Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vastu for Home Astrology

Vedic astrology is the science of time, Vastu is the science of space. The word vas means (dwell), Vastu is the field of vedic knowledge that tell us about the best way to arrange the space around us to generate maximum effectiveness and prosperity. Feng shui, the chinese system is the cousin of Vastu.

We live in a matrix of energy or force. If these energy misaligned with solar and geomagnetic force our life can be dysfunctional and disturbed. In shastra Vastu describe as the have five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. These are the same elements exist within us. A building or homes have life as we human have and it stand on the earth as we live on earth. If we want to live harmoniously, the material or home in which we are living should also be in harmony. In Vastu we orient our physical body and their energies to their best possible position in architectural structure and in space. Everyone should Vastu consultation before building, buying, or remodeling, the home or house.

In Vastu, the ideal, house floor plan is divided into 81 square. Each of these squares represents a force of nature which ruled by the deities. Vastu shastra says that everything on earth influenced by nine planets. Each planet except Ketu guards a direction and is called Ashtadikpalakas. Each direction ruled by a specific deity and is believed to enhance a specific element of daily living.

Planets and Their Direction

Sun in Vastu

Sun lord of health and vitality, Sun rule East Direction (chief of the God). For homes, there should be dining room, children’s room, living room, family room, should have big windows, bath, and washroom. For business you can have storage for gee, oil, milk, liquid things in this direction.

Moon in Vastu

Moon lord of water, Moon rules North-West direction. For homes, guest room, storage room, maids, room, garage, pets and other animals, toilet, second choice for kitchen

Mars in Vastu

Mars lord of action, Mars rules south direction. For homes, no main entrance. For business no main entrance. Weapon, exercise area, toilet area, major electrical appliance, no bedroom.

Mercury in Vastu

Mercury lord of intelligence, Mercury rules North direction ( kubera, lord of wealth). For homes, storage for valuables, mirrors on the north wall, children’s room, with heads west for sleep, face east to to study, living room, and basement. For business locker and storage for valuables.

Jupiter in Vastu

Jupiter is lord of fortune. Jupiter rules North East-direction (Eshana supreme lord). For homes, prayer or puja room, religious shrine, open porch, living room, no toilet, no staircase,

Venus in Vastu

Venus is the lord of happiness. Venus rules South-East direction. For homes, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, face east to cook, fireplace, garage best if separate from house.

Saturn in Vastu

Saturn lord of wind, Saturn rules West direction. For homes children rooms, with head west to sleep, and face to east to study, study area, dining area,. For business build product here.

Rahu in Vastu

Rahu lord of destruction, Rahu rules South-West direction. Storage area for heavy items, no Pooja rooms, no toilet. For business administrators, owner, business planning, and development.

Center, Brahmasthana: Lord of creation, for homes, silent area with no human activity, courtyard, area for religious shrines. For business, shrines for business, no business activity.

Minimum Vastu direction: although we want best possible Vastu but it not possible to abandon our present living. But we can try minimum factors to be considered.

1. Locate the master bedroom in southwest or south direction.
2. Place the kitchen in the southeast or second best, in the northwest direction.
3. Enter the house from east or northeast, avoid south facing doors from other directions.
4. Keep more windows and other opening on the east and north direction.
5. Sleep in the south west corner of your bedroom, with head to the south or east direction. The bed should not be up against the wall.
6. Keep the north and east sections of room as free and uncluttered as possible.
7. Place life supporting and positive images, painting, and decoration in rooms. War, mask, weapons, cactuses, and sad or negative aspect of life pull down energy from life.

Living in harmony with the nature or universe will help us in living peaceful, prosperous and happy life.