, life simply does not feel interesting. There is a tendency to be too easily distracted, and not able to focus on things especially on studies.. Manual dexterity can also be great, and due to restless mind, may find it difficult to drift into sleep. The Moon in Gemini gives the qualities of Mercury to the person in general. As Mercury is a neutral, the person will make friendship with everyone. Worldly pleasures will be more important than spiritual pursuits. People born under this sign may be gifted speakers.

Moon in Cancer: Cancer Moon can be emotionally sensitive and feels right at home.  Close to Mother, in fact, letting go of Mother is very difficult until there are other influence on Moon. .these people feels protected behind the safe shield of Mom’s love. The drive for Cancer Moon is to feel the protection of family and security may require to keep this feeling alive. Care and security of a family can help fill the need to nurture and tender loving care can be just as important in their life especially if Moon in pushya nakshatra. Cancer Moon looks to Mother for the model of nurturing protector, but as she grows up may see Mom as smothering if she is too protective. The need for emotional shielding is definitely present with Cancer Moon sign, since this sign sense and feel what’s happening and may feel extra vulnerable when surrounded by emotional turmoil. There’s a keen intuitive capacity as moon in water sign and developing trust in intuition is encouraged for not to misguided by others. A warm, cozy environment filled with favorite remembrance helps Cancer Moon feel secure.  

Moon in Leo: Moon in Leo loves to be noticed. When it  noticed, this can be quite comfortable as the center of attention, and might occasionally insist on it one way or another. Frequently, this Moon simply draws attention, and can certainly indicate a flair for the dramatic and a radiant smile. Even a quiet person with a Leo Moon might be at ease performing on stage. These people are interested in singing, act, dance or perform in any capacity, they likely to enjoy cultivating these talents. Taking on leadership roles, or to simply be in front of others can be useful in a number of situations throughout life. At the heart of Leo Moon, Mom is a queen, although when she’s busy.  He will also need to take pride in Mom, and may boast about the oddest things. Moon in Leo brings idealism in love, and you will desire affection  from all directions. They will be fond of the opposite sex and enjoyment, magnanimous, loyal to father and Guru, well-dressed, given to music art and sports, popular and respected. These people  are charitable, respectful to your mother, valorous, dutiful and majestic looking.

Moon in Virgo: Moon in Virgo signs is more contained and doesn't want to express. These people are more conservative, and are cautious in new circumstances until they  know where they are. they are cautious and try to understand the surroundings. These people are cautious and careful in taking the next step to avoid risk. These people loves to learn and wants perfection. Too often, Virgo Moon goes about quietly doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways, and may feel unsatisfied. Part of the reason for that is that they have a discriminating sensibility and she can see imperfections very easily This can lead to a feeling that she simply does not measure up to standards. Mother may be seen as the one who does everything correctly, and Virgo Moon will definitely look to Mother as the first line of defense when defining what is or is not acceptable or perfect. Virgo Moon will definitely respond to learning the positive attributes of tidiness and organization. These people  are perfectionist, good organiser, interested in healing and taking care of health. These people will prefer to stay busy, and might enjoy in learning how things work.

Moon in Libra: Moon in Libra sees the world through the eyes of an artist and has a special sensibility for all things beautiful. Peaceful surroundings will encourage feelings of security, and beauty has a special impact. Libra Moon can be easily irritated in harsh surroundings or by rough surfaces. Libra Moon confers a sweet and charming quality, and you may notice that these are  very gentle in nature. Reaching out and feeling connected is one of the most powerful motivators for these people. These people also enjoy any type of design, and like to do decoration things. One of the greatest challenges these people may face is that of developing self-confidence because they are so people oriented and may look up to others or admire friends and their abilities, it can be difficult for them to acknowledge his personal strengths. Libra Moon needs to see Mother as the ultimate negotiator and peace-maker, and learns how make deal from Mom. After all, the most profound drive for Libra Moon is the need to experience partnership, and the way Mother handles her connections with people will form the pattern. These people needs to learn power of self-assertiveness and confidence.

Moon in Scorpio: This is the sign of fall for the Moon. Moon in Scorpio, emotions run deeply and are felt intensely.  Scorpio Moon may be extra sensitive to environmental stimuli, especially loud noises or changes in temperature. There may be a very strong attachment to Mother, and the need for closeness, and tenderness is quite marked. Scorpio is fixed water so Moon in scorpio is stubbornness and these people having difficulty in sharing with a sibling or friend. They have remarkable good negotiating skills and have investigating mind. Scorpio Moon is spiritual and interested in mystery of life. These people are  secretive when it comes to sharing feelings and may hide their emotions. Once trust is established, this is not such a problem, but if trust is broken, regaining it will be very difficult indeed. Scorpio Moon’s view of Mother is usually rather profound, and they may really feel that Mom has eyes in the back of them. Mother can be mystical, spiritual and healer. Scorpio Moon is active and has artistic tastes, is independent, has good determination, is devoted to mother and has interest in the occult (dark energy) matters, and secret affairs, are good at investigating,

Moon in Sagittarius: Moon in Sagittarius gives a desire to excel through the intellect and the use of knowledge.  Moon in  Sagittarius indicates valor, wisdom, good nature, affluence, and a charming nature. These people are noble, sweet, and cheerful. Both mental and physical restlessness, and an exploring temperament are indicated. They are a great reformer, a good speaker, have knowledge of arts, courageous, very strong, grateful and authoritative. Moon in Sagittarius is adventurous, emotions feels great, and going somewhere can rank high on the list of favorite things to do. These people are natural optimism,hopeful, and may be willing to try again while others are stuck or held back by fear of failure. Mental discipline and concentration can be problematic, particularly if the subjects have lost their interest. Since Sagittarius Moon views Mother as the quintessential teacher, she can become his best inspiration to strive to do better or to learn more. They appreciate life as a grand adventure, and never stop exploring and learning new things.The Moon in Sagittarius is very inspiring, charismatic and engaging with people. Their wisdom mind keeps them exploring worldly knowledge.

Moon in Capricorn: Moon in Capricorn needs consistency and rooted in structure, without it, these people will feel insecure and uncertain. Capricorn Moon feeling a lack of trust and cold in emotions so it’s important to encourage Capricorn moon to appreciate and to express feelings, since the tendency is to try to control emotions or to bury them in feelings of guilt. These people are responsible and mature at early age. Since these people might love helping take care of others, so they might grow with responsibilities that get in the way of developing her own needs.
On the lighter side, Capricorn Moon sees the humor in life itself. In some ways, these people appreciates spending time with adults, and may need to approval and guidance of a mentor to help and give a sense of self confidence. Mother can be controlling, discipline and is the ultimate authority for Capricorn Moon person. These people are very nature loving and like to surrounds themselves in and will enjoy spending time in nature. The Capricorn Moon is very ambitious  serious minded and materialistic. These people are power hungry not warm up to you until you’ve proven worthy of their time. Kind of cold in nature, non romantic, dark at times, and have tendency to slips into melancholy.

Moon in Aquarius: Moon in Aquarius leads to a powerful need to feel truly unique and different.  These people will look for friends and peers who have their own uniqueness. Friends and social connections may even seem to be the most important. Aquarius Moon also loves to explore ideas, and might enjoy learning for its own sake.  Aquarius Moon sees Mother as a special individual in her own right, but needs to learn from Mother how to make emotional connections. There is a tendency to be emotionally detached (or to try to make feelings “sensible”), and if Mother helps him feel special, warm and alive, these people will learn the difference between healthy objectivity and detachment. Aquarius Moon have a cool and sparkling eyes. Aquarius Moon people instinctively accept all kinds of responses, behaviors, lifestyles.  They have a live and let live philosophy that earns the trust of most of the people. They’re humanitarians and always trying to reach out to the people through their compassionate nature. This makes them more oriented towards large groups of people, and less comfortable with the intimate one on one. These people have orientation toward the collective conscious which makes them a unique and original thinker.

Moon in Pisces: Moon in Pisces brings an extra-sensitive filter to emotions. these people have mesmerizing eyes, since the deepest part of her being reflects a powerful imagination. Pisces Moon will appreciate a serene environment, and soothing music. These people absorbs feelings of others whether is good or bad. When others are upset or if tension is in the air, they will reflect those feelings. Pisces Moon needs plenty of room to exercise imaginative and creativity. and they have a tendency toward shy behavior. Mother may be seen as the spiritual anchor for the family. These people need to establish a deep bond with Mother is quite powerful, but Mother also needs to be aware that they may soak up Mother’s moods more readily than Mom realizes. These are very helping in nature and want to connected to the family.  Since Pisces Moon’s impressionable psyche may take things too personally.The Moon in Pisces may cause y wavering, changeable, lacking in concentration and stability, and although they remain positive about others, but very easily disturbed. They are drawn to things which are not concrete, such as spirituality and philosophy. These people are dreamers, mystical, may expert in fine arts, capable of winning over even your adversaries, learned in scriptures, musical,  might be a polite speaker, like to be stay happy and are liberal.