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Waxing and Waning Moon Astrology

In Astrology Moon is a very important planet because Moon rules our mind and our consciousness. The Moon represents our instinctual responses to life and carries our unconscious memories from past lives. What kind of mind or conscious we have we perceive outer things. The world is same, but people are not same therefore it is our internal environment which is not same and according to that, we react to the people and things around us. 

What Are Moon Phases?

The relationship between the Sun and Moon in the sky is what creates the waxing and waning light of the Moon each month. As the whole Moon cycle from New Moon to New Moon is almost four weeks long. The Moon Phases are refer to the Moon's orbit around the earth in relation to the Sun. In astrology, the Moon influences the mind depending on whether the Moon is full, new, increasing (waxing) or decreasing (decreasing) in your birth chart. The Moon phases repeats the same cycles every month. Every month there is the last quarter and decreasing moon, also referred to as the waning moon, leading to the New Moon, first quarter and increasing Moon also referred to as the waxing Moon leading to the full Moon, and the cycle starts over again. The first quarter and last quarter moon are ninety degrees to the sun and are exactly half in shadow, half in light. The New Moon is the Moon's side in darkness and full Moon is the completely illuminated side of the Moon.

Mostly people think that waning Moon is not good and does not give good result. We should discriminate in our interpretation between what is called waxing and waning aspects.

The Full Moon is the fully illuminated Moon, and activities and celebrations are heightened in creativity and effect. And the New Moon is a time for reflection and introspection.

According to vedic astrology, the Waxing or increasing Moon brings new ideas and activities. The Waxing side of the aspect cycle is where we come up with ideas, make plans to implement them, and actually put these plans into action, building something real, something outward and usually in the physical world. Waxing Moon helps the area of life to grow where it have influences in the chart particularly.

The Waning or decreasing Moon symbolizes winding down of activities, and purification of soul. The waning side of the aspect cycle is where we work with whatever we have built and created, coming to understand what it is, how to best use it, and what it means to us. Here we are receiving, accepting what is, and learning to work with that. Waning Moon causes external areas of life to fade, while causing one’s inner worlds to grow. With a waning Moon, we experience loss of outer world in order to gain inner fulfillment and inner growth. Those people who have waning Moon if they know how to manage their emotions they can really do good meditation practice.

Moon represents pearl, purity, healing, and white color. White holds all colors of the spectrum. Silver is the other color associated with the Moon. In Vedic astrology, wearing gemstones such as pearl, Moonstone, silver or white quartz used for remedies for get benefits from the Moon energy. By wearing the silver and white colors you can make a connection with the Moon and it helps you to stay calm and cool.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 Rahu in Cancer transit for Each Ascendant

2017 Rahu (North Node) in Cancer and Ketu (South Node) in Capricorn transit for Each Ascendant

Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) nodes of the Moon. These are the shadow of the Moon which cannot be seen normally but can be seen on eclipse days only. These nodes are not the planets, but their effect can be felt in a very stronger way. These nodes act as like magnetic field which cannot be seen but we can be felt, like magnetic field grabs the iron objects. These nodes are karmic forces which bring the issues of the past life to be solved and positives changes can be done with our mental effort for our betterment for the future. The transits of Rahu and Ketu through the houses will also show the areas affected by eclipses at any given time. The axis Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) in Houses work together during transits only. The eclipses pinpoint the energy escalation in the axis in the house, both creating crises and giving answers of our life.

Rahu and Ketu shift into Cancer and Capricorn on August 8th 2017. Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets always create smoke and try to confuse the situation. Rahu in the Cancer sign gives emotional problems. Emotional issues will play a role in our transformations and be careful with these issues as you work with your shadows planets. Ketu in Capricorn try to teach lesson about this worldly issues and how to let go these problems in your life as well.

Rahu Transits for Cancer Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit in 1st and Ketu in 7th Houses. 1st house represent identity and body. During Rahu transit in 1st house motivates you to give emphasis on your identity and physical health. You may feel boost in your identity in dealing with a large number of situations that will be challenging for you. It could also bring some problems concerning your own identity and health. You may focus on yourself too much and leave your partner feeling rejected (Ketu in 7th). The area of vulnerability is your body, identity and relationship, so watch out for being too ambitious or selfish. Relationships will be tested and anything repressed will certainly come out to the surface. If the relationship is not on good terms this will cause a break up, but most solid relationships will go through a testing period that will strengthen the bond through growth together.

Rahu Transits for Gemini Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 2nd and Ketu in 8th Houses. 2nd house relate to finance and wealth. So Rahu will focuses on finances in this transit and Ketu in 8th house focus on the mysteries of life. Ketu is in the house of death and transformation, try to teach you how to let go things which is not in your control. So you could be making some major changes at this time. As these houses are linked to your family life, so there might be some changes in that area. Ketu in the 8th can connect to some negativity from the past life, so be wary of individuals who are not what they appear. This can be a time of gains of money or losses in family. You will be looking at your financial situation as this axis deals with inheritances, marriage and divorce. There can be extremes with gains or losses of any kind which leads to dramatic shift in life or mentally. If rahu is good placed in your natal chart then you can have an unexpected opportunity. You might gain money in unexpected way.

Rahu Transits for Taurus Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 3rd and Ketu in 9th Houses. Rahu transits over the area of self-will while Ketu resides in the house of religion and father. There may be real karmic issues with parents and siblings and you need to work out the problems and then let them go. Rahu and Ketu in the 3rd and 9th house axis will promote more short and long both kind of travel. You may get new opportunities and visits new places and that will satisfy your curious mind. Rahu in 3rd more inclined towards learning new things and acquiring knowledge with own effort. Making more connections will promote your business in the future. There is a definite change in your attitude and your involvement with new people. A hunger for higher knowledge keeps you interested in your approach to people, which will change the direction of your life. You will be interested and signing more contracts for business. Business will come from mass communications such as the internet, television, radio and media.

Rahu Transits for Aries Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 4th and Ketu in 10th Houses. This transit can create change in career life as you want inner peace. Ketu in 10th house creates situation where you don’t want to work. Ketu in the 10th may change your career, perhaps voluntarily working in a more spiritual area. You may choose to work in an environment more suited to you ideologically, giving up some of the financial, but with the end result of a better type of career if you have good placement of Rahu in your natal birth chart. You can have a job opportunity or loss that can move you to a different location. You may invest money in real estate and purchase a house or you may sell a home. You will feel pressure to change your place where you live and work. Be patient and don't make dramatic changes during this time because they will not last. The axis is making you more aware of your home, your emotions, your mother and finishing a cycle of karmic life in your work and career. Focus on your inner needs and let go of your outer ones, but careful you may lose your job and be hopeful for better change in your job.

Rahu Transits for Pisces Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 5th and Ketu in 11th Houses. 5th house represents children, romance, and speculative business. Children are a source of trouble and concern. You must try to avoid getting obsessive over your children as Rahu could heighten your fears unnecessarily about them. This is a time of obsessing over ideas and plans. You seems to go over and over different experiences in your past. Make sure you are aware of their whereabouts and associations. Ketu in the 11th gives you unusual friends and acquaintances which will steer you in different directions. Don't let them persuade you into doing things until you are not sure about it. 5th house is the house love and romance and Rahu is the planet of foreigners, so may find some love from foreigners during this transits especially if your are living some foreign country. Your life can be transformed by with some mystical love experience which could change your whole life. All the best.

Rahu Transits for Aquarius Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 6th and Ketu in 12th Houses. 6th house represents, health, conflict, enemy, disease, almost all worldly problems. Rahu and Ketu in the 6th and 12th house can cause great stress to your physical body, conflicts in office, and with your colleague at work place. You might be frustrated because of delays in your transfer or promotions. Excessive expenditure may also take place on these worldly issues because Ketu in 12th house of expenditure and loss. Health problem can scare and motivate you into changing your eating habits, which will promote better health in the long run. During this transit, you cannot be depended or trusted on those people with whom you are working. If you are businessman and have employees they seem to quit and this will be most stressful times. This is an opportunity to change your bad habits and change your life. You may have problems with your maternal side relatives, and need to careful not put yourself in any conflicts with them.

Rahu Transits for Capricorn Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 7th and Ketu in 1st Houses. 7th house is the house of partnership, business deals, and spouse. Transit of Rahu in 7th creates a huge need to experience satisfaction from relationships. You may look for new relationship which may create problem in your existing relationship. If you are without a partnership, this is one of the transits through which you can be sure of meeting a new love or making a more permanent commitment. Meanwhile Ketu in the 1st house brings out personality problems, focusing on the past life baggage you brought into this life. This is a good time to be honest with yourself, shed some complexes and have a change of psychology. You may be physically or emotionally vulnerable because of partners. You want to please partners but try not to be too self-critical for yourself while in making partner happy during this transit. Don’t neglect yourself in order to make other people happy.

Rahu Transits for Sagittarius Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 8th and Ketu in 2nd Houses is tough transit to experience. 8th house represents transformation of life through bad or sad part in life. Although it can be difficult as it embraces transformation but there is no choice. 8th house is beyond our control. You may go through some tough period of life life separation, divorce, death and etc. This is a time to be disciplined and patience. Rahu may attract people who are negative for you or take you into areas that you are not prepared for. Rahu is the main enemy of Moon and in Cancer sign it is more painful. So you need to watchful for your over emotional nature during this transi so that you can prevent yourself in going in wrong direction. Drug addictions are the most extreme experience of this transit. Ketu in the 2nd could bring up financial issues connected to inheritance and your negligent behavior. You may even want to let go of your finances and give them all away you need to careful, and let it pass this transit.

Rahu Transits for Scorpio Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 9th and Ketu in 3rd Houses. 9th house is of opportunities, parents, region and higher learning. Rahu focuses on paternal relationships, philosophies and good luck. You may travel overseas for higher education and profession. New investments opportunities and profitable ventures are there. Ketu in the house of siblings could activate some karmic issues and bring to the differences carried over from previous lives. Problems may arise from brothers or sisters. The 3rd house also deals with your self-will and the practical side of life. You may suddenly become extremely idealistic and impractical, but remember this is just a transit. These may not be the main issues of your life, so keep it all in perspective. Visits to some religious or a place of spiritual significance will take place. You may also want to explore some religious studies and places. 3rd and 9th house house axis is the axis of short and long distance travelling so you may want to travel abroad.

Rahu Transits for Libra Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 10th and Ketu in 4th Houses. This is a great transit for your professional success, but not such a good one for your emotional happiness. Rahu enjoys the 10th house and it will show that you are expressing the karma of this life. Ketu in the 4th house creates a feeling of emotional dissatisfaction particularly if you are over focused on material success and ignoring your home life. You get boost in your career and gain reputation. Those seeking job, promotions foreign postings will get positive results. Help from higher authorities will help you in achieving your goals. This is a transit where you can be extremely successful in professional life yet unhappy due to ketu transiting in 4th creating conflicts with mother can taken away your inner peace. Result can vary depending on your natal position of Rahu and Ketu. this transit can also give change in your home and career place. Being overemotional will not help you in your career so be grounded and practical in approaching your boss.

Rahu Transits for Virgo Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 11th and Ketu in 5th House. Rahu likes to challenge or break limits on normalized social networks and goal-achievement. Brings exotic persons and taboo-breaking marketplace behaviors into the associative network. Rahu in the 11th can give a great boost to your financial situation but in either sphere try to avoid a feeling of dissatisfaction. You may be achieving great financial success but if you feel you are not achieving enough, you can may take one financial risk too many. You can feel dissatisfied regardless of the amount of money you make. Ketu in the 5th can create issues with children that need to be sorted out. You may feel guilty about your relationship with them, but there’s no use of holding this baggage of past you should let it go and give independence to your children. Ketu in 5th can bring past time lovers which you may or may not like it. Be careful and thoughtful while taking any step because your any wrong step can ruin your present relationship.

Rahu Transits for Leo Ascendant/Moon: Rahu will transit 12th and Ketu in 6th House. 12th is of loss, isolation, meditation, spiritualism, foreign land, confinement etc. Ketu can bring out enemies or detractors from the past life. Deal now with the issues they present rather than ignoring them. Enemies will constantly bother you but you will succeed after a few difficulties. Excessive expenditure may also take place. Undiagnosed health problems may occur. Step families are particularly important during this transit. You may not be totally comfortable with them, but you have to deal with them. You may also undertake a journey abroad. You should learn how to get over your problems with your intelligence & abilities. 12th house is the house of meditation and isolation so you may suddenly start explore these things. As Rahu in 12th is not good transit to experience so you need to thoughtful in your actions otherwise it can lead to unpleasant experience of 12th house.

Result may vary depending on your natal birth chart placement of Rahu and Ketu.
So if you want to know how this axis will affect your sign GET Consultation.

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Jupiter Transit in Libra for Each Ascendant

Jupiter Transit in Virgo for Each Ascendant

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and Jupiter energy shows morals, beliefs, and growth in spirituality. Jupiter also shows higher education, media, news, publishing, travel, and foreign relations.

Jupiter in Libra:

Jupiter is moving from the earth sign of Virgo into the air sign of Libra on September 11, 2017 and will stay there until October 11, 2018. Jupiter moving in the sign of Libra for one year and it will be retrograde in March 9th 2018 in Vishaka nakshatra and move forward on July 10th 2018 in Swati nakshatra. Jupiter only changes signs once a year, so when he does it signifies a significant shift for a year.

Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati):

Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) is known as the Teacher or Guru to the Gods. As the divine teacher, Jupiter is the significator for finding truth, spiritual wisdom, faith children, marriage, and higher knowledge. Jupiter is the spiritual growth by her husband in women birth chart as women need guidance from her husband throughout her life. Jupiter is the benefic and expansive planet, that brings abundance, prosperity, growth and generosity to whatever house or planet it conjunct in the birth chart. Jupiter inspires is what we think is right where we want to go.

Jupiter in Libra is concerned with relationships, marriage, public relations, and any one on one interaction which bring luck. This would be a good year to get married and form a personal or business relations. Working with other or any business deal will bring luck. Equality in relationships will also be a concern while Jupiter transiting in Libra. Jupiter in Libra is concerned with the legal complicity of relationships. What is the right way for people to treat each other? Jupiter in Libra give emphasizes on the public relation, and right way to judge these relations. Libra sign is symbolized by the scales of justice. Legal cases and court battles may also grow in interest in 2017 as people weigh in with their opinions of a particular case and how our justice system is functioning in general.

Jupiter Transits for Aries Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving in your 7th house/sign, the Seventh sign represent partner, relationship, spouse, and business deals. As Jupiter transits your 7th house, the area of relationships will flourish. If you are not in a relationship, this could be the year that you get into a serious relationship or there is lot of chances you to get married. If you are in a relationship it is likely to improve. Partner will be supportive, loving and nurturing. You may meet a significant people who is supportive and helping in your business. You may find yourself being able to achieve your desires with ease, whether they be large or small. In addition, your social life is likely to expand. During this period relationships with other people really show you aspects of yourself in the world around you. This transit favors the formation and maintenance of all kinds partnerships including marriage, and business relationships. This can be a good time for professional or for any kind of assistance that you may require. Lawyer, spiritual healer and coach counselor all of these people will be of great benefit to you over this next 12. Jupiter is the 12th and 9th lord for you, so This transit bringing more foreigners or even to expand people who are foreigners. 12th house is the house of loss and 9th house is the finding truth, so in this transit you will learn how to let go of partners and finding truth about relationship. So this is a very positive transit coming in for you with your relationships with and with others.

Jupiter Transits for Taurus Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving in your 6th house/sign, the Sixth house/sign represent daily routine, conflicts, enemy, court, hard work, health, disease, colleagues and employees. Libra is the sign of enjoyment and fun so eating good food and indulges in food could lead to health problems. So you need to pay more attention to your health, taking care to eating right kind of foods that are healing and beneficial to the body, as well establishing new exercise routines that bring you emotional stability and calmness. But don't do over as you may find yourself disappointed in the long run. You make new friends through work and humanitarian projects. Give some time to serve people as this transit compel you to serve others who are in need. Jupiter transiting through your sixth house so finding a better job is necessary for promotion. You already know how to do a better working environment. You know performing the duties and you are dutiful. Sixth house is of rulership over hiring people who provide business and this can be a time of increased business. Making connection with people and development in relationship in work place will be there for you. Developing of your skills and becoming more for what you do is good for you. 6th house also related with court case and libra sign is for justice so this transit good for winning court cases for some of you. This transit can be good for you as you will learn how to manage your schedule and fix the day-to-day life. This could be good and wonderful time if your natal Venus placed good in birth chart. Jupiter is 8th and 11th lord for you, so you may expect some conflicts in your social circle and inconsistent income.

Jupiter Transits for Gemini Ascendant/ Moon:

Jupiter is moving 5th house/sign, the Fifth house/sign represent children, creativity, speculation, romance, lovers, spiritual practice and studying scriptures. This is a year of creative expression, artistic ability increases of all kinds, whether it be through the creation of children, an artistic project or the start of a romance. You attract more people to you just virtue of confidence. It's means, what you are expressing you attract more love in life. Your spiritual growth in trusting your own impulses, your own pleasure, and creativity is part of your spiritual growth feeling good about yourself is important for you. If you have children this can be a time of relations with them. This a time for some of you becoming parent. If any of you are in the teaching profession refining your skills and your work with children is enhanced. In all to really builds on some natural creative forces and abilities that you can also expand under this influence this transit. Falling in love and being in higher form of love all of that possible over the next 12 months. You will feel lucky and can win in speculation business if your natal Venus is well placed. Getting happiness from children, children may get prize in school or college. You may start spiritual practice that brings you peace, joy and an inspiring sense of purpose in your life. Jupiter will boost your confidence for your creative self-expression and whatever you want to express. This is a favorable time to teach your children, inspired fill out and ready to let go of those things that are not working out. Jupiter is 7th and 10th lord for you, so you may get lucky in partners and also you can get some promotion you job.

Jupiter Transits for Cancer Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 4th house/sign, the Fourth house/sign represent mother, inner peace, nurturing, caring, home comfort, security, assets and vehicles. Jupiter will be transiting your 4th house is more about inner peace and security because the fourth house is all the aspects of the innermost parts of your life your home, personal life, your family and your innermost sense of self of you where nobody's looking and this is the areas where you be seeking to improve in your life. On the external level this may even be about purchasing real estate for some of you. It’s means there is a big improvement in all these things and there is lot of chances improvement in your home life. There is a possibility that you will move into a new and big home that brings you a wonderfully feeling of peace, security and new hope. You simply have the feeling goodness and you inspired to good for the family members. There may be some kind of change in your living space will happened. You may renovate your house or buy a new big home. This may involve move for you and expansion in the home redecoration or adjustments in the home. This really supports you domestic life if any problems with family members this is a time where healing occur. You are feeling more generous to those in your family and where they are more want to help you. Generosity can be part of this transit as well as focus on the innermost foundational levels of your life and to the your soul. This is a good time to buy property like a new car, other fixed asset like gold, and jewellery etc. Jupiter is 6th and 9th lord for you, so there could some conflict in work place but it will sort with good understanding.

Jupiter Transits for Leo Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 3rd house/sign, the third house/sign represents courage, communication, skill, siblings, neighbors and short distances travellings. In your daily life your connection with your everyday world will seeking more conversations and discussions with others e.g. neighborhood. Your consciousness, old patterns, old attitudes and really run its course is operating more or less is unconscious level. There will be more possibility and opportunity for you taking classes or teaching classes. Some of you travel more here and there. Your relationships with others like your relatives, siblings, cousins are generous towards you. Jupiter is seeking to dissolve limitation and fear what happens in your mind will starts looking at things that never really thought for start manifesting out there in the external world, so communications are going to be much better. You like to learn and improve in your skill, especially skills that involve communication, use of the hands such as writing and playing an instrument. You may find yourself taking classes that expand your consciousness and at the same time expand your social life, go on many short journeys or begin a writing project. This is a time when you feel more courageous and adventurous and accomplish your goals with ease. Relationships with siblings and neighbors will improve. This is a social time of making new friends and your ability to communicate is at its best now. Jupiter is 8th and 5th lord for you, so there could be some loss with your sibling or lovers, need to take precaution to avoid any sudden up and down in this area.

Jupiter Transits for Virgo Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 2nd house/sign, the Second house/sign represent family, value system, close friends, wealth, good food, and face. This Jupiter energies transiting your second house is going to give resources. It's time for making more money and more things of value materially, financially etc. Your value system undergoes revolution as you become more spiritual in which he value and working with your resources. It include your psychology, talents and abilities over the next 12 months. You going to learn more about your possessions and your resources. You will feel self expansion of your personal value and working with in all of your resources.Your ability to bring in a larger income is favored. You will enjoy your life in eating and meeting with close friends. You may take pleasure from the simple things in life such as cooking, gardening and being around family. This is good time for investing in fixed assets that keep their value e.g. gold. Jupiter in 2nd house will help you to understand your self-worth and value of money. This is a good time for start a new business if you want. Second house represents how you use your skills and starting a living. This year Jupiter will expand into something really make you is something that's very comfortable for you. Jupiter is 4th and 7th lord for you, so may build some property and gain from partners.

Jupiter Transits for Libra Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 1st house/sign over the Ascendant or over the Moon. The Jupiter, gracing your mind with hope, optimism, wisdom, faith and inspiration. It is like Gaj Kesari Yoga. You will discover who you really are is an individual and to dissolve your shortcomings under this influence. You should get to know about yourself. This is not a time to be overly focus on what other people want from you. This is time where your sense of self is meant to see and you don't need too many limitations placed on you expectations of others. If you're a certain managing alliance this maybe deal because this really is a time of focusing on youself. Jupiter transiting through your first house cemented really with inner divinity very special for you. Jupiter in 1st house considered ward off thousands of ill effects of birth chart. A guide or teacher may come into your life that gives you a new sense of purpose and direction. You feel happy, cheerful and generous with everyone. New opportunities come your way and you get importance and receive recognition. Jupiter moving to the first house is discover who you are and understand and what you are actually showing yourself out into the world. You are very much out into public and you are attention as well. Every single day you are focusing on long-term goals and how you want to get out into to the public. Jupiter is 3rd and 6th lord for you, so you may expect some ill health and conflicts with your siblings.

Jupiter Transits for Scorpio Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 12th house/sign from the Ascendant. Twelfth house/sign represent isolation, meditation, retreat, ashram, dreams, escapism, imagination, and foreign land. This is a year of transformation and deep introspection. You may indulge yourself into Spiritual practices, mysticism and time spent away on retreats. Your dream offering you insight about your true nature. You may experience a great deal of luck and positive experiences while traveling in foreign countries and would benefit from participating in international charity work. Jupiter will bring plenty of opportunities to escape from routines work and help you find your peace of mind. This is a very beneficial transits in 12th houses. This is a brilliant time for research, working alone, studying about you are divinity, truth of your soul and about the understanding of the world around. We're all divine souls here on this earth and plays interesting games and evolving often through our own emotional relationships with others. There's a strong possibility of more awareness synchronicity of life about things just working out for you. You may find your dream life increases and you should to keep track your dreams for better understanding of your intuition power. So this is special transit for your deep in your spiritual understanding of dimensional truth of soul and your are divinity. Jupiter is 2nd and 5th lord for you and transiting in your 12th house of loss so you may expect some loss of money and face some issue in with your family and loved ones.

Jupiter Transits for Sagittarius Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 11th house/sign, the Eleventh house/sign represent opportunity, friends, social circle, elder sibling, income, hopes, goals and wishes. This is a year of achieving your long term goals. Your social circle will expand, increase in cash flow, money flowing in from some side ventures. Your friends are highly supportive and will be a big help in your achievements. You will also experience benefits socially and through business partnerships and relationships with higher status people in general. It is a great time to network and expand your social circles and community. At its highest level this transit of Jupiter may lead you to give back through service with groups. This time your hopes, ideals, wishes for the future play important role in your life. Your friends are meant to be part of the system and where you are need more like minded people. People want to help and will point you in directions that are helpful for you. A real generous to the interplay between yourself and other human beings. A brilliant time for working with groups of people, teaching, training and motivational aspects. A very positive and the idealism is meant to grow and you want to improve the world around you to. Jupiter in Libra is about making connection with people and want to please others. So you will be stepping out more into the world and engaging with others for the growth. Jupiter is 1st and 4th lord for you, so you will gain in your reputation and increase in property.

Jupiter Transits for Capricorn Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 10th house/sign, the Tenth house/sign represent career, status, reputation, and achievements. Your attention will turn to your profession, career, social status, reputation and public community. Your career will raise and Success and prosperity come through profession. It’s a good time in your career and you have good opportunity to are use your connection and talents in enhancing your career. You will be recognized and admired for your hard work. Jupiter will also bless your career and bring you luck with authority figures. It is a good time to strive for more and ask for a raise or promotion. Careers in dealing with people, making deals or public relations are very important. You're going to move forward to make a name for yourself to be known in the world. It's a time for you to explore your options and promotions for some of you. Jupiter transiting in 10th house can be an increase in foreign connections with others. Your knowledge and your wisdom in a very sincere service humble oriented way with others. People will start noticing and appreciate the work you do out there in the community. This time you going to be exploring something that more closely aligns with your ideals, goals related with work. This will be a wonderful time for you to be seeing for more knowledge, validated and expanding your career . Jupiter is 12th and 3rd lord for you, so you expect some job offer from foreign country or takes some classes to enhance in your skill.

Jupiter Transits for Aquarius Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 9th house/sign, the Ninth house/sign represent guru, wisdom, higher learning, long distance travelling and religion. This is a year of expansion through learning and traveling. You are learning a new purpose or philosophy that is giving you a new hope and enthusiasm about life. You may meet a significant teacher or guide. You are an inspiration to others and may find that you are in a teaching role to others as well. In any case education, travel and philosophy bring you great joy and expansion. In addition, this a good time for travelling and meeting with new people. You may travel for spiritual purposes or for promotion for your own business. You wanting to reach out for more of the understanding, connection, meaning of life, philosophy, growth and spiritual understanding of the life. You might landing on the involved in human potential of consciousness-raising group. This can be a time for you to traveling for at least is going to a foreign country and in your sense in your worldview is time evolving a spiritual, understanding your higher consciousness and study of education. You may going on to a higher degree or advanced degree, PhD etc. Some of you are focusing on school, attending conferences where you are reading books, watching things that are mind expanding and helping you. This transit is nature consciousness growth adventurous time for you. Jupiter is 11th and 2nd lord for you, so it making Raja yoga by transit, so it will increase in your wealth and social circle.

Jupiter Transits for Pisces Ascendant/Moon:

Jupiter is moving 8th house/sign, the Eighth house/sign sudden up and down of life, inheritance, joint venture, healing, occult science, spiritualism and hidden things of life. Deep transformation and healing are themes this year. You may become interested in astrology, psychology or metaphysics as tools for conquering fears and releasing the past. You may get benefit from the money of other people e.g. gains from wills, inheritance and alimony. Use Jupiter's blessing to let go of insecurities, emotional problems and attachments with others. You experience a new sense of freedom from others. There will be developments in your life. People are much more willing to help you out through knowledge, resources and through finances. This can be a time to for loans and to request money from the bank. This can be good time for 12 month with others e.g. business partnerships. This could also be on the emotional level where your ability to engage and trust in see and's or is experiencing on the inner level. It could be about love real spiritual, regeneration and things show for you. You can anticipate to be open for more support from others and your budgets, loans, financial investments increased and resources of organizations e.g. governmental structures and corporate structure will help you. Jupiter is 1st and 10th lord for you, so may expect some health and career issue if you neglect these areas .

If you want to know how it affect your sign personall
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jupiter Transit in Libra 2017

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and Jupiter energy shows morals, beliefs, and growth in spirituality. Jupiter also shows higher education, media, news, publishing, travel, and foreign relations.

Jupiter in Libra:

Jupiter entered the sign of Libra on September 11, 2017 and will stay there until October
11, 2018. Jupiter works best in mutable and cardinal signs that allow for beliefs and opinions to change and adapt. Jupiter is at home in a fire sign (Sagittarius), which is known for its honesty and inspiring others with their beliefs. Jupiter is also at home in the water sign (Pisces) being generous and expanding one’s compassion for others. 
Jupiter in the air sign of Libra will expand public relations, publishing, social media activity, and international business. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, art, refinement, luxury, and music. Libra sign are known for being balance, cheerful, popular, and try to make happy everyone. Libra, denoted by a scale, is concerned with fairness, justice, and equality.

Jupiter in Libra is concerned with relationships, marriage, public relations, and any one on one interaction which bring luck. This would be a good year to get married and form a personal or business relations. Working with other or any business deal will bring luck. Equality in relationships will also be a concern while Jupiter transiting in Libra. Jupiter in Libra is concerned with the legal complicity of relationships. What is the right way for people to treat each other? Jupiter in Libra give emphasizes on the public relation, and right way to judge these relations. Libra sign is symbolized by the scales of justice. Legal cases and court battles may also grow in interest in 2017 as people weigh in with their opinions of a particular case and how our justice system is functioning in general.

In Indian astrology, Jupiter is Venus’s Enemy. Jupiter in a Libra, a sign of Venus is pushing beliefs and opinions on others, which is not the best way for Jupiter to operate. Jupiter’s transit through Libra means an extra boost of high vibrational energy in relationships, it could lead to doing too much expectations in relationships and also being too easy on others and not have enough practical considerations to keep it together. Libra is the sign of relationship and Jupiter is the planet of teaching. So Jupiter can stir up and expand the imbalances in relationship. Arguments with others, right vs. wrong, preaching and teaching does not work in relationship. Jupiter in Libra can project ideals onto partners, situations and experience let downs when reality shows up. It can also project expectations onto anyone, Anything and can expect everyone else will operate with high morals and honesty.

On positive side Jupiter in Libra is an auspicious year for marriages, court cases, any kind of counselling, and dealings with the public relations. Increasing your one on one interactions, may benefit your life in many ways and will allow you to enjoy a wonderful year and can give full of progress and success with a partners. Jupiter in Libra may give abundance in art, music and entertainment.  Jupiter in Libra brings us the themes of diplomacy & deal making and Jupiter makes these deals big. Jupiter in Libra brings us classic developments on the timeline of personal & global social change. There are many associations for the socialization process of Libra, all of which are up for expansion over the next year Including: style’ in fashion and design -social networking PR & marketing, deals social justice, the law -business and commerce.

Those people have Jupiter in Libra they will be experiencing ‘Jupiter Return’ as he comes back to its natal position in your horoscope. Jupiter Return is incredibly significant age points in life when we expand into fresh territory, often involving travel or higher learning to trigger fresh meaning and purpose of life for the next 12 year cycle.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Monthly/Moon Transits/Forecast 2017

May Vedic Astrology Forecast:

Sun Enters Taurus May 14 2017: Sun will stay in the sign Aries from May 14 to June 14.  Placement of Sun in the sign of Taurus is considered very good for materialistic wealth although Sun is not friendly to Venus ruled sign of  Taurus because Sun is the planets of seeking truth and Venus is the planet of pleasure. So in the sign of Taurus, Sun have hard time finding truth (spiritual life) of life but good for materialistic life . So Sun in Taurus is good for acquiring wealth and making connection with people.  In this time frame we feel the Sun's power in making money and spending with family and close friends. Sun joining Mars in Taurus after 14 may will create a heated combination which good for pursuing your goals and ambition. In vedic astrology Sun and Mars are friendly with each other and give good energy for whatever you want to do but not good for health because this combination gives too much heat in the body gives anger problem and other pitta related problems especially if this combination occur in any fiery sign since this combination in Taurus sign so impact will be less but still you feel the heat of Sun and Mars combo.

Full Moon in Libra, May 10 2017: There is full Moon in the Sign of Libra in the Nakshatra of Vishakha. Full Moon is the time to balance the energy which was created on the New Moon. New Moon was in Aries on April 25th. Where we all are full on with the energy of Aries. But Now on the full Moon we harmonizing the energy of Aries (individualistic) with the energy of Libra (others). Aries and Libra both are opposite in nature. Full Moon in libra is about how can we connect with others and make environment harmonious.

Vishaka is the Nakshatra rule by planet Jupiter, extending from the zodiac of Libra 20°00' to ‐3°20' Scorpio sign. The Deity of Vishaka Nakshatra is  Indira, chief of the gods; Agni, god of Fire. Moon in Vishaka Nakshatra is not so strong as it debilitated in this nakshatra when it entered in Scorpio sign. Vishakha is a competitive Nakshatra and has a fiery and lightning-like energy and effects. Its natives seek power and recognition."  Vishakha's native have powerful insights can be dangerous and frightening, but are usually more spectacular and stunning. The life of the Vishakha natives is punctuated by numerous psycho-emotional shocks. Terrible truths long hidden may be suddenly exposed. Catastrophic shock occurs several times during the lifetime. Vishakha's nakshatra often involves sudden changes in public social role, as well as sudden changes in behavior and expectations driving the roles within close relationships.  These people needs to understand that, this life is not only achieving goals but also giving love to others. Because sometimes these natives run so much after their goals and recognition that they don’t pay attention to their loved ones and later in life they repent.

Full Moon will be aspected by Mars.  So the full Moon aspected by Mars giving more energy to its goals whatever natives want to achieve.

Mars Transits Taurus April 12 to May 26 2017 : Mars in Taurus is not very strong for his action and discipline.  Mars transiting this sign makes people less interest in fighting and argument.
Mars in Taurus is full of determination, Persistence in action and have Power to overcome
Obstacles. Mars have good ability to gain wealth, but liability to dissipate it in extravagance and there is tendency of self indulgence.

Mars in Taurus is will aspects Rahu and Saturn with his 4th and 8th aspect. 4th aspects Mars is chaotic and volatile it can disturb your inner peace and 8th aspect of mars on retrograde saturn can give some restriction in some area of life depending on your ascendant. People need to drive careful during this time because these all there planets are malefic in nature and can put you in some difficult situation.   Rahu nature is unpredictable, confusing and chaotic and Saturn energy is of restriction, pressure and sorrow.

On May 26, Mars moves from Taurus to Gemini and will stay there in  the sign of gemini till July 10 2017. The first week of this six week period is especially powerful as Mercury, ruler of Gemini, and Mars will be in an exchange of signs of each other. Mercury will be in Aries and Mars in Taurus through June 3 which will create parivartan yoga between Mars and Mercury. .

Mercury will be in Aries from May 3 2017 to June 3 2017.  Mercury in Aries activates the mind. Mercury in Aries gives very fast and rash speech. Aries is action orienting energy so Mercury in Aries very direct in speech not listening others and speak without listening. Focus in anything is hard and too much mental energy which gives restlessness. This will be theme during this transit so in general people need to take precautions in speaking.  

Venus Enters Aries May 30:  Venus in Aries is very dynamic, fast, bold in approaching love and sex. Venus in Aries attracts relationships which are challenging, impatient and reckless.

New Moon in Taurus/Rohini May 25: The Sun and Moon come together in the sign of taurus in the nakshatra of Rohini with Mars.  New moon also known as Amasya. New moon is the beginning of new cycle of the month. The Sun and Moon in the sign of Taurus beginning the new energy of growth and creativity for next 30 days of cycle. This New Moon is joined Mars, which can bring some power struggles. Rohini is the  nakshatra  of beauty growth which facilitate growth in life.

Saturn Retrograde April 5 to August 25 2017: We may experience situations that show us how strong and stable we are, despite what is going on in the outer world. Saturn retrograde can also bring some inner doubt and issues arise around responsibility, our duties in life, and our fears related with life.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sun with Moon together (Conjunction) Astrology

What is Sun: Sun is the supreme self which is presents in all of us. Sun is the shiva the unchanged and supreme power. We all can merge in this supreme power through yoga and meditation practice. However through the astrological point Sun Sign is the astrological point in birth chart at the time you born. It is fiery planet and rule sign of Leo. Depending on the the Sun Sign and position of house is sited it define your self esteem, ego,  pride and your health vitality. Whenever sun conjunct with other planets it illuminate the quality of that planet. So what happen when Sun conjunct with other planets.

What is Moon: The Moon is watery planet, as it rules the sign of Cancer.  Moon is the emotions, feelings and is the part of you that reflects the way you feel. Moon also represents mother, imagination, emotional body, it shows the way you think and react to situation. How emotional or unemotional you are depends upon the condition of the Moon. Your Moon is your comfort zone or uncomfortable zone depending on the Moon Sign and house placement. Moon is receptivity and subconscious mind which act on past life karma.

Sun and Moon conjunction:

When the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, it means the person born black Moon (Amasaya) if the conjunction is exact. When any planet comes closer to Sun its means it gets combust in the rays of Sun. This is like conscious mind (Sun) comes together with unconscious mind (Moon). We all have different areas in our life and they are needed as they are. Moon is the planets of inner peace and what happened if our inner peace get burned up. I think we will not feel good. This is not the good conjunction to have because it is like as fire and water coming together and what happened when this thing happen? This conjunction can shows no peace of mind or agitated mind. Depending on the sign it can be less or more detrimental.  E.g. if you have this conjunction in Aries then you can be enthusiast, with a natural feel for new beginnings, and you know how to use your new ideas, but if you this conjunction in Scorpio where Moon gets debilitated then what happened? Maybe you may feel more unrest. There are many possibilities depending on your personal chart. This is just general meaning and there is no need to take seriously. Everything have negative as well as positive effect. Positive benefit of this conjunction is that these people are good in meditation because in meditation we try to connect  mind with our soul together. They have good instinct of inner feelings and very clear what they want from their life.

Remedy: My suggestion for these people that they need to drink lot of water and try to manage their emotions in control. They should not react spontaneously and they should think thoroughly before any emotional reaction. They should respect their mother it does not matter whether they are happy or not with their mother. Those people who have Moon not in good condition, its means they have done something wrong with their mother and now in this birth they need to fix their karma with their mother and if they not, they will suffer mentally. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Retrograde Planets 2017 Astrology

When a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backward in the sky. A retrograde planet looks like it's going backwards in the sky but it is not, it is stationary in the sky and look like it moving back relative to the earth movement. A retrograde planet is very strong for spiritual growth but weak for materialistic manifestation of things. When any planet retrograde in the birth chart and transit wise it become more conscious in our subconscious mind. Many of the things the planet rules become confused and backup in our minds. Re-thinking, Re-evaluating, and Re-assaying is the theme of retrograde planets. The lack of confidence and the confusion around what the planet rule in our life becomes a source of greater scrutiny but eventually it gives greater clarity in our mind with time this leads to improving the area of life which they rule but delays many tangible things on materialistic plane and it become very frustrating.That's why retrograde planets are never good for earthy life but good for spiritual growth because when someone not getting anything on materialistic level then he looks for other side of life ( Spiritual life or beyond spiritual life). When Planets reach an opposition to the Sun they become retrograde and outer planets remain Retrograde for longer time.

Some people have multiple Retrograde planets, which can bring powerful karmic lessons that create chaos and confusion in the mind and leads to different direction in life. The more Retrograde planets an individual has, the more difficult his life becomes and more introspective and mature within and grow in different area of life. Retrogrades occur on an subconscious level, and if an individual turns his consciousness level and understand why things happened to them then they can utilising this energy in helping other people. Retrograde planets do not give benefits as do direct planets and they become source of confusion in the individual mind.

The meanings of Retrograde planets are determined by the sign and house they occupy, along with the aspects they make. Retrograde planets work differently and need extra understanding.

All retrogrades have three phases:

1) The direct motion until the first station, the retrograde motion, and then the direct motion following the second station.

2) The stationary periods in between are the most powerful, as the planet slows down to change direction.

So what are the duration of planets retrograde:

Mercury is Retrograde for 24 days (almost three weeks) and is stationary for approximately 3 days.

Venus is Retrograde for 42 days (almost six weeks); is stationary for approximately 11 days.

Mars is Retrograde for 80 days (almost eleven weeks); is stationary for approximately 20 days.

Jupiter is Retrograde for 120 days (almost eighteen weeks); is stationary for approximately 10 days.

Saturn is Retrograde for 140 days (almost twenty one weeks); is stationary for approximately 10 days.

The Sun, Moon, North and South Node are never retrograde.

Generally Retrograde planets repeat previous incidents or issues from this life or former lives which were not fully finished with and they need to be processed in order to unload our karmic debt and free from that particular karma.

Now there is four planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury is retrograde. These four planets in retrograde create lot of confusion and stuck energy in our life. Most of the people feeling stuck in some areas of life related with planetary energies. This is good time to think and go internally and ask what you want from your life.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

April Monthly Forecast 2017

April Vedic Astrology Forecast:

Sun Enters Aries April 13 2017: The Sun exalted in the sign of Aries. Sun will stay in the sign Aries from April 13 to May 14. Placement of sun in the sign of Aries is considered very good in astrology because Aries is the fire sign of Mars and sun is also fiery planets. Sun and Mars are both are friendly with each other. So Sun in Aries is good for physical vitality, pursuing your goals and be humble at the same time.  In this time frame we feel the Sun's power and  really feel energetic and active. Mercury already in the travelling through in the sign of Aries and Sun will join Mercury on April 19 to 20. When any planet comes closer to Sun it is combust so Mercury will combust in this time frame. Sun is the spiritualizing force in our living and any planet combust in the rays of sun is considered purified. So there is no need to worry about mercury combustion if your are spiritual person. However when Mercury combust and those people who are weak in handling themselves they feel the effect of mercury combust.

On April 6 to 8 the Moon will join Rahu. Whenever Moon join Rahu transit wise or if you have Moon with Rahu in your birth Chart, it’s mean your Moon is Eclipsed. You may feel very ungrounded and unstable in your emotions. Try to meditate on this day it will be good for your mind and body.

On April 8 to 11 Moon will joins retrograde Jupiter in Virgo. Moon joined Jupiter is very good where mind feels very hopeful and cheerful. And with retrograde Jupiter it is more internal force and compel you to introspect about teaching, Philosophy, Gurus and hopes.

Full Moon in Virgo April 11 2017: There is full Moon in the Sign of Virgo in the Nakshatra of Chitra (spica). Full is the time to balance the energy which was created on the New Moon. New Moon was in Pisces on march 27th. Where we all are full on with the energy of Pisces. But Now on the full Moon we harmonizing the energy of Pisces with the energy of Virgo. Pisces and Virgo both are opposite in nature. So on New Moon we are no more in delusion and escaping energy of Pisces. New Moon in Virgo is about how can things can be work out, engaged in worldly activities and stay In balance.

Chitra is the Nakshatra rule by planet Mars, extending from the zodiac of Virgo 23°20' Virgo‐6°40' Libra sign. The Deity of Chitra Nakshatra is Vishwakarma ( Tvashtar, the divine celestial architect or Cosmic craftsman of the Gods. This is the "star of opportunity". Chitra reflects the world of maya and delusions, which they are to overcome. This is the 14th nakshatra of the zodiac,The symbol is the gem on the serpent's crest . The symbol for the brilliant Chitra nakshatra is a bright jewel or pearl. Chitra translates as “the beautiful one” or “pretty pictures” which reflects its ability to arrange things nicely with an artistic fashion.  People who have Moon in Chitra Nakshatra, they are often successful artisan types. The shakti is “the ability to accumulate merit in this life”. Chitra has a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of kama or desire. The animal associated with this nakshatra is a female tiger which reveals the passionate, sensual nature experienced here.
Full Moon will be aspected by retrograde Venus and Mercury.  So the full Moon aspected by Venus and Mercury and with Jupiter all three retrograde. So this full Moon will be very reflective on your conscious level and may think more about your higher goals, skill and personal relationship.

Mars Transits Taurus April 12 to May 26 2017 : Mars in Taurus is not very strong for his action and discipline.  Mars transiting this sign makes people less interest in fighting and argument.
Mars in Taurus is full of determination, Persistence in action and have Power to overcome
Obstacles. Mars have good ability to gain wealth, but liability to dissipate it in extravagance and there is tendency of self indulgence.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries/Pisces April 9 – May 3 2017:  When planets are in retrograde status, their energy can be considered strong. Mercury is the planet of communication, short distance travel, paperwork, computers, wire, siblings etc. Whenever Mercury retrograde there is some precautions need to taken. E.g.  don't sign any contracts, because you don't have all the information, try to avoid short distance traveling, because anything can go wrong. If Mercury retrograde trigger individual planets in chart then there is form of some stressful aspect, there can be feeling of misunderstandings and miscommunication. However, Mercury retrograde is always is positive reconnecting to friendships, acquaintances you lost touch with.  Mercury retrograde is not favorable for initiating new projects or rising but it is good for editing and working and making the idea of project even stronger and better.

Venus Direct in Pisces April 15 2017: Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, its mean Venus gains maximum strength when placed in Pisces. Exalted Venus is associated with many good things for materialistic pursuit as well as for spiritual love depending on your ascendant. If it rules your dusthana house then it will give full result of that house. So exalted planets is not always good but everyone feel the energy of exalted venus on mundane level.  Jupiter aspecting Venus from virgo sign. So Venus brings us knowledge relating to venus things e.g. sociability, hope in relationships and connection to others. People may more interested in devotional song, yoga and dancing during this time.

New Moon in Aries/Ashwini April 26: The Sun and Moon come together at 12° Aries within the first nakshatra of Ashwini with Retrograde Mercury. New moon also known as amasya. New moon is the beginning of new cycle of the month. The Sun exalted in the sign of Aries and is very strong in this sign. So this New Moon shows initiating the new energy of enthusiasm and moving forward for our goals.  

Saturn Retrograde April 5 to August 25 2017: We may experience situations that show us how strong and stable we are, despite what is going on in the outer world. Saturn retrograde can also bring some inner doubt and issues arise around responsibility, our duties in life, and our fears related with life.

Venus direct on April 15 17, Mercury direct on May 3 17, Jupiter direct on June 9 17 and finally Saturn direct on August 25. There is so many planets being in retrogression so we feel more strong energy of the planets. So we must keep ourselves moving forward with intentionally and try to not stuck in some situations.

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