Monday, May 16, 2016

Power of Retrograde Planets Astrology

Retrogrades are probably the most confusing aspects in astrology. Many people born with many retrograde planets in their birth-chart. In astrology a retrograde planets shows the energy is not behaving normally and therefore retrograde planets disruptive in general life. Depending on the sign and house position and aspects of a retrograde planet would add more flavor to the Interpretation. With retrograde planets in natal chart, people sometimes look to the past to find solutions for their current problems. Retrograde planets do not work to their best potential. It is not that they don’t work well, but the individual with the retrograde planets does not apply them much in his current life. Instead, he is trying to fit the present world into his past encounters. For example, with Jupiter Retrograde tend to avoid teachers and questions about belief system, because of past life experience related with Retrograde Jupiter was not good. 

Some people have multiple Retrograde planets, which can bring powerful karmic lessons to that person and that bring the past life in mix with present life.  The more Retrograde planets a person has, the more confusing his life becomes and he grows more introspective and develops within himself a separate life which can be isolated to the outer life. In birth chart, Retrograde planets repeat previous incidents or issues from former lives which were not fully finished with. Retrogrades occur on an subconscious level, and if an individual turns his consciousness levels then that person will come to discover a great awareness and how to deal with it. Since retrograde planets do not behave normally as do direct planets, interpreting them can be confusing. The meanings of Retrograde planets are determined by the sign and house they occupy, along with the aspects they make. Retrograde planets work differently and need extra work and understanding. Retrograde planets brings past experience or past knowledge of the previous life in the present life.

Here are some example of famous people who have retrograde planets and become millionaire and they are Steve job and Zukerberg Mark.

This is the Birth Chart of Steve Jobs

He was Leo ascendant and he had two retrograde planets Mercury in Capricorn (serious thinking) and Jupiter in Gemini (experimental sign).  Mercury is the karaka of speech and communication.  Since Mercury was retrograde Steve would spend hours in practice, he became so good , Steve Jobs is considered to be the best. A person can take this information in 2 ways, I am not good i should channelize myself to other skills or I am not good, but i should work hard on it to be good at it. Since he was a deep thinker due to mercury and experimental due to Jupiter he was able to come up with amazing products and designs.

This is the Birth Chart of Mark Zuckerberg

He is Aries ascendant and he have three retrograde planets; Saturn in Libra, Mars in Libra, in 7th house of business and Jupiter in Sagittarius sign in 9th house of higher vision. Saturn is the planet of commitment and long terms goal, Mars is the planets of action and personal strength,  Jupiter is the planet of higher vision and direction of life. Mark was able to bring up Facebook against all odds, retrograde Mercury makes him to think differently and re validate his thinking again and again. If we do it right we come back with better answers with less errors.

These are two amazing people with retrograde planets who provide so much to the world. Astrology can help you understand your natural tendencies which can channelize for your advantage or fix them for success and better life.  Steve Jobs was a rebel & explorer of new techniques, he was able to influence the world as very few did. We should use Astrology to understand where are our strength are for to better understand about yourself.