Saturday, February 25, 2017

Maha Shivratri and Meditation

We should know what is the meaning of Shivratri and why we celebrate Shivaratri . We live in this universe on the planet earth. Earth is part of solar system and we have seven planet. Earth ,mars , mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn are moving around sun and moon revolving around earth . In Vedic Astrology these planets are considered as GOD's because they emit energy and everything in this universe on the basic level is energy. Mostly people think that these are just rocks which are moving around but they forget that these rocks which are moving are Gods of life on earth. Each planet has its vibrational effect based on their nature. These all planetary energy exist in everything. They influence each and everything on earth whether it is living or nonliving beings. We all are energy whether living or nonliving. In astrology moon is the mind and closest heavenly object to the earth that is why moon have more impact on human psychology.

Maha Shivratri is a rituals performed on the 14th night of the New Moon, in the month of Phalgun (Feb/March),This is a night when we worship to “the Great Lord” Mahadeva, the King of the yogis, the guru of gurus. On Maha Shivaratri it is traditional to stay up all night, with our mind immersed in devotion for Lord Shiva and immersing the mind in the energy of Shiva. Shiva is zeroness shiva is the ultimate power from which everything is created and everything will destroyed. We all come from there and we will go there after death.

Shivratri is related with phase of moon every month, on the 14th night the moon in its lowest waning phase due that our mind activity is less and to connect with GOD our mind should be clear regarding daily thoughts. In this day moon is waning it reduces mind activity because of this it is very easy to connect with the lord shiva or awakening to higher levels of consciousness. On Maha Shivaratri everyone has the potential to awaken to the highest consciousness possible. On Shivaratri you can awaken the five parts of your brain; the parietal, the frontal lobe, the right and left hemispheres, the occipital lobe, and top of the brain, along with the mid brain.

Maha shivratri is a special time when we can do remedy even the worst karmas can dissolve and we can gain extraordinary boons for wealth, health and power. Lord Shiva directly interferes with and removes our difficult karmas, i.e. pain or dissatisfaction around money, health or relationships. Even the worst of karmas can be remedied, by going back to the source energy, we can get extraordinary boons for wealth, health and power. It is only possible on the Night of Shiva.

It is easy to do meditation on 14th night of the new moon every month.

Lord shiva known as Lord of transformation. In Hindu mythology the story of churning ocean of milk in which poison came out ''Halaha'', which no one to drink. It was Lord Shiva who drank that poison after that he also known as ''Neelkant''. The message behind this story is that, when we start doing analyses ourselves it only poison come out from us. How much we are greedy, hate, jealous from other and what not, but until we accept this or drink this poison of ourselves we can not transform or can not connect with Lord Shiva. So to connect with Lord Shiva we need to clear out, our poison so that we became pure, until we can not free of negative traits no one can attain blessing of Lord Shiva. 
Following is a video on how Sleep helps brain published by TED