Monday, December 26, 2016

Getting Answers for A Curious Mind

Human mind is curious and it has questions about any and everything.  You probably have tone of it as well.

  • How can i be happy
  • Why did it happen.
  • How is this possible.
  • Why people think like that.
  • Why people cannot understand me.
  • Why was I born.
  • What is the purpose of my life.
  • What is my duty

Till we have questions our mind stay curious, wonders and tries to find answers. How do we settle this curiosity? We need to be open and accept the reality and find answers by learning and educating ourselves.  Some people may help you in getting your answers , for some the questions you have may not even be a question so obviously they cannot understand and help. Since it is your curiosity it becomes your quest to find answers. Spiritualism deal with lot of these questions as spiritualism is a way of life and yogis and our elders have given us a framework. In fact now we have an issue with the interpretations of it as these are very old guidelines and the world has changed. The curious mind can  be calmed by..

  1. Accept it as it is and don't question. (What is the cost of not knowing?)
  2. Try to be a learner and find answer

We need to be a good listener and open to different perspective, Not react but respond with our actions. Responding engages us in life, helps in self analysis and find what didn't work the way we expected. It becomes a feedback loop to learn more about the changes in the society and align ourselves.  What was considered a norm 10 years ago is forgotten today and we have new norms. We have to be conscious and aware which keeps us informed and make us aware.

from my personal experience.. I was trying to learn statistics by trying to relate to what i knew.. it was very hard. Then I accepted as an new subject with open mind and was able to learn it lot faster than i could have though. So sometime the experience helps us in learning and sometime they slow us down. As humans we should be able to make a call about what to taken up with an open mind.

If we are stuck in one place, we will keep on seeing same problems and issues again and again.

I just did a math, by looking at it we have only around 7 hours (2659 hours in a year) on an average per day to learn and be better. Rest of the time is used for sustaining our existence (8 hours for sleeping, 8 hours for work, 3 hours of routine work). How many hours do we spend on regular basis on self improvement and learning?

When we are a constant learner it becomes natural to us and it is not even an effort, but most of us get into I know more and stop being open and curious, the moment we do that we go stale and uncomfortable and start loosing touch with the people around us .. which makes us question, curious and at some point in time uncomfortable to as to we don't fit any more. 

Astrology can be a good start for a curious mind as it relates to almost every aspect of  life and how we perceive and interact with it. To be at peace we need to get the answers and simplify our life.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mars and Ketu Conjunction Transit 2016

Ketu is the south node of the Moon is a headless body which represents separation, isolation, confusion, misunderstanding and the abandonment of the material world. This shadow planet represents spirituality, nothingness, and things that we already achieved in past lives.

Mars is the energy of our vitality of the body, strength, courage , fighting ability, anger, in how we approach our anger with people, ability of discipline in a present movement.

On December 11 and for nearly 6 weeks on until January 19 2017. The planet of impatience and action in the sign society, community involvement, social revolution wanting a better world for everyone. So this combination produce liberal minded and idealistic people who can do good for the society.

However how these two planetary energy works together it totally depend on their sign lord.
Right now Mars and Ketu in Aquarius sign of Saturn in Scorpio in Mars ruling sign. There is parivartan yoga formation between Mars and Saturn.

Mars and Ketu both are fiery in nature and when they conjunct with each other they simply enhanced each other energy. However Ketu is hidden in nature so the person have hidden Mars energy and he or she don’t know. The person is confused about his own capacity for competition, fights, and aggression till they come to know by any unpleasant incident. Those people who have this conjunction they should take action with their mind otherwise there can be a mess created by these two energies. These people doesn't care if they get hurt and these two planets can make situations complicated. Ketu is eclipse points as a spiritual and transcendent in nature and also the represent something ideal but these two planets together have a downside as well because of Ketu shadow nature. Ketu being and eclipse point always create confusion, deception and illusions. Now Ketu with Mars planet of violence is creating confusion related with your actions and it is problematic.

So how this conjunction affect your sign in your own personal chart  and what type of challenge you may face in your personal life.

Aries Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your 11th house, the house of goals and ambitions. Mars the action planet in this part of your chart contributes useful energy for pushing you towards more achievements.  Ketu can add in the potential for altruistic goals that benefit your friends and associates. But the negative aspect of this energy is confusion and uncertainty related with your actions. So it's important to clearly think before any action, so that you can use this energy for good action and this energy can used for some worthy cause for the society.

Taurus Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your  tenth house, the house of work in career, professional activities, status and reputation. Mars gives you energy to work hard at your business to take action in your professional pursuits and gives you the courage to initiate a new project. But Ketu generates dissatisfaction with the status and create illusion and confusion with the 10th house of superiors and the authorities. Mars is the planet of combat and Ketu can make a kind of fog of war atmosphere. So you have to be careful of getting carried away too aggressive and creating conflict with your superiors or with government sector.

Gemini Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your ninth house, the house of destiny, fortune, higher education, religion, father, beliefs and long-distance travellings. Mars is an action planet so going in a ninth house would be appropriate for some travelling.  Mars in 9th house will compel you to promote your own beliefs and you may indulge in some arguments against anyone else whose beliefs don't agree with yours. Mars in the 9th house of meritorious deeds in Aquarius wants world to progress and helpful to others. Ketu have the potential for self-sacrificing and humanitarian work in the 9th house of community.

Cancer Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your eighth house, the house of partners wealth, financial, secret actions, chronic problems, scandal and humiliation. Mars in the 8th house can be too aggressive with partner. So careful of giving into impulse for that turns out to be resentment. Mars in 8th house tries to manipulate things to work to your financial advantage. But Ketu have capacity for creating illusion and combined with Ketu past life karma effect, financial involvement could become a source of scandal and humiliation. Mars is also the planet of infections, injury and surgery the eighth house is the house of chronic health can give a wrong diagnosis as Ketu always create confusion and makes more problematic.

Leo Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your 7th house of your one-on-one relationships, spouse, business partner and clients. Mars is generally problematic in 7th house for relationships. There could be fighting or argument with your partner or with any business clients. Ketu is the planet of dissatisfaction and mystery. So you may be want perfect deal or you may get some confusing and mysterious people during this transit. The seventh house is the house of the direct enemy and Mars and Ketu transiting in this house making your enemy strong. So try to stay away from any one-on-one conflict as Mars and Ketu in 7th house  could make situation worse for you.  

Virgo Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your sixth house of your health, disease, employment, relationship with coworkers and ability to solve problems. Mars transiting in sixth house is considered useful for defeating enemies, overcoming obstacles and solving problems. But Mars is the planet of infections, inflammations, injury and accident, so careful in these areas. Ketu make the health problem mysterious and hard to diagnose. So it is good to second opinion with other doctors. Mars in 6th house of coworkers and employees indicates potential for conflicts with those people. Ketu is the planet of illusions and confusion so there is lot of potential for unseen problems.

Libra Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your fifth house. Mars and Ketu will affect your relationship with your lover, child and personal happiness.  Mars and 5th house of passion but  with detached ketu the passion and desire little bit cools off. Ketu could give mystical and spiritual lovers or you can also inclined towards spirituality. Fifth house is the house of intelligence and creativity. Mars is the planet of enthusiasm can boost your energy in some new creative project. Ketu can brings out some mystical or illusory creativity. But be careful that you aren't being misled by your own ungrounded and illusionary mindset.  

Scorpio Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your 4th house of inner peace, contentment, property, and domestic harmony. Mars in 4th house is not a favorable inner peace and contentment, but good for buying and selling property. Mars in 4th house place can create aggression and disagreement from others in your home. Mars with Ketu planet of idealism and dissatisfaction can make the home horrible during this transit. Mars is the planet of fighting in your fourth house of mother along with Ketu could lead to misunderstanding and its roots in the past that can easily explode into quarrel and fighting with mother.

Sagittarius Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your third house of desire, courage, skill and siblings. These two planets in the house of sibling is not good for relationship with siblings. However this is considered to be a favorable transit  for any action which you want to take. Mars and Ketu in the 3rd house of courage give enormous amount of courage, talent and skill. Ketu in 3rd house suggest that you have may came out some latent skill which you can use. However Ketu can misjudge the situation the tendency is to go off half way. Your efforts can be wasted or not being appreciated by others.

Capricorn Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your second house of finances, immateriality, family and speech. Mars in the second house indicates harsh and rude speech. Mars the planet of fighting in 2nd house of friends, family relations not good. Ketu is  the planet of confusion makes friends and family confusing. Mars can be very active for earning money but simultaneously can increase expenditure because this is the planet of impulse buyer.  Ketu can makes your speech idealistic but simultaneously open to misinterpretation and so confusing to others. Ketu as the significance of past life karma with Mars in 2nd house speech can produces situations where you find yourself defending or fighting what was said i the past by you.

Aquarius Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your first house of ascendant means self or you. This is an energizing and the same time exhausting transit for you. Mars in 1st house makes person very active and likes physical actions. So it's good to have projects and challenging work. Mars with Ketu in Aquarius in your first house means you want to do good for society.  social idealism needs to have an outlet. You want to accomplish things which are good for others. Mars transiting in 1st house makes you ambitious, impatient and impulsive and with Ketu it can distort the Mars energy. So be careful related with your actions otherwise you may end up with some unintended consequences.

Pisces Ascendant: The transit of Mars and Ketu in Aquarius will affect your 12th house, the house of sleep, subconscious, hidden things and the unknown people and places. Mars is the planet of vital energy and when transiting in the 12th house it can disturb sleep, and can give anxiety.  Mars also signifies conspiracy, so in the house of unknown, somebody can betray you. Mars with Ketu in 12th house of subconscious can give violent and fearful dreams. Ketu in 12th house indicate some unresolved past life karma. Mars with Ketu in 12th house could create confusion and compel you to do something. So you need to careful otherwise you may regret later on. Mars in the house of humanitarian action along with idealistic Ketu may prompt you to do volunteer work.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 2016

Mercury will enters in Sagittarius sign on Nov 28 2016. Mercury will be retrograde in Dec 19 2016 in Purvashada and go back in Mula nakshatra and get get direct on Jan 08 2017 in Mula nakshatra. Mercury will stay in Sagittarius sign at least for 2 months. It will enter in Capricorn sign on Feb 02 2017.

Mercury is the planet of curiosity, thinking, data, information and media. What type of thinking you have depending on your sign of Mercury. Sagittarius is the sign of belief, teachers, faith, hope, law, truth, belief, righteous, education, and dogmatism also if mercury conjuct with Saturn. 

So how Mercury behave when it comes in the sign of Sagittarius.

Those people who Mercury in Sagittarius their communicative style could be very funny, jovial, optimistic and hopeful. They can be very curious, meaningful, and educational in their conservation. They can be very interactive and conversation can go very deep with teachers. They keep good faith in every aspect of life.  During this time most of the people allowing everyone's  beliefs and personal truth for a good and bring together. The planet of data and information is compelled to manifest through the filter of most of feeling rather than to own facts.  So we get an emphasis on a particularly Sagittarius trait e.g. self-righteousness. Sagittarius is being a Fire sign so it can be sometimes act as bias. The person can see the only his truth and can be very subjective. Mercury is the planet of the rational mind and in Sagittarius sign it leads to rationalize the ones previously held beliefs. So result of this energy is new information and expansion of mind.  

Mercury in Sagittarius in Jupiter ruling sign and and Jupiter in Virgo in Mercury ruling sign making a special astrological yoga which is known as PARIVARTAN YOGA. Parivartana yoga is a kind of relationship in which planets in each other sign and act in mutual reception. This pattern during transit means the energies of Mercury and Jupiter are compelled to interact with harmony, although these two planets are enemy with other. So because they are in each other sign so they will not harm each other houses. Jupiter is beliefs, ethics and principles Mercury is rational mind based on facts and data rather than ideology. Jupiter in Virgo is the planet of truth and wisdom in the sign of details and analysis, So this should produce a more fact-based belief system rather vague system and the person can have higher and good inventive ideas which  can make person very outstanding. In way it is good combination to have in birth chart.

Mercury will Retrograde in Sagittarius sign. What is Mercury retrograde you can read this article.

This Retrograde Mercury will affect differently for each ascendant. Depending on your Ascendant Sagittarius sign falls in different section of life and give different result. If you don't know what is your ascendant you can take vedic chart report to know your ascendant and how this mercury retrograde affect your life.