Friday, November 27, 2015

Vedic 2016 Horoscope/Forecast/Transit For Gemini Ascendant

Horoscope 2016 Forecast for Gemini Rising/Ascendant/Moon

Saturn still in Scorpio sign until January 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Leo on July 14, 2015 and stay there until august 12, 2016.
Mars enters Scorpio in Feb 2016 and join Saturn and stay until September.
Rahu shift into Leo on January 30th 2016 and joined Jupiter.
Ketu shift into Aquarius on January 30th 2016.

Jupiter is transiting in the chart is what's expanding, more optimism, opportunity, hopeful and more inspire. Where Saturn is transit in chart we might more worried, challenges, discipline, contracting  and where we have to work harder and if you stay really focused then you can accomplish a lot.

Jupiter transiting in your third house is expanding 3rd house of sibling, communication, skill, learning, correspondence, travelling, and meeting with new peoples. Jupiter is this planet of seeking knowledge, so Jupiter moving to the third is a very favorable time for learning and teaching.  Third house deals with short distance travels and Jupiter is the planet that naturally rules the night house of long distance travel. So having Jupiter in 3rd house has to do with international travel or long-distance travel. You might be lucky to travel for these first eight months of 2016. The third house also deals with sale and communications and Jupiter being in 3rd house is abundant and lucky for communication. You could be increasing your communication with sales. Jupiter is about publishing and marketing and getting it out to the world. So first 8 months of 2016 is excellent for writing and publishing.  This is an excellent time to go on a job interview or of job auditions. Jupiter is certainly bringing you good luck and opportunity so you may get any new job offer. If you're an actor that third house of skill and performance so may get opportunity to perform on stage and you're feeling a little bit more confident.  

Jupiter will move to the 4th house of your mother, home, family, real estate and property in August 12, 2016 until the beginning of September/11/2017. The fourth also rules inner peace, mother. Your family might be more generous and much more supportive to you.  This will be a time when your home life improves. If you are in real estate business you could make more money. Fourth house have to do with education and Jupiter in 4th can provide lot of education and learning. This would be a great year, anything deals with home repairs, buying and selling property. Jupiter can expand your inner peace, improve your relationship mother.. Jupiter is wisdom and when transiting in the fourth is favorable for education, buying a home or moved to a bigger apartment or home, buying a new vehicle. Jupiter transits in 4th house is very favorable time for moving to different big and nice place. From business point of view it good for buying a home and selling a home. Jupiter will aspect 10th house from 4th house bring more protection and expand your career and could bring you more visibility and enhance your professional reputation. Jupiter will aspect your 12th house, there Jupiter will be benefiting your 12th house of seeking enlightenment, spiritual pilgrimages and meditation.

Saturn is the planet of hard work, and taskmaster and Saturn teaches us are karmic lessons.  Saturn is a 30 years cycle into one one sign and it transiting in your 6th house in the beginning of 2015. Where Saturn is placed in the birth chart we have our greatest lessons to learn. Saturn can be frustrating and challenging in the sixth house. The sixth house deals with the job, workplace employee, pets etc. So Saturn in 6th house could be very frustrating for all these things. You can work hard for keeping your health intact. You may face problem with employee and in workplace in general. You need to take extra care for your pet if you have. Saturn in 6th house indicating you to take more work responsibilities in your office. So there's been a lot of growing, hard work and lot challenges with health and in work place since the beginning of 2015 continues to the end of 2017.  But you start to grow on your maturity levels with this hard work in the area of your 6th house. Jupiter will bring some softening in relationship when it will transit in your 6th house in the last four month of 2016 and will bringing more ease in this area.

Mars enters Scorpio in Feb 2016 and leaves Libra sign. Mars will stay for almost 2 months in Libra and then moves to Scorpio. This time Mars Is going to be hanging out in Scorpio with Saturn for a longer period of time because Mars is going to retrograde on April 17 until June 30 2016. Transit of Mars in Scorpio will be tough may give some stressful situation. Mars and Saturn conjunction in scorpio will be tough and need to take extra precaution for physical health and travelling. Saturn and Mars is very different planets. In astrology they both are considered malefic and keep enmity towards each other. Saturn is cold, control, caution and Mars is heat,   impulsive, aggressive and energetic planet.  Saturn and Mars energy could be very exhausting and  Frustrating.  So there can be a lot of hard work, delayed and frustration in work projects. When Mars will retrograde you need to take precautions in many things. Mars is the warrior planet and Mars can deal with injuries, accidents and cutting tools. So this is not the time to be going for travelling, filing a lawsuit against somebody. Don't  file divorce proceedings against somebody or against your partner because of Mars retrograde, it trying to get to turning against you and show fight against you and may put you in more trouble.

The same applies with cutting tools like surgery. This is time not for elective surgery. It may be repeated or it could be some complications. Mars represents machinery appliances and even automobiles and when Mars goes retrograde then these machines are more to break down and need repair. You should not buy any expensive machinery appliances etc. with Mars in Retrograde. This is the time when anything you're trying to move forwards or to take action on the Saturn is holding it back and frustrating. During this time you should not launch a business or start Job. Mars is in Scorpio is going to be the joining Saturn in your 6th house of workplace, employee, health and conflicts with people.

There can be lot of frustration and you may be tired from all the work even if you're accomplishing a lot.  This time will be more more intense and it's a time where there's a lot of friction, frustration, resentment and  a lot of irritability in workplace. The positive impact is that you may learning new job skills and trying to start a new business and you just focus on one goal and Saturn can  can channel your energy to accomplish your goals. You can accomplish a great deal of work activity and work projects and it is better if you're working alone. Saturn moving through the sixth house, this can be very exhausting and might even be accidents, injuries, aches and pains to you body. So you should be take extra care of your health and not work too much and have some rest during this time particularly When the Mars goes retrograde with Saturn.

Rahu is transiting in your 3rd house of sibling and communication and Ketu Transiting in your 9th house of higher learning and long distance travelling in the end of January of 2016. Where Rahu is transiting there we feel obsessed and restless and where Ketu is transiting we don’t to want engaged. So Rahu in 3rd house with Jupiter ( 7th lord of relationship and 10th lord of work) compel you to have make some change in relationship and you may be in trouble in your relationship area of life if your natal Jupiter is not place in good house and dignity . Ketu in 9th house making you not interested in 9th house things. You want to get away from 9th house and want to focus in your learning, experiments, improving communication and skill, (Rahu in 3rd). So careful in relationship with sibling Rahu have good potential to ruin your relationship with your sibling.

Best wishes and have Great Year.