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Venus in Astrology

In astrology, Venus plays a very important role in life. Venus is the planet of relationship, sexuality and harmony. Venus signifies art, music, poetry, and dance. Venus is associated with Love, Money, home, car and living in, and happiness. Venus rules over love, beauty and connection between all beings. Through Venus we learn how to enjoy life and cherish the others as a part of ourselves, whether it be another human, animal or the nature itself. Through Venus we learn how to express the love through creative and social pursuits and we learn how to make our lives more beautiful. Venus represents our capacity to love, pleasure and beauty in the world.  A well-placed Venus gives us an inherent sense of beauty and harmony, giving a great capacity for love with devotion. An afflicted Venus can lead us toward self-indulgence, vanity, and exhaustion through seeking pleasure, comfort, and luxury.

Venus in Aries:

Aries sign ruled by Mars. Aries is fire sign and Venus is in enemy sign, so here Venus is fiery love and very easy to have crush on someone. love is very important part of their life.   If Venus is in good dignity then Venus is clever, enjoy dancing, music, and drawing. But it is not in good dignity and have bad influence then it is frustrated in love, angry, erratic behavior, poor planner, selfish, only thinks their needs, gambler or risk taker, uses alcohol or addicted to food, and may have troubled sleep.

Venus in Taurus:

Taurus ruled by Venus itself, Taurus is earth sign and Venus is very comfortable in its own sign. If Venus is placed in angle house it makes Malavya Yoga indicating the highest qualities of Venus qualities. Venus in Taurus is well developed for love and prosperity. The person is beautiful, sensual and attractive. They like comfortable life, great for artistic, musical and spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature and beautiful places. If Venus is not in good dignity then Venus seeks too much leisure, overindulgence in sensual pleasure, lazy and may have throat problem.

Venus in Gemini:

Gemini ruled by Mercury, Gemini is air sign. Gemini is about ideas and mental energy. Venus in Gemini is friendly, charming, fun loving in bed, love for learning, capable of gaining wealth and popular, Align passion with mental efforts. If Venus in bad dignity, vacillate in love matters, can marry twice, loves two things at one time, too much playing around or indulging, flirtatious, and charm people out of their pocket.

Venus in Cancer:

Cancer ruled by Moon. Cancer is water sign. Moon is selfless love and Venus is mutual love. Venus in Cancer is selfless love, treat loved ones like their children, kind, emotionally open. Deeply caring, cultured great capacity to love unconditionally. If Venus is not in good dignity not good for long term relationship. Overly emotional, indulgent, shy, love turns into ‘’unbounded’’ and is harmful to reputation, changeable feeling and they may have stomach problems.

Venus in Leo:

Leo is fire sign, ruled by Sun, Leo is fire sign. Sun is the king. Venus in Leo is royal, and artistic. Here Venus have strong love feelings, love luxury items and pleasure, and sincere. Venus in Leo very creative that involve entertainment, acting, singing, art, fashion and public-speaking. If Venus is not good dignity then Venus is self-absorbed, indulgent, trouble with sexual activities, passion turns into argument. Falls in love too fast, and they may have troubled with heart or circulation.

Venus in Virgo:

Virgo is earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Venus is debilitated in Virgo sign. Here Venus pursue mental love and spiritual love. Venus in Virgo not able to enjoy physical love. Venus love in Virgo for arts, career, relatives, and for pets. Here Venus is service oriented, unpretentious, grounded, down to earth, and unassuming. Focus on more on career than on personal interest. If not in good house love interest outside the norms, indifferent to opposite sex, victim of love, broken in love affairs fertility problem and they may have blood sugar imbalance.

Venus in Libra:

Libra ruled by Venus itself, Libra is air sign and Venus is very comfortable in its own sign. If Venus is placed in angle house it makes Malavya Yoga indicating the highest qualities of Venus qualities. This is a great position for relationships, love, connection, creativity, art, poetry, socializing, and beauty. If Venus is not in good dignity then overindulgence in romance, suffer in making everyone happy, sets expectations too high for partnerships. Blood sugar problem and can have urinary tract problem.

Venus in Scorpio:

Scorpio sign ruled by Mars. Scorpio is fixed water sign and Venus is in enemy sign. Venus capacity for love, creativity, relationships and compassion is deeply, active and passionate. Here Venus interests in love deeper, and in hidden places. Venus in Scorpio is hidden, the source of mystery find beauty in the unknown. If not in good dignity then passion turns into arguments, broken relationship, jealous, focused their own satisfaction, have meaningless affairs, and they lack social elegance.

Venus in Sagittarius:

Sagittarius sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is fire sign. Venus represents expansive love, stayed on bright side of love, love affairs on journeys, love for travel, loyal to loved ones. Venus in Sagittarius experiences the oneness and togetherness that leads us toward feelings of happiness and appreciation of beauty. Venus put the capacity for love and relationship positive, adventurous and expansive. If Venus not in good dignity then Venus is extravagant, careless, sluggish, too frank, easily impressed and flamboyant. they may have  health problems with hip and thigh.

Venus in Capricorn:

Capricorn sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is earth sign. Venus in Capricorn sign is serious disciplined and practical love. Preferred business like love, dutiful, loyal, responsible and mature in love, love for tradition and ideal. Focus on the love of home matters. Love for solitude, helpful for the underprivileged people. If Venus not in good dignity slow to love, restriction in love, lack of pleasure, cold, averse to love, non-responding in love, love for older people. Can have problem with reproduction and low fertility.

Venus in Aquarius:

Aquarius sign ruled by Saturn. Aquarius is air sign and lighter side of Saturn.  Venus in Aquarius is unusual in love affairs, faithful, classical attitude towards love, conventional, simple in dress, love for mature and older people. Here Venus creates all sorts of new method of love and beauty, with humanitarian, idealistic, revolutionary, and selflessness and create new ways of interacting with others. If Venus not in good dignity then delays and setbacks in relationship, overly idealistic or unconventional in love and relationship. May have low sex drive and varicose veins.

Venus in Pisces:

Pisces sign ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is water sign. Venus is also exalted in the sign of Pisces, which is the best sign for expressing the Venus qualities of love, compassion and relationship. Pisces is the domain of the cosmic ocean, representing the expansion and infinite possibilities. Here Venus is gentle, polite and have universal understanding and wisdom for love, get extremely devotional and more focus on universal rather than personal love. It's about accepting life as it comes, relating to others and finding the beauty in the divine love. If not in good dignity then lack of capacity to earn, comfort and money they need, overindulgent, marriage and partnership problem and too sacrificing.

Venus is a girl friend or wife for men. A men can relate his girlfriend, wife and relationship with them by looking their Venus sign.

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