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12th House (Hidden/Moksha) in Astrology

12th house is the last house in the zodiac where life begin and end. This is the house which connect us between materialistic and non-materialistic world. Ruled by planet Jupiter , It is a water sign (Pisces). 12th house represents feet and ankles in our body.

 (i think it is important to understand 12th house.. it will be worth your time)

12th house is the most mysterious, unknown and hidden house. Our entire existence is dependent on these hidden, mysterious forces.12th house represent the hidden enemy, loss of energy, foreign land or foreign journeys, liberation, isolated places like jail, asylum and hospital. This is the house where we can be isolated through sorrow or peace. 1st house is the physical body and before that we have12th house. So 12th house also represents life state between reality and unreality. It is our subconscious mind and hidden nature from which we can connect to the divine nature of this mysterious world. Here we can do astral travel and also can see ghost.  The people who have strong 12 house connection can easily access the this world.

This is the house of hospital, jail, isolation, meditation, spiritualism, divine knowledge and last house of liberation from the physical life (moksha). sometimes god put us in a situation to purify our soul in any of these situation which is very unpleasant in life. if get sick we get lot of time think and purify our conscious. In this house we intentionally or unintentionally  abandon everything to get moksha. 
It is moksha house through pain like in 8th house which is also beyond our control.

eleventh house is just before 12th house. In 11th house we have highest desire to do something for the people, after achieving everything in life what to do next. The people who are satisfied from  materialistic world want to get away from this world, they just gave their things to others and come in 12th house to know the truth of the life.

This is the house of escapism, those people who are weak in their life responsibility or have some weakness in their mind come in 12th house to escape from life through e.g taking drugs and alcohol. One can find peace from these things also, but this is the temporary peace.

It is the house of imagination, secret desire, sleep, dreams, fantasy, sex pleasure, and entertainment (listening music). Mostly all the things represent by 12th house are related with the effect on subconscious mind. We feel good when we are sleeping, dreaming, meditating, escaping from “reality“, taking drugs and entertained. This is the private part of self, where one can let go of the pressure of outside world and float in peace of inner self. This house connect us to the deepest of our consciousness where we can connect with the one.

Its is our soul which is permanent this body is perishable. 12th house is the house from which we must let go of things and learn to be alone as everything is temporary in life, it will change and we will lose everything eventually. It is through the twelfth house that we lose things and must remain with the only thing that can never be taken away. That is our soul.

Result of planets in the 12th house: (
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in the 12th house: Sun is ego, vitality of the body, the supreme power when it in 12th house it lose its vitality, weak self-image, lack of self-confidence and confusion about the necessary self-identity. Sun is considered dead in the 12th house because all the thing which is ruled by sun suffer.

in the 12th house: Moon is mind, mind can easily disturbed by unpleasant thing, if moon in the 12th house the native may want to escape from emotional burdens of the family. The native do excessive daydreaming and fantasize but native can be creative in dreamy life.

in the 12th house: Mars is the planet of courage, discipline and personal strength. Mars in the 12th house shows interest in swimming, yoga, and all physical activity which exert energy. The native may have disturbed sleeping patterns.

in the 12th house: Mercury is the planet of fun, intelligence, writing and communication. Mercury in the 12th house shows good fantasy writer, miscommunication and unhealthy escapism through entertainment

in the 12th house: Jupiter is the planet of hope, wisdom and expansion. Jupiter in the 12th house shows very dreamy and living in his own world. But the native is very aware of the deep and dark secrets of the world. The native have good knowledge of the spiritual life,and can be a good teacher.

in the 12th house: Venus is the planet of happiness and pleasure, Venus in the twelfth house shows a lot of hidden desires and potential for escapism into sensual pleasures, including sex. The native do lot of beautiful daydreaming if Venus in Pisces sign the person can be very devoted or spiritual in nature.

in the 12th house: Saturn is significator of the 12 house if Saturn in the 12th house the native very interested in the deeper mysteries of life. Saturn represents fear, Saturn in the twelfth house learn to live in uncertainty without fear.

in the 12th house: Rahu is the materialistic desire, if Rahu didn't exit we can not come in this life, it is our past life desire which we want to fulfill in this life. Rahu in the 12th introspection revolving around letting go of material things of past lives. The native is not interested in the present materialistic world, search for some peace of mind by avoiding daily life. The native can be prone to high levels of escapism by alcohol and drugs or searching other world through spirituality or by doing meditation.

in the 12th house: Ketu in the 12th house is one of the most spiritual placements in astrology. Here the native dealt with duty of his life and fulfill his karma because Rahu in the 6th house, in Bhagavad gita lord Krishna say those fulfill their duty can attain moksha. Those people who live their life according to their desire can never attain moksha. One should be karma yogi. Ketu in 12th house can give moksha by fulfilling the duties which is needed in this life.

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