Thursday, November 10, 2016

Saturn Transit in Sagittarius for Libra Ascendant 2017

Saturn Transits for Libra Ascendant/Moon:

Saturn is the ruling planet of your 4th house of mother, inner peace, property, etc and 5th house of  love, romance, past life karma, children and creativity.  Saturn is the yogakaraka planet for you. Saturn transiting in 3rd house/sign, the third house/sign represents communication, skill, courage, siblings, neighbors and short distances travelling. In your daily life your connection with your everyday world will seeking more conversations and discussions with others.

Saturn contracts were Jupiter expands, Saturn transiting in the sign of Sagittarius trying to crystallize your thoughts and to reorganize them to bring in these thoughts into form.  Saturn's been in the third house this is actually one of the better places for Saturn. The third house has a lot to do with the mind and communications.  So Saturn can be  more focused with learning writing, communicating that also includes sales were selling and taking classes. Saturn is now in your communication house, boosting your talent as a writer, speaker, teacher or thinker. Is it time to publish any book if you are interested. Saturn is the planet of contraction but it's also where we are refocusing and clarify your objectives. Saturn moved into your 3rd house of communication makes your speaking more effective in how you communicate to the others but you could be more quiet as you do that. You may experience issues with people, neighbors, sibling, or with any learning. Suddenly You may feel responsibilities related to your siblings. Delays with in travelling is another possibility of this placement. You may seeks purposeful information during this transit of Saturn in your 3rd house. Your mind usually relies on what is known and familiar. You  could develop a unique talent for organizing, structuring and learning. You will learn how to manage and control mental tasks through persevering and striving for excellence, and security. Saturn will be stay here for almost three year cycle and  this is the period of Saturn will done all the hard work what you needed and you will get the rewards for all your efforts.

From 4th house Saturn will aspect your 5th house of lovers and children. So you may feel some isolated from your loved ones and children.  Saturn will aspect 11th house of hopes and desire where you may feel restricted in society and your income may have some delays.  Saturn will aspect your 9th house of higher education and long distance travelling where it will put pressure in all these areas of life. So you need to to be more careful and get ready to take responsibilities of these houses as well. If you any planets in these houses then you will also feel the pressure of Saturn on these planetary energies as well. Saturn transiting in 3rd house can give opportunity to work in telecommunication or postal jobs . Now the knowledge  and wisdom with Saturn makes you very sincere service humble oriented way with others. This will be a time for you where you will be more focused and sincere to put your energy into learning.

If you have Moon in Sagittarius then its means you're going through second phase of Sadesati. Whenever Moon go through second phase of Sadesati means Saturn transit over Moon then it will impact your physical body. Depending on the Moon’s position in your birth chart Saturn will impact that house as well. E.g. if you your Moon placed in 3rd house of short distance travelling then there may be chance of some mishappening during travelling so you need to take extra care while driving.  

How Saturn will give result to you it also depend on your Saturn placement of your birth chart. Whether Saturn is in good dignity, own sign , debilitated, exalted, enemy or friendly sign. Every transit give different result to every person because of their individual birth chart pattern, their own Mahadasha system.. So if you want know more about your personal birth chart you can take consultation. GET Consultation