Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Full Moon in Anuradha Nakshatra May 2016

On 21st may there is Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio with Retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn. Full Moon is the halfway point in the monthly Moon cycle and it is harmonizing energy with Sun and Moon. Full moon is not a beginning point but it is midpoint of Sun and Moon opposition. So the Sun will be in Taurus and Taurus is about it's values, stability, following our own inner values your first which we inherit these from her family and then later we develop around value systems and if these values are solid structure like solid foundation in life then they give us support. This is why you're close possessions are reflection of your values of what you value. Moon in Scorpios is opposite of Taurus, where we question our values, solid structures and core principles. In scorpio things are something more restless, stressful and the fear of those things that we cannot control things that are beyond our control. The Scorpio theme of restlessness and imagined fear and worry about those things that we can not control of family and friends around us. Taurus is solid, stable and fixed energy of life, but this is an illusion of stability and structure that we sense in Scorpio. So when the moon is exalted in Taurus because it calms down the mind and it's debilitated in Scorpio because mind is restless. So Sun in Taurus is trying to strengthen the emotions and stabilizing emotions by aspecting Moon in scorpio.

Scorpio is a Sign of emotions and drama so that we can then stabilizing and go deeper into what's below the surface. On the surface of the water there's a lot of waves, below the surface it's calm and peaceful water (emotions). So we need to sink down into the heart in order to connect the true source of of emotion which is love true source of all emotions. Love is the source of all emotion. Scorpio sign is very devotional sign once Scorpion get over their fear in the heart. So Full Moon in scorpio is going to be facing these lessons. Full moon in Scorpio brings that contrast of taurus qualities that says it's good to have this material comfort and consistency but you need to go deeper literally into the scorpio principle to feel truly stable.

This Full Moon happen with retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn. Mars in Scorpio is powerful and now is because it's retrograde it also is opposite to the Sun is so is power and will come together and share. Mars in scorpio have power to manipulate and influence others. However, these two retrograde planets with Full Moon is triggering lot of tension that can be flash out in feelings of anxiety, confusion with family and friends. The full moon in Scorpio is it's sign of debilitation in other words some of the down side of the emotions comes through in this sign, like negative emotions. The conjunction of Mars and Moon known as Chandra Mangala yoga in Vedic astrology. This yoga in emotional water sign Scorpio amplifies some of the less desirable qualities of the mind. Like being overexcited, irrational actions, anger towards women and generally destructive tendencies. So you may suffering from anger due to mistakes or having problems being misunderstood by others on this full moon in Scorpio.

This Full Moon happens in Anuradha nakshatra. This deity empowering Anuradha is Mitra, the Vedic god of devotion and friendship. This nakshatra teaches us to a solidity our devotion and friendship with others. Anuradha nakshatra is a mysterious emotional, and deep desirous sign. Which ultimately leads into higher spiritual devoted life. So on this Full Moon relationships can become more vulnerable and passionate. Doubts on relationship and destabilize feelings will be more on this day. So everyone have to be very careful at this time not taking harsh decisions, try to adjust, and try to working together and it is useful time to find your own voice to empower yourselves by communicating needs and listening to others.

On Thursday, May 19 Venus leaving Aries and entering Taurus. Venus rules Taurus a planet in its own sign is strong. But there are a some of problems. Venus getting closer and closer to the Sun in other words entering deep combustion. So significations of Venus is weakens and its potential for creating benefits reduced. Venus enters Taurus it moves into position to be directly across the zodiac from its enemy Mars which is retrograde on the other side of the Scorpio sign. Mars is strong in its own sign Mars and channeling the energy of retrograde Saturn which accompanies. So Mars has even more malefic by aspecting on Venus. So Venus already weakened due to combustion and plus direct aspect of Mars on Venus it is more damaging. Venus has a hard time for the next couple of weeks. Compromise of agreements will be harder to achieve, your love and romance will hit a rough patch and financial markets will be stressed.