Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 2016

Mercury will enters in Sagittarius sign on Nov 28 2016. Mercury will be retrograde in Dec 19 2016 in Purvashada and go back in Mula nakshatra and get get direct on Jan 08 2017 in Mula nakshatra. Mercury will stay in Sagittarius sign at least for 2 months. It will enter in Capricorn sign on Feb 02 2017.

Mercury is the planet of curiosity, thinking, data, information and media. What type of thinking you have depending on your sign of Mercury. Sagittarius is the sign of belief, teachers, faith, hope, law, truth, belief, righteous, education, and dogmatism also if mercury conjuct with Saturn. 

So how Mercury behave when it comes in the sign of Sagittarius.

Those people who Mercury in Sagittarius their communicative style could be very funny, jovial, optimistic and hopeful. They can be very curious, meaningful, and educational in their conservation. They can be very interactive and conversation can go very deep with teachers. They keep good faith in every aspect of life.  During this time most of the people allowing everyone's  beliefs and personal truth for a good and bring together. The planet of data and information is compelled to manifest through the filter of most of feeling rather than to own facts.  So we get an emphasis on a particularly Sagittarius trait e.g. self-righteousness. Sagittarius is being a Fire sign so it can be sometimes act as bias. The person can see the only his truth and can be very subjective. Mercury is the planet of the rational mind and in Sagittarius sign it leads to rationalize the ones previously held beliefs. So result of this energy is new information and expansion of mind.  

Mercury in Sagittarius in Jupiter ruling sign and and Jupiter in Virgo in Mercury ruling sign making a special astrological yoga which is known as PARIVARTAN YOGA. Parivartana yoga is a kind of relationship in which planets in each other sign and act in mutual reception. This pattern during transit means the energies of Mercury and Jupiter are compelled to interact with harmony, although these two planets are enemy with other. So because they are in each other sign so they will not harm each other houses. Jupiter is beliefs, ethics and principles Mercury is rational mind based on facts and data rather than ideology. Jupiter in Virgo is the planet of truth and wisdom in the sign of details and analysis, So this should produce a more fact-based belief system rather vague system and the person can have higher and good inventive ideas which  can make person very outstanding. In way it is good combination to have in birth chart.

Mercury will Retrograde in Sagittarius sign. What is Mercury retrograde you can read this article.

This Retrograde Mercury will affect differently for each ascendant. Depending on your Ascendant Sagittarius sign falls in different section of life and give different result. If you don't know what is your ascendant you can take vedic chart report to know your ascendant and how this mercury retrograde affect your life.