Monday, March 23, 2015

Mars Transit in Aries 2015

Mars Transit in Aries 2015 For Each Ascendant.

On March 23 Mars enters Aries. Aries is the signs that rules by planet Mars. Mars in own sign is very strong and operating in very fiery way. So we can expect that for the next six weeks Mars qualities will be in full capacity. This transit is an excellent time to start a new project. Mars is also impatient for results so it is better for the project, that can be accomplished very quickly. Venus also is in Aries along with Mars. Venus and Mars planets together generate passion excitement and intensity and produces sensitivity because Venus with Mars in Aries sign wants quick satisfaction.  Mars remains in Aries until May/3/2015.

So what are the general effects of Mars in Aries for each Ascendant. The  transits work effectively from the ascendant as well as you can use your natal moon sign in place of the rising sign.

Aries Ascendant: Mars will transits in your 1st house of self and body and in own sign is very assertive. Mars and its own sign is highly energizing transit, that would be good to have things to to tackle and accomplish everyday.  Mars in the ascendant also makes you self-centered and you will quickly react towards anybody who contradicts or obstruct you.  So it is better to stick with people who already in your side.

Taurus Ascendant: Mars will be transits in your 12th house of the subconscious. The planet of conflict in the 12TH house of the subconscious is not good thing.  The result can be a sort of any kind of anxiety. This is the house of hidden actions and Mars is the planet of attack, and in the 12th house means attack from a hidden way. Watch out for someone working behind your back trying to undermine you. 12th is the house of the foreign country and Mars likes new experiences this could be a good time to go exploring someplace you haven't been for.

Gemini Ascendant:  Mars will be transits in your 11th house, the house of goals and ambitions.  Mars transit in 11th house is beneficial for setting goals and accomplishing them.  since the 11th house is also friends and associates and Mars in Aries likes something new this would be a good time to strike up a new friendship and connect with some associations from which you get some benefit out of them. .

Cancer Ascendant: Mars transits in your tenth house. It will affect your career, professional activities, business status, community and relationship with superiors.  This is a strong energy for making a move in your career or business. But watch out not to arguments with boss because Mars is a pushy planet and known for arguments. you should not being too forthright with your boss because you may not get what you want from your boss. .

Leo Ascendant: Mars will be transits in the ninth house of beliefs, meritorious deeds, long distance travel and higher learning. The Mars in this house indicates a good time to take a trip or to start a course of study.  Mars is aggressive energy will make you feel like to impose your way of thinking by pushing your beliefs on others, so it can bring opposition. Remember everyone is experiencing strong Mars energy during this transit.

Virgo Ascendant:  Mars transits in your eighth house, the house of financial arrangements with others. Mars in this house indicates that this may be a good time to set up a contract or ask for a loan.  But some of the other quality of the eighth house are not so good.  this is the house of secrets, clandestine activities and humiliation. So be careful that what you do because you may risk of unintended consequences.

Libra Ascendant: Mars transits in your seventh house, the  house of relationship and partnership.  generally the planet of combat is not welcome in the seventh house.  but if you use the energy properly the planet of action can manifest as a project that you do together with your partner. Mars can compel you to initiate a new relationship or take the next step was someone that you have been interested.

Scorpio Ascendant: Mars transits in your sixth house, the house of struggles, difficulties enemies, employment and health.  Generally Mars works well in the sixth house for solving problems and defeating your enemies. Mars represents accident injury and infection. So careful that you don't move too fast or you may suffer from the downside of Mars. Sixth house is the house of coworkers is not great for those relationships, but if you need a job this is the time to get out and fill out some applications.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Mars will transits in your fifth house, the house of romance, fun, games creativity, children and teachings. Mars will encourage you to get out and party and meet someone. This is the house of sports, Mars likes physical activity as well as. If you have children Mars encourages physical activities with them as well.  The planet of initiation in the house of creativity is good for starting any new art project.

Capricorn Ascendant: Mars will transit in your fourth house, the house of inner peace and mother. The planet of impatiens argument and combat in the house of domesticity is not such a good thing for harmony on the home. But you could put Mars's positivity for physical activity to good use by taking care of home chores, doing some home improvement project like cleaning up yard planting, and any kind of a garden activities.

Aquarius Ascendant: Mars will transit in third house. This is considered a good transit position for Mars. This is the house of personal desires, initiative, use of skills, talents and everyday action. This transit stimulates you to take on a new project and make some headway in getting your desires met. The third house also indicates everyday activities, with Mars your it's best to have a daily activities. precautions need to be taken not fight with siblings or neighbors..

Pisces Ascendant: Mars transit in your second house, the house of family,speech and making money.  This transits of Mars is not favorable for intimate family relationships since Mars is a pushy planet and not inclined to compromise. Mars in the second house of speech indicates assertive speech which again may not be appreciated by people. Mars in the second house of finances encourages you take action, but be careful of the Mars quality of impulsiveness which may induce you to spend more than you should.

Everyone should remember that Mars is the planet of impatiens, conflict, argument and destruction. So it is better to cooperate with the energy of Mars. Wherever Mars is transiting in your chart you need to put that Mars energy to some positive use or else suffer the downside of planet Mars. 


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