Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ketu with Saturn Conjunction Astrology

Ketu is the south node of the Moon a body without head. This is a headless body which represents separation, isolation, spirituality, not interest in the material world. Let go of the material world.  Rahu and Ketu always in axis Rahu wants the things and Ketu don't want the things because it already achieved in past life. Ketu is overconfidence when we know something we are confident but this we criticize things, overconfidence leads to do mistakes in life because we are not ready to see our faults. Ketu is karmic,our subconscious mind, whenever Rahu and Ketu sits with any planets its mean that planet is eclipsed. They present the spiritual growth of the native by giving frustration in life. If they planet conjunct with the planet this means these native have to do something important this life.

Saturn is the planet of karma, boundaries, limitations, inferiority complex and responsibility. It rule the 10th,11th house in the zodiac belt. These house are the main house of responsibility, carrier, reputation, higher ambition, wealth, social network and etc. Saturn is the planet material world and practicality in life. Saturn is the planet of frustration, delayer old people, labor class people who do manual work like plumber, or those people who work in buildings.

Both the planet are of serious in nature, frustrations, worried, painful experience in life, dissatisfaction, delayer and denial of the things.

So when these two planet come together what happens? This is good conjuction.

It shows that the native have all the skill related with Saturn, like the native is responsible, ability to work hard, practical these people don’t afraid of these things. They develop all these things in past life. These people have some authority in past life.

These people are very aware of Saturn things like difficulty of life. These people initially have too much of inferiority complexes but later in life they learn to overcome by their inferiority complexes. Ketu with Saturn makes native let go all the insecurity, fear, all the things which makes them weaker. With age around 32 or 35 these people releasing himself from inferiority complex, personality complexes, fears and psychological complex and anything they are fearful of something. With time these people learn let go, what the other people think of about them . Ketu DE-attaches the native from all the complexity of the Saturn.

But at the same time Saturn also the planet ambition, reputation and wealth. These people suffer in their carrier. The native not able to connect with carrier place. Also not able to connect from a respected social position. They are Unclear about their social position. Feels distancing from the people ( masses), yet may have a unique capability to interact with the masses. Too much of workload, and never-ending. Both the planet is of extreme, the native kind of worried and serious in nature. The native try to fulfill his ambitions but due to Ketu not able to do it therefore this cause the native let go of ambition and need to be in control.

Ketu with Saturn produce some suffering in life. Ketu is the planet of spiritualism and Saturn is the planet silence or meditation. Therefore Ketu show to the native way out of the painful state via mediation. Ketu brings connection between the material world and the astral world. These people have unique ability to connect with divine source, they can achieved inner peace if they try to do meditation.

This is the general statement depending in the sign and house placement this conjuction give different result. Saturn is debilitated in the sign of Aries if this conjunction occur in this sign the native may suffer more. But if this conjunction occur in the sign of Libra, Saturn is exalted in Libra then result can be different.

If this conjunction occur in 12th house, 12th house is the house of isolation and foreign land, etc.

These people need to be careful not do anything wrong because their wrong deeds can bring them into isolation of any kind, these people may stuck in foreign land even if they want to get out.


Ketu is the planet of obstruction, Lord Ganesha is the deity of Ketu, one should worship lord Ganesha to overcome obstacle created by Ketu. For Saturn one should worship Lord Hanuman.

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