Sunday, March 29, 2015

Asking for Answers from Others (Self Analysis)

or How to ask question to be able to get the answers we are looking for

How many time we have found ourselves to be looking for answers for the real world thing. We normally just do the most obvious thing that is to ask someone whom we know or who is next to us. Let's look at a conversation....for how to fix a table..

my question is how to fix a table..(this is lot simple for this conversation than an opinion or relationship problems)

other person if they don't have visual .. this is the bare minimum a person would need to know..
  1. What is the problem with the table? (there could be lot more  as you are with a problem and the other person have no idea without a visual.)
  2. Is it a wooden or plastic table?
  3. What is the size of the table?
  4. What exactly needs to be fixed we probably want to narrow it down.
  5. What tools do we have to be able to fix the problem?

This may lead to a conversation where.... why  did I even ask the question if there are so many questions asked to me for solving my problem...

With a visual.. It is lot easier to have a conversation as the person can see, have a better context and make there own judgement and will have to ask fewer questions..

To get an answer to a question we need to be able to define the problem clearly or should have a pretty good idea of what our problem is.. Imagine we don't understand our problem clearly.. What are the chances of other person will be able to figure out our problem clearly and solve it.. 

So now the burden is on the person who has been asked a question to figure out the real problem and solve it... if they cannot then it is the person who was asked is at fault to not be able to answer the question.. Now this is really bad for the person who has been asked the question and is setup for failure.

So to be able to get an answer we should be able to do the following..
  1. Try not be in a too much of a hurry as some problem really takes time to solve. 
  2. Clearly setup the context.
  3. Clearly define the problem.
  4. Provide a visual or express the problem in a way that is very close to a visual.
  5. Be open to the conversation.. to solve a problem it take 2 to work on it at least (one who has a problem and the one who is trying to solve it).
We could have spent many hours in dealing with the problem so we probably understand it better.. for another person they are just starting on the problem so they will take some time to understand your problem.... have patience .. otherwise it is hard for a person to understand the problem with the same intensity as you have..

Sometime the other person is not into the thing and they don't have the time to look into your problem. At that time either find someone else or start figuring the solution to your own problem. Internet is a very good tool and search engines have made it easy to search for thing. People are creating videos on solving anything out there :-). With the busy life we have these days I guess Internet is the best place to start with or to understand how other people have approached the problem.

If you are a person of few words and if you feel that other people don't understand you and don't want to solve your problem then probably the above needs to be considered. If you believe there are  soulmates those who will understand what is in your mind and solve the problems.. but then how many soulmates we can find, but if we are able to express our thoughts clearly we will have a better probability of other be able to help us in solving out problems.  (Whatever our planetary positions are .. for some it will be easy to do for some it will be difficult.. but describing any problem is the first step in solving the problem )

Or if we were rich.. if the person would have made the money.. then they would have figure out how to communicate with other and solve their problems .. once you have the money then there are people who will take care of our problems.. so in any case we need to be able to be communicative to be able to live a happy and peaceful life.  (people who are born rich and have not worked on how to communicate will face the same problems)

Expecting the right answer( as in our mind) as we think for a questions is just like winning a lottery .. if we are not that lucky then it is a good idea to improve our communication and how we express our questions

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